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My Nationalist Pony:
An Interview with Buttercup Dew

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ac6f0z [1]Editor’s Note:

When I began this interview with the creator of the My Nationalist Pony [2] blog, I was completely unaware of My Little Pony and the whole “Brony”-sphere it has spawned. For some background visit My Nationalist Pony [2]Equestria Daily [3], and click here [4]. Prepare yourself, gentle reader, this rabbit hole runs deep.

Let’s begin with some biographical information. Who are you? Where are you from? When were you born? Who are your people?

Ah, Buttercup is being asked to talk about himself! His favorite thing.

I would classify myself as demographically, the exact type of person that White Nationalists need to take an interest in. I’m a 23-year-old “guy” from South London, born at a now-demolished local hospital near the town of Croydon (as made famous by the folk hero Emma West). Growing up I can recall ever increasing proportions of Diversity in the schools and colleges I attended. I was raised here and have never lived significantly far from here, so I’ve always been on top of a Ground Zero for white displacement.

The issue of “My People” is a difficult one. I am the grandson of a North Italian migrant and have a fairly Roman face, and any person with an eye for ethnicity can easily spot I am not a true Anglo-Saxon native. Like any good son I’m a proud rebel, and have kicked back against my family’s persistent alienating liberalism with an interest in genetics, ethnicity, and ancestry. On a political level, I identify as a Pan-European White Nationalist. I do not feel comfortable around non-whites, mainly because they mostly harbor a desire to kill me for being whitey, on a macro scale if not a personal one. On a personal level I identify with intellectual whites who share the same racial consciousness as I do. Ultimately, “my people” are my family, or racial reflections of them; white, self-effacing, charmingly eccentric, emotionally open, and unflinchingly loyal (if not always right).


To order My Nationalist Pony by Buttercup Dew, click here [6].

Describe your intellectual journey to White Nationalism?

My journey to White Nationalism was a short and simple one – I simply became conscious of being white. This happened to me because of a perpetual dissatisfaction of the views of the social circles I ran in, when I found conflicting viewpoints and evidence on the web. I was raised as a Christian, became an atheist, became a Communist, became a Libertarian, became an Anarcho-Capitalist, became an emergent-theory buff, then hit the Race / IQ singularity. This process, known in most parts as “growing up,” was a game of knocking over a belief system when I found a missing factor its first principles couldn’t account for.

It was shortly after the Race / IQ discovery that I first conceived of myself on a biological, racial level. The astounding fact of it is that I am a white nationalist because I thought my way through a shedload of economic and theological dogmas, and not because I was externally prompted. Around the time of opening this Pandora’s Box, I found myself listening to R.A.C metal bands like Skrewdriver and Landser, in glorious 240p Youtube playlists. I was at university, whites were a tenuous majority, and Arab men in full Muslim garb were heavily present as the shock troops of the ongoing displacement.

It was around this time I was coming to terms with being a flaming homo, so I frequented the gay bars around the place. I saw a lot of working class, masculine white men in their 30s and 40s, standing around with their thumbs metaphorically up their asses while the DJ blared out “Tragedy.” The contradiction between the male reality and “third gender” leftist fantasy about homosexual men was made very apparent to me at that time, so I never really bought the gay identity that the Left was selling. Nor did I buy the Multicult fantasy that my university town was “twinned” with Bumfuck, AK47ville, Islamistan, so this all fuelled my intellectual journey to White Nationalism. It opened a window to an identity I belonged to innately, and gave me a greater purpose than sulking beside a rainbow flag. The music and ideology of White Nationalism projected an ideological shield around me that I was part of racial folk movement that was very remote, and vastly superior to, the nancy-pampy filth that surrounded me.

Tell us about your education and intellectual influences.

My state education was appalling, and I continually questioned my teachers explanations or dogmas with a cheerful naivety. I came out of the university with a mountain of debt, a disillusionment with Culturally-Marxist Enviro-Crap in every shape, and a barely contained existential crisis. It was at this point I started My Nationalist Pony. I grappled with finding an identity and gloomy employment prospects, and was sustained by two things: White Nationalism as a temporal power, and My Little Pony as an emotional, visionary power. I immediately recognized My Little Pony as a white racial folk analogy, and began to read further and further into the alternative right. It was at this point that my real intellectual formation began.

