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Total Recall


Larry Elder

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California is well-known for wildfires — both in the forest, and in politics. The most recent political firestorm was the attempted recall of Governor Gavin Newsom, which rattled the derp state so hard that they dispatched the internationally-acclaimed ice cream connoisseur Joe Biden to stump on Newsom’s behalf in Long Beach in a last-minute effort to shore up his support. There was also mass election fraud in the same style as the 2020 Presidential Election steal. This may seem like another episode of the unending California political drama which makes Real Housewives of OC seem tranquil by comparison. However, a broken clock is still right twice a day, and I have to agree with Joe:

This is not hyperbole: The eyes of the nation are on California because the decision you’re about to make is going to not just have a huge impact on California, it’s going to reverberate around the nation, and quite frankly, not a joke, around the world.

Before getting into why the recall was so important, a quick rundown of the facts behind Biden’s visit is needed. Biden — or at least his handlers — originally planned on campaigning for Newsom much earlier. However, the Afghanistan debacle derailed that plan, and so Biden made a last-minute appearance the night before the recall vote instead. Biden nonetheless received criticism for campaigning during what is perceived to be an ongoing crisis.

Once he arrived, Biden’s motorcade was delayed for about half an hour by patriots who were blocking traffic on foot and as well as slowing traffic down with a car parade. This, alongside the Australian trucker strike, suggests that mass civil disobedience affecting traffic could be a promising way to resist tyranny, as opposed to endless lawsuits. While I did not attend, my friends who did observed a surprisingly chubby Secret Service agent, which suggests that the regime has been forced to sacrifice quality for blind loyalty among its goons. My friends also reported that 300-500 Biden supporters were outnumbered by about 1,500 protestors, which shows that the regime lacks popular support even in their strongholds like Long Beach and Los Angeles County. Long Beach has a robust Antifa presence, and most of Los Angeles County is of course a dystopian liberal hellhole. It is unknown at this time if Snoop Dogg attended, but his hometown of Long Beach was most certainly not in the house — although patriots from Orange County and elsewhere were loudly representing their respective hoods.

I watched Biden’s 15-minute speech so you don’t have to. The energy was underwhelming, and Joe had a persistent dry cough. Is he perhaps the next high-profile COVID breakthrough case? Joe began by making the false assertion that California’s economy is the largest in America because it has the most diversity, while ignoring the fact that a lot of that economy is fleeing the state precisely because of that diversity. He then compared the top Republican candidate, Larry Elder, to a Donald Trump clone, and fretted that Orange Man’s “dark, destructive, divisive” politics might find a home in California through a based black man.

Biden next stated that Republican governors who resist medical tyranny are following politics rather than science. He then went on about how he is a respecter of women (more like girl sniffer), and used the latest Texas abortion law to trigger the crowd. He also took a dig at Elder for writing more than 20 years ago that women generally know less about politics and economics than men. (Where is the lie?) Joe also blamed California’s wildfires on climate denial as opposed to systematic mismanagement of our forests, and made an overture for increasing the minimum wage on the grounds that it would also benefit white workers. He ended with a quick “God bless the troops,” which was rather tone-deaf given that there is little love lost between him and most of the troops. I can’t help but wonder if Biden’s visit did more to hurt Newsom than help.

So why was this recall so important? The most important reason is that it was illustrative of what the regime has found to be a perennial problem: Evil has an inverse correlation with quality, particularly competence and charisma. Many pundits have suggested that Newsom has aspirations to run for President, and as indicated by Joe’s visit in the midst of a crisis, the regime was desperate for him to succeed. The amount of election irregularity that was already being reported the morning after the election indicates that the regime felt that it needed Newsom not only to survive, but to prevail by a substantial landslide — even if the numbers are blatantly fake.

