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The Boomerang Generation:
Connecting with Our Proletariat

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Too many young whites see this as a down rather than an up escalator [1]

Too many young whites see this as a down rather than an up escalator

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The stereotype of White Nationalists is that they are white male “losers” who have no jobs, live with their families, and spend all of their time on the internet. As it turns out, under Obama, such “losers” are one of the fastest growing segments of the US population: the millenials are now becoming the “Boomerang Generation.”

For instance, in New Jersey, 25% of adults between 18 and 31 are living with their parents [3], 42% of them 24 or older. These are not high-school dropouts, either. A very high percentage are college graduates who cannot find work in their field, who have tens of thousands in college debts (if not more than $100,000), and who are unemployed or underemployed or employed at jobs where they are overqualified (Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods).

White Nationalists, of course, are always bemoaning the lack of young people in our movement, especially middle-class, college-educated young people — the people who were brought up on the idea that they were “tomorrow’s leaders.” We are also, of course, given to bemoaning the fact that our best people are systematically coopted by the system. Their careers, families, and mortgages discourage them from taking unpopular stands.

Well, the system is no longer coopting an astonishing number of young, middle-class, college-educated white men and women. White dispossession has worked its way to their demographic group too. They are intelligent, educated, and ambitious. They are also unemployed, idle, angry, and searching for answers. For White Nationalists, they are a vast, increasingly receptive audience, for we are the only ones offering honest explanations of what is happening to them and realistic, long-term solutions.

Boomerang discontent did feed the Occupy [4] movement for a while, but Marxism, Political Correctness, and the “Progressive Stack” rapidly wore thin for those looking for real answers. The fact of the matter is that Boomerangs are not victims of Adam’s Smith’s “Invisible Hand” but of the all too visible hand of systematic white dispossession.

While whites are graduating from universities hobbled with tens of thousands of dollars of debt, affirmative action students come out debt free. While white job applicants face systematic discrimination, affirmative action applicants have unfair advantages. While native-born white Americans are struggling to find jobs, the country is being flooded with immigrants, who are taking disproportionate numbers of jobs and driving wage scales down even as college costs — and debts — balloon.

College-educated, middle-class whites are not “tomorrow’s leaders.” Tomorrow’s leaders consist of a largely Jewish oligarchy, surrounded and protected by layers of non-white and alienated white allies. Since Jews are few in number, they cannot fill all leadership and middle management positions. But it is imperative that whites not fill these positions. If non-whites cannot be found, white women, homosexuals, or miscegenators will have to do. Anything but straight white men married to white women and reproducing the white race. Hence the necessity of affirmative action and non-white immigration, to lower white wages and raise white unemployment.

White Nationalists are the only people who offer real upward mobility to the Boomerang Generation. We will end affirmative action. We will end immigration for non-whites and start repatriation. We will reinstitute protectionism [5] and rebuild America’s economy. We will cancel all student loan debts [6], as well as all other private and public debts to banks. We will make affordable family formation a national priority. We will create a society in which white people feel at home and have real hope for the future.

Counter-Currents is taking the lead in appealing to the Boomerang Generation. In particular, we are looking for writers who can show how White Nationalism both explains and solves their problems. We are especially interested in finding actual Boomerangs who are interested in making their ample time and lack of prospects into assets, by working to advance White Nationalism as writers, activists, and organizers. Please let us know what we can do to reach more people like you. Contact me at [email protected] [7] or leave a comment below.

White Nationalists often lament that our message falls on deaf ears. Well, the Boomerang Generation have ears to hear us. We just need to hone and deliver our message. And to do that, we need to begin by listening to them.

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Greg Johnson