One of the nice things about having a multi-year personal blog is that my intellectual development can be charted in reverse chronological order from the latest page. Formative influences on my outlook are all members of the fringe Right and their philosophies are only a few clicks away; some are Counter-Currents. I’m proud to say my work reflects and integrates precepts from Counter-Currents, including Collin Cleary [7], James J. O’Meara [8], Trevor Lynch [9], and Michael O’Meara [10]. These authors specifically provide visionary and mythology precepts that are symbiotic with my deconstruction and analysis of the canon universe of My Little Pony.

Elsewhere, I take ideas on a political and personal level from Jack Donovan [11], Stephen Pressfield, Koanic Soul, and Vault-Co. All of these authors have a foundation of biological determinism. The common denominator of these four is the idea that acceptance of biology is the pre-requisite to virtue; that order, (or in the shows terms, harmony) is a derivative of adhering to natural laws and working to our ethnic design.

In what’s known to CC readers, Collin Cleary [7] and Michael O’Meara [10] contextualize this phenomenon in Summoning the Gods [12] and Toward the White Republic [13] in theological and anthropological terms. My challenge – and work – is synthesizing such a large array of viewpoints into an easy to understand analogy, so White Nationalism is more readily accessible and grasped by our folk.

Before we talk about My Nationalist Pony, tell us about the Ur-text: My Little Pony. I confess that I have never seen or heard of it before. What is it about? Who created it? What is its audience?

The Ur-text is specifically, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, a television cartoon written for family audiences, but with an emphasis on being for little girls, as is the staple of the My Little Pony franchise. My Little Pony began as a toy line of brushable horses in the ’80s, and has always existed as an implicitly white consumer collectable. Friendship is Magic, the TV show which I write about, first aired in 2010 as part of a franchise reboot.

The structure of the show is that there is a central cast of 6 distinct ponies, each of which manifest a certain virtue, Loyalty, Laughter, Generosity, Honesty, Kindness, and Magic. Each show functions as a sort of 20-minute Aesop’s fable about the importance of a particular aspect of getting along. The actual happenings of the show aren’t of that much importance on an individual level – They’re mostly fairly formulaic storylines based on character interplay and going off to fight the Dragon, Evil Princess, Arch-Nemesis, whatever. It’s well-written and snazzy. It’s an extremely fun and well-written cartoon.

Importantly, the pony girls / women are feminine without being weak and helpless; the boys / men are classically masculine; it captures the idea of parity of roles, instead of a demolishing and levelling equality.

Most importantly, nearly every single element of the show is an analogy for a piece of the traditional or classical West, and the universe of the show functions according to a sort of Friendship-based European ethnocentrism. I found it interesting to note that I found a die-hard liberal handwringing in the following rant:

So . . . buffalo. If you’re a Native American, you’re not a pony. You’re not like Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, or Pinkie Pie. You’re a buffalo. And furthermore, the settlers are obviously analogues of American frontiersmen – which were, for the majority, white. The settlers are ponies. Ponies are white. [authors original emphasis]

To quote my blog, within the shows fictional universe, there are:

And so on and so forth.

If you watch a random episode of the show you are guaranteed to find at least some level of implicit whiteness and traditional occidental civilization. The shows characters and the conflicts they go through reflect the ideal of personal destiny as manifesting unique and indispensable racial biology, within the context of a wider, traditional, ethnocentric European society (with its own racial folk religion, celebrations, political conflicts, and phobias).

But Buttercup, by now our readers are surely wondering, “Aren’t you reading too much into this?” and “Why the hell am I wasting my time reading this interview with an insane homosexual?”

To which I say: Watch the show. If not for me, do it because of the existence of . . . The Bronies.

What are “Bronies”? Are they your intended audience?

The intended audience of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is little girls and their dads and moms, who have the purchasing power to buy small plastic horses (of which I own many).