Newsom’s systematic and evil mismanagement of California through open borders and medical tyranny, among other numerous asinine policies, were meant to be an audition showing the derp state that not only is he an evil psychopath like them, but that he is also competent and charismatic, and thus can get away with it. During November 2020, in the midst of a lockdown, Newsom and his toadies were filmed disregarding their own silly rules at a restaurant called The French Laundry, which is as snobby and expensive as it sounds. Some say this was generic hypocrisy, but I suspect that he allowed himself to be filmed flaunting his own rules on purpose. It was a way to show the derp state that he is not just evil, but good at getting away at it.


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At present, there is a serious succession crisis looming over who will be the derp state’s next puppet president. Biden is simply not going to be mentally competent by 2024. Even if he is, he has arguably had the shortest honeymoon of any President in American history. Even the sycophant journalist class has turned on him after gushing over how he would heal (heel?) the nation. At this point, there is a genuine danger that the derp state may try to eliminate Biden in a false-flag operation, as it would allow them to achieve two objectives at once: remove a puppet who has become a liability, and drum up support for a domestic war of terror.

Who’s up next? Kamala has made an abrupt reversal from desiring power like Queen Cersei to resenting how she has to pick up a lot of sleepy Joe’s slack. She is also a former prosecutor, and so would be inherently unpopular among Democrats who are Antifa/BLM supporters or adjacent. She’s also woefully incompetent, because like Cardi B, she built her career in large part by being a total slut. Her lack of charisma is self-evident, especially in her nervous laugh. The rest of the Democrat candidates who ran in 2020 either lacked the psychopathic evil that the regime needs, or lacked competence and charisma.

If Newsom’s image hadn’t been salvaged by laughable election fraud, they would have faced having to resort to someone in Biden’s cabinet. However, 75% of that cabinet is Jewish, which means that there was a strong chance that the derp state would have had to resort to even more open Jewish supremacy, increasing class consciousness between the rulers and the ruled. One of Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s strongest critiques of democracy in Democracy: The God that Failed is that it still has an exploitive ruling class, but through voting softens the distinction between ruler and ruled, while the open distinction between the two under feudalism made tyranny more difficult. Even without Third World voter fraud, however, a Jewish president with a majority Jewish cabinet would acutely crystalize this distinction, and that would have made the derp state extremely uncomfortable. Some have argued that the makeup of Biden’s cabinet was intended to taunt and humiliate Americans; I contend that it was an act of desperation, as the inverse correlation between evil and quality created a scarcity of qualified non-Jewish candidates.

If Newsom hadn’t won in a fake landslide, their best strategy might have been to find a millennial bimbo in the style of Press Secretary Psaki to run. Upper-class millennial white girls, while they are amazingly stupid, also have a vicious streak, and enjoy following and enforcing the party line.

There are other reasons why this stolen recall will indeed reverberate across the world. There has been a consistent push nationwide to color all of Red America as domestic terrorists. Part of this was neurotic screeching and narcissism, but it was also part of a calculated strategy to intimidate us into silence and justify the FBI openly becoming the Stasi. In California, Newsom painted the recall effort as a coup being spearheaded by Proud Boys, anti-vaxxers, QAnon wackos, white supremacists, and other assorted deplorables. Um, based check? The regime has basically announced that if you voted to recall Newsom, or suspect that the election results are at least inflated, that they will drone-strike you for wrongthink. At that point, why not throw in with the cool dissident kids? Equating legitimate patriotic dissent with political extremism is more of a self-fulfilling prophecy than a recipe for reconciliation.

Speaking of RINOs, one silver lining of the stolen recall is that it indicates that the era of the GOP being able to sabotage real patriots might be coming to an end. The GOP tried to poison the well by promoting the transgender freak Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. Even Sean Hannity jumped on the bandwagon, as did Trump, although Jenner disavowed Trump’s endorsement. Only Tucker Carlson and grassroots Republicans offered any pushback against this absurd attempt at brainwashing Republicans into accepting the transgender agenda. Thankfully, as of Wednesday morning Larry Elder had garnered 46.9% of the vote, while Jenner received only 1.1%. Maybe Jenner can start dating Charlie Kirk — they would make a cute couple as they both sink into irrelevancy alongside their fellow controlled-opposition hacks.

