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Journalists Lie, People Die 
Second Thoughts on Foley

James Foley, Aleppo, July, 2012, with his weapon of choice [1]

James Foley, Aleppo, July, 2012, with his weapon of choice

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Slovak translation here [2]

My initial reaction to the beheading of American journalist James Foley by Islamic militants was horror and outrage. But then I learned more about Foley’s work, and my feelings changed. As Gregory Hood writes [3]:

[Foley] had a specific agenda with his work–he was trying to expose the “atrocities” of the Assad regime [4] and support the “democracy” movement. Foley may have been a freelancer, but his worldview was eminently predictable [5] and pro-Establishment–trying to break down questions of race, religion, and identity into a game of good egalitarian democrats versus bad reactionaries.

Thus, he was quick to draw critical attention to incidents that the media would call Islamophobic, like when an American military officer made comments critical of Islam during a class on terrorism. He tweeted out articles that we would consider parody, asking if right wing terrorism was as big a threat as Al-Qaeda. And he aggressively, incessantly pushed for NATO intervention in Syria and arming the opposition to Bashar al-Assad . . .

Foley, in short, actively supported the toppling of the Assad regime and the arming of anti-Assad groups — which has led to the deaths of countless innocents — and one of those anti-Assad groups cut off his head.

So there is a God, after all.

ISIS are still savages. They are still the distillation of everything evil and rotten in Islam. They did it for the wrong reasons. But this time, they got it right.

Nearly 200,000 people have died in Syria’s civil war, which never would have happened if the United States were not in the business of bumping off enemies of Israel on the orders of the organized Jewish community which runs this country.

James Foley was not the architect of these policies, but he was more than just a passive supporter. He was not a general, but he was an eager foot soldier in service of the Judeo-American strategy of overthrowing secular nationalist Arab leaders like Saddam Hussein, Muammar el-Qaddafi, and Bashar al-Assad — in the last two cases by giving aid to Islamist militants, including al-Qaeda and ISIS.

There will never be liberal democracy in the Middle East, and supporting groups like al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the Muslim Brotherhood would not promote liberal democracy anyway. The best we can hope for in that part of the world are secular, authoritarian nationalist leaders like Saddam, Qaddafi, and Assad. Such regimes are also better for the freethinkers, women, and religious minorities who are being persecuted by Islamists.

But America’s foreign policy is not determined by American interests, or by Arab interests, but by Jewish interests. Secular Arab regimes are strong and prosperous, and Israel does not like strong and prosperous enemies. Thus they must be smashed. Not to replace them with “democracy,” which is impossible. Simple chaos will do, and simple chaos is what we have.

James Foley probably never shot, tortured, beheaded, buried alive, stoned, or ate the flesh of a Syrian. But by supporting the false narrative justifying the war against Assad, Foley helped make those atrocities — and the widening atrocities in Iraq — possible. He had blood on his hands. So his death satisfies my sense of justice.

It is a pity that more propagandists don’t die. It might encourage more responsible reporting. And, as with all wars, it is a pity that the foot soldiers not the generals take the brunt of the blowback. Because we might live in a better world if the warmongers get a taste [6] of the terror, destruction, and death they inflict on others.

When William Pierce asked “Who Rules America? [7]” his answer was not the president, congress, and judiciary, but the owners of the news and entertainment media. Because the media shape the consciousness and values of the public, they can raise up or cast down any political leader. The media promulgate the ruling orthodoxy, drum up hysteria for its witch hunts and crusades, and expose and destroy dissenters. They are not neutral or innocent or merely exercising “freedom of speech” (which they actively deny to dissenters).

Thus enemy journalists are legitimate targets in war zones. And since journalists fight without uniforms, under false pretenses, and by means of lies, it is appropriate to treat them as partisans and spies, not as soldiers. If ISIS and other jihadi groups continue to mete out summary justice to journalists in the Middle East, it might give them second thoughts about the lies they are telling and the agendas they are serving.

It might even give them second thoughts about serving as foot soldiers in the war on whites [8] here in America.