However, like a deranged science experiment busting out the lab and going AWOL across the country, the response to Friendship is Magic from the unexpected demographic of young men aged 14–35 has resulted in a massive subculture known as “the brony fandom,” brony being a portmanteau of Bro and Pony. This is my audience – an implicitly (and heavily) white group of young men, who are suffering from a total disillusionment with modern life, casting around for an identity and meaningful purpose. Basically, the target demographic that White Nationalism needs to capture if whites are to survive. Despite a healthy crop of alienated losers seeking inclusion, the presence and sheer scale of the “brony” fandom cannot be underestimated.

Fascinating. I’m sure you and Smithers would have a lot to talk about.

So, are you proposing to build a racial nationalist army of grown men who play with little girls’ toys?

I’m simply following your advice to White Nationalists to go forth and preach a form of White Nationalism tailored to every white constituency and subculture. I am following your plan of building cultural hegemony one discursive space at a time. Bronydom is just as implicitly white as NASCAR, country music, and the Republican Party.

With all due respect, White Nationalism has totally failed in its political ambitions, and is totally illegitimate within mainstream discourse. We all know, the White Nationalist movement is a repository and vanguard of the entire history and genetic legacy of Western Civilization. And yet . . .

There are more young men in America today, who identify as Bronies, than there are Jews.

1 in 10 men in the USA, according to a “herd census,” in the age bracket we are looking to inspire, to motivate, identifies as a brony.

Can you imagine wielding the sort of emotional gravity, influence, and power within mainstream society? Can you imagine wielding the ability to manifest groups of military age young men with such insane devotion to an ideal that they are put themselves outside of mainstream society in the same way bronies do? Bronies are more politically loaded as a target group than any Republicrat scum, because they have already demonstrated a willingness to place themselves out of polite discourse and risk being tarred and feathered as pedophiles.

They are (although they don’t normally realize it) religiously inspired and highly motivated, by their subculture, by their nebulous ideology and identity, as well as by the fact a large portion of them, being young white men, having not much left to lose.

To quote the Herd Census, found here: http://herdcensus.com/generalsurvey.shtml [14]

we can state with a 95% confidence that between 4.0% and 6.8% of the internet-using US population strongly identify as bronies, or approximately 7 to 12.4 million people.

(an overwhelming majority of young men with disposable income, heavily white social circles, intellectual and altruistic leanings, and social connections to others within the demographic, as well as the talent and cultural drive to sustain a globally-connected white subculture over 3 years).

That, my friends, is why Buttercup is as fanatical as he is. If My Little Pony is an analogy for the ideal Western society, which I believe strongly to be the case and have made strong arguments for, then a gateway must be opened. If nothing else, the White Nationalist movement must learn from this mass-media-turned-subcultural-identity event.

Although such things are part of the nature of having a television receiving nation, Friendship is Magic came so far out of the left field and has prompted self-organizing communities of loyal followers in zero time. Bronydom is almost a surrogate White Nationalism – self-organized Brony meets function as implicitly white events where white young men can bond socially over aspirational, non-materialistic, transcendental ideals in a non-judgemental, inclusive environment.

Yes, those are liberal nice-words. Yes, they normally connote a bunch of crap. But we have to organize or die, and the only way we will organise is by inspiring organizers, and organizers will only want to join if they feel wanted and included.

My Little Pony has functioned as a vehicle for a European identity and ideal that resonates with such a huge number of white young men that this is a real, live, breathing and ongoing political resource that has to be tapped or learnt from, if whites are to channel their energies constructively into survival. Out of nothing, bronies have conquered the planet, and are heard of by pretty much everyone, save the lesser-spotted Alt-right hermit. Even my mother has read, with bafflement, in her mainstream British newspaper, that members of the military are sewing symbols of flying ponies into their combat uniforms.

The White Nationalist movement, in my eyes, is failing to provide an easily understandable, simple, all-capturing theological and realpolitik worldview. It takes a lot of digging. It is no surprise that white men have jumped the next best thing – a show that taps and channels their racial consciousness. What I try to do is synthesize ideas of European ethnocentrism and the accompanying and underlying precepts into the analogies of My Little Pony, which is easy enough as half the work has been done for me by the show. The emotional gravity of the show is manifest in its symbols, as is the emotional gravity of the White Nationalist cause in our symbols. The difference is that one is a subculture based off a TV show, and the other has the entire history of the West. Which one has more resources . . . ? Could White Nationalists pull off a similar feat . . . ? The difference between the openly brony and the openly White Nationalist is a strength of social taboo.