The recall results also support the premise that the day when it is possible to openly talk about race from a pro-white perspective in mainstream politics may not be far off. Larry Elder has said:

Do we still have the phenomenon where a young black man is eight times more likely to be killed by another young black man than a young white man? If the answer to those series of questions is yes, I submit to you that systemic racism is not the problem.


While Larry Elder is admittedly black, and can thus get away with more, it is interesting that Joe was comfortable attacking him on gender, but not on race. This is despite the fact that Mr. Elder has made several other points similar to the one above, which, while not as woke on race realism as we are, nonetheless naturally lean toward race realism. Some may dismiss Mr. Elder’s comments as indicative that whites are so cucked that they need a black man to speak up for them, because they are too timid to do so themselves. I would counter that catapulting a candidate who is so candid about race to the position of undisputed Republican frontrunner (the next strongest Republican candidate received only 8.6% of the vote) is a good step towards normalizing pro white advocacy in general.


Finally, this recall should serve as a warning that election fraud is here to stay until Republicans do something to prevent it. The 2020 election steal was not a one-time fluke to get rid of the bad Orange Man. Since the regime got away with it while suffering zero consequences, there is no reason why they won’t repeat the same tactics over and over again. Instead of being mad about another stolen election, I hope it serves as a teachable moment to nationalists across America and the world that there must be zero compromise with the enemy on election integrity. To show how blatant this fraud was, consider that the official results were almost two to one in favor of Newsom, while at a live rally in Long Beach County the turnout was at least three to one against Newsom. At a voting center in Woodland Hills in the Valley, 70% of the voters who showed up were told that their votes had already been cast [9]. Like, oh my gawd, that is so not cool! A month before the recall in Torrance, police found 300 ballots in the car of a passed-out degenerate.

While other irregularities are sure to pop up in the coming days, there is already smoking-gun evidence of fraud. On CNN, the Yes votes for the recall inexplicably dropped in real time [10] from 2,225,915 to 1,874,206, while the No votes remained precisely the same at 4,530,002. Such blatant and amateurish lying is insulting. DMVocracy at its finest.

Of course, the establishment party is too weak to do anything, if not complicit themselves. Despite his strident tone and positions, Larry Elder did state that Biden “won the election fairly and squarely.” While I had a generally positive view of Mr. Elder, my protest vote for Jar Jar Binks was vindicated. Instead of vowing to fight it out or at least offer token resistance to the dangerous narrative that 63.9% of Californians want to be oppressed by gynaecocratic nanny state, Mr. Elder whimpered, “Let’s be gracious in defeat” like a lapdog. It’s time for real Americans to stop being “gracious” about being enslaved by a regime that is as evil as it is dysfunctional. At least we won’t have to worry about Elder leading Californians on a wild goose chase and then bouncing when needed most. I’m sure his media career will benefit from his campaign.

It has long been observed that California is a trendsetter for the rest of the nation — although usually for the worse. For example, our state was the first to recognize no-fault divorce, with all of its attendant social ills under RINO Ronald Reagan while he was Governor. But it is precisely this trendsetting status that is why we should pay attention to the recall. It indicates that the globalists are facing a crisis of competency in their puppets; that Left’s labels are becoming increasingly irrelevant, if not badges of honor; that the controlled opposition is becoming less effective; and that race may be losing its status as a taboo topic. However, mass voter fraud will be the new normal until Republicans take the advice of Across the Rubicon’s “The Culture War” and learn to pronounce the word NO.

With Newsom emboldened by his hollow victory, new lockdowns, vaccine passports, and many other outrages are most likely imminent. We California Republicans must be prepared to surf the waves of the Kali Yuga — most likely without the party’s backing.

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