Surely, with enough traction, with enough legitimacy created by cartoon-level accessible explanations and stories of our ideals and ambitions, we can overcome that taboo. It takes numbers, but a snowball once rolling.

This is where the excuses come in. I hear cries of  “But the Jews control the media!” so let us observe such a snowball, outside of controlled mainstream media.

How many bronies tune in to the TV directly, and how many watch on Youtube?

We will test the Malovent Evil Jews’ Influence and see how much is Jew, and how much is You:

I type in, My Little Pony Season 1: Episode 1 into my Google Search bar. It shows me this Youtube link to the full episode.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7UK7Mh0n4s [15]

View count: 1 million+.

Posted five months ago.

We’re now in 2014, and this first aired over three years ago.

I’d say that’s a pretty darned good tootin’ reason to start watching My Little Pony if you’re a white nationalist. That is One Episode, by One Uploader. Admittedly it’s the first episode, but nonetheless. Without getting into back of the envelope math, you can see how many whites (and they are whites, damnit) are captivated by the show.

There is a good bet most of those viewers who go on to watch other episodes, relate to say, Rainbow Dash as a character, and who recognise her cutie mark symbol. Every moment needs its motifs and imagery, so lets talk about the iconography used by our Equine cultural warriors. Symbols are pre-rational, and bronies love symbols. Pony-cutiemark symbols are the de-facto religious cultural currency of the brony. Why? Because the show emotionally resonates with them. White Nationalists have to push an identity and the symbols of our heritage in an empathetic, aspirational format as the show does, and as they regain their former gravity and stature within our racial consciousness, organizers will organize. Young men of military age will start sewing life runes into their jackets. White men gloomy about their employment prospects will find a culture and community that is common and exclusive to them as whites, that serves their interests, and shares their values.

All this shall come to pass if we are able to correctly present our ideas in a vehicle which is accessible, empathetic, and relevant to whites; which gives them a theological purpose beyond dogmatic monotheism, which returns to an indigenous and authentic expression of who they are – Like, My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic does. But the show does it implicitly, out of necessity. We built the internet, we have the technology. Let’s renew, rebuild, retool, and rearm, and distribute the White Nationalist vision explicitly. This isn’t a fucking corporate vision. It’s a mythological vision, one that exists whether one chooses to see it or not, and it’s one that is an eternal expression of white independence.

Friendship is Magic is the best thing since sliced bread with our most thoughtful men of this generation. Let’s show them what they have proven they want to see – the vision of an ethnocentric Europe, a productive society, a complex racial harmony derived from variation between whites, a meaningful, traditional existence, roles of parity, conferring dignity – but this time, let’s do it explicitly instead of hiding in plain sight.

Let’s ignite the spark of ancestral consciousness in the amnesiac masses of our people. We can do it, when we relate to them, and empathize with their needs and struggles. Which we must do, which we must be capable of, because they are our race, they are us, and we are them. The one thing that most White Nationalists have a dire need of is friendship and understanding from their brethren, so it is time to seek it and articulate our needs in a manner they can relate to.

With mutual understanding and affection, we can overcome our physical limitations, and transcend whatever lowly rung of realpolitik circumstance has banished us to. If we can overcome our egos and our fears and pull other members of our race into the communion of binding friendship and purpose, will soon be banging loudly on the doors to Wotan’s halls and demanding entry, having established ourselves as first and foremost amongst the races, and having created white dominion over the entire earth.

So it is in my philosophy, so it should be in yours.

Long Live Europe, and Hail Celestia.

So what sort of impact has My Nationalist Pony had?

I’m pleased to say that the reception and impact of my ridiculous blog from both the “New” Right and elsewhere has been overwhelmingly positive. There is an adage that only jesters can speak truth to power, and the underlying reason to it is that tragedy and difficult circumstance is best subliminated through humor. Although a few of my moodier posts (since deleted) have caught rightful criticism for being harsh and ill-mannered, the general reception from the thinking commentariat on the web at large has been grudging acceptance and respect.

I don’t measure or follow my web traffic stats, but from googling around I can gather mood and commentary about how things are received by the biomass. For example; following a furor over a “racist” post where I pushed Race / IQ facts to front and centre in an uncompromising way, I picked up on a message board that at least one observer was surprised, as “My Nationalist Pony tends to focus on finding your own roots and heritage.” Elsewhere, folks with little to no interest in any sort of anthropology or race nationalist at least understand what I have to say, even if they don’t agree with it – I cross posted this gem from 2012:

Seriously, he looked at a cartoon for little children and he saw an idyllic pastel pasture space filled with green hills and quaint villages with no want or need or disease or strife and instead of thinking “this setting is like that because it’s a kid’s show” he thinks “this setting is like that because these neon horses are racially homogeneous and do not intermix with foreign cultures also their economic and social structure is dictated by their genetically/biologically inborn talents as dictated by a stamp on their rear end.”

Another one of my favourites comes from “Fundies say the dardest things”:

It’s like watching someone launch into a tirade on the dangers of racial mixing at a pro-fascism rally whilst wearing pink polka-dot pyjamas and a rainbow wig.

Amongst the Reactionary Right, I got a good mention and press as a “Reactionary Hipster taking back the Media,” as part of a group of “stylish intellectuals . . . reading Evola” from Rachel Haywire of Attack the System (here [16]).

I hit peak notoriety when I got into a Twitter feud with British print-n-TV Leftie Luvvie Laurie Penny, the whole of which has been documented here [17]. My polka-dot fascism seems to have permeated enough common consciousness of bronydom that I have a reputation of being “quite the troll,” and for playing on Poe’s Law – All of which is entirely true, because infamy is publicity, and publicity is useful.

The best response has been from the Right of Tumblr, the blogging platform I use. I am part of a loose blogging circle and new Right blog directory known as “Party Hats and Jackboots.” I am privileged to call a few other members of this group my friends, and there you will find young, thoughtful and upstanding whites who have given the liberal Kool-Aid the pass. There are a number of foreign-language blogs and sites which my infographics and posters have cropped up on, one notably complaining that I was reviving Pagan runes as some type of Neo-Nazi (a reasonable accusation). I like to think that politically, I punch above my weight, using my Buttercup alter ego to engage people with novelty and nod towards the importance of ethnonationalism and white racial consciousness, however briefly.

It must be noted that I have become disillusioned and attempted to walk away from my blog a number of times, and returned each time with more things to say (I suppose, I cannot help see what I see). I think the importance of White Nationalists engaging in pop-culture criticism, and using it to relate our wards and folk, is underlined and captured neatly by one of my readers, Polarmyth. He sent me this kind message:

As a newcomer to Tumblr, MNP was one of the first cogent and accessible blogs regarding nationalism that I enjoyed and was presented in a pleasant format with an easy to understand analogy. The use of an easy to identify cultural icon as vehicle made MNP a rare gem to educate persons on nationalism, without the unpleasant association most have with this subject.

I found the My Nationalist Pony Tree of Life [illustration found here [18]] to be excellent and I posted it to my Facebook. Indeed, you have a well thought out and mature concept of nationalism and express yourself quite well. Your artistic ability has few equals. Again, I love the pony Tree of Life—it is everything good and worth fighting for.

You should, at least, leave My Nationalist Pony up and perhaps mirror it someplace else. It’s a highly useful educational resource—and work of art— and its possible loss makes nationalism and related politics much less accessible to newcomers, the indeterminate many;  it also provides a solid reintroduction to veteran nationalists. 

1930’s imagery is provocative but MNP brings this subject gently, and pleasantly, to the present. [my emphasis]. 

Nationalism is about loving your folk and belonging and I think you did a great job in conveying this. My Nationalist Pony would be a great graphic novel.

Well, knock me over with a feather, I am convinced. [Laying hands on my computer screen] I ordain you the New Right’s Apostle to the Bronies. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the interview.

A big thank you, Greg, for giving my novel approach a platform, and thanks also to the wider Counter-Currents authorship and readership, for providing me with the material and essential insight I have needed to develop and mature as an author, and as an individual. It is my sincere hope that Counter-Currents prospers and continues its good work in awakening whites to their unique heritage and identity. The Crystal Empire shall return – And I’m sure at least a few readers will pursue that breadcrumb and see the parallels for themselves.