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The Big Kill


A photo from James J. O’Meara’s residence, taken by the author from his desk while writing this piece.

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Our goal this year is to raise $100,000 in order to expand our efforts to build a metapolitical vanguard for White Nationalism. So far, we have received 287 donations totaling $31,921.92. We set our goals high because the task we have before us is formidable, but with your help, we will succeed. We were recently cut off from our credit card processor for the second time in less than three months. We immediately set up a temporary solution, which means that for a limited period, we can only receive payments and donations from American credit cards, but we will soon be back to normal.


Recently, while waiting for something new to appear on Counter-Currents, I found myself idly looking over some of those Other blogs and websites. Reading yet another article on “whatever happened to the ‘Alt Right’” and so on, I came across this casually tossed out line: “Judging by the comment sections, Counter-Currents and Unz.com readers would seem to have the highest IQ among the alt right.”

I found myself nodding in agreement – yes, nodding, I do that occasionally, you know, especially when reading Counter-Currents. For indeed, this certainly coincided with my own experience with the comments section here. So, since I’m addressing a high-IQ crowd, let me try to make my point by using an analogy [2]: Counter-Currents is like one of those “public” TV or radio stations; but different.

Allow me to elaborate.

Squatting in an abandoned factory, as I do, entertainment options are a bit limited. But, thanks to a second-hand iPhone and some stolen Wi-Fi, I can stream all kindsa stuff from all over the world. For years now, one of my favorite ways to spend Sunday morning is listening to an “early music” program, Here of a Sunday Morning, broadcast on New York City’s “public” radio station, WBAI. As the Sun streams muddily through the long-neglected glass-brick windows, I soak up the soothing sounds of Western music before the monster Bach introduced his blasted “equal temperament” (the source, or at least the harbinger, of all the “equality” we have to deal with nowadays [3]).

And being a “public” radio station, there are occasional “pledge breaks,” and even, when particularly desperate for funds, my show (as I think of it) is preempted for something like a Gary Null “special event” to sell bee pollen or “green stuff [4].” (I’ve often puzzled over the curious fundraising model of “public” entities; rather than raising money by charging for ads on popular programs, they preempt the program you want to watch and add pledge-breaks, pleading for money so that the regular programming you tuned in for can return; so noble, so non-commercial, but kinda like blackmail, isn’t it?)

So even though I never listen to anything else, I have a pretty good idea of the kind of programming they’re proud to offer and think I would pledge money to support.

I’ve never given them a cent, and I never will.

Not because I’m a “free rider,” as the libertarians would say. Don’t be fooled by the echt-europa nature of Here of a Sunday Morning. WBAI is not your run-of-the-mill, bourgeois “public” station; it’s a “progressive” or, as they would say, “people’s” radio station.

If NPR were the Democrats, WBAI would be antifa. If there’s an anti-white conspiracy theory, or fake news outrage that you’ve heard of, WBAI not only incessantly reported it, there’s a good probability that they have a weekly program devoted to it [5].

How, then, Here of a Sunday Morning? Well, Sunday morning is the black hole of radio programming [6], usually filled with nutritional supplement infomercials and “public service” dreck; plenty of stuff can fly under the radar, as it were. But still, why this show, and how could it have survived for over forty years? I did a little research a while ago, and learned that our genial host has an interesting bit of street cred: back those forty years ago, he was a lawyer for the Black Panthers.

Our host and his show are a fossil, preserved through a unique set of circumstances: a relic of a time when Panther lawyers discussed Baroque music at fundraisers at Bernie’s, à la Tom Wolfe’s Radical Chic; when “the people’s radio” was, or at least pretended to be, an actual platform of and for the people, and someone like William F. Buckley or Murray Rothbard could occasionally pop up. Kind of like Brundlefly’s transporter had mixed up elements of The Big Chill and Jurassic Park.

What does this have to do with Counter-Currents? Well, Counter-Currents is like WBAI, but different: Like other “alternative media” outlets, it needs your money to thrive, and even to survive. But unlike WBAI, Counter-Currents doesn’t hate you and want you to die [7].

Yes, there’s a war going on. You may not have started it; you may not have really noticed it. Maybe you just thought it was a handful of silly people doing and saying silly things in academia or art galleries. But as the rational people paid no attention, the numbers of the silly people have increased, and the silliness and stupidity have multiplied and metastasized into violence and fanaticism.

WBAI is an example of both the effect – its slide from “Maybe the Panthers have a point; care for another canape?” to “Kill whitey now!” – and the cause; politics being, as someone once said, downstream from culture.

The previous fundraising letters from my battle-scarred comrades Richard Houck [8] and John Morgan [9] resulted in some paranoiac-critical reflections of my own on the media’s role in shaping our cultural atmosphere; Richard, because of his discussion of high-level magazine writing of the past, and John with his reminiscences of the University of Michigan (which would make a better film than The Big Chill [10]).

You see, back in my own day, I used to spend most of my Saturdays in Ann Arbor, my goal a bookstore at the intersection of Liberty and State called Borders [11]. This was the original back then, and a Mecca, if you will, for the bookish, not only for its size and selection, but also for the (then radical) carpeted stairs and pale wood benches, where one could actually sit, drink coffee, and read as much as you wanted without buying a thing. (Hmm, maybe that’s why the subsequent chain went bankrupt; or was the name too triggering for the Present Day?)

But before moseying along up Liberty, I would have brunch at a vegetarian restaurant called Seva [12] (now relocated to a strip mall in the ‘burbs), having first stopped at a newsstand and obtaining a fistful of high-IQ publications such as The Nation, The New Republic, National Review, The American Spectator, and – especially prized – The New York Review of Books. The latter provided space for academics, such as Noam Chomsky or Stanley Hoffman, or literary figures, like Gore Vidal or V. S. Naipaul, to publish “review essays,” which would start out as reviewing a book – or more often, a whole set of books, purporting to represent a “tendency” of sorts – but soon become labyrinthine dissertations, endless pages and pages in three columns of tiny font.

“Someday I will write ridiculously long essays like these,” I would muse, sipping yet another cup of Red Zinger tea. And thanks to Counter-Currents, I do [13].

My point is that the “Default Liberal Position” that John attributed to himself in those days led one to such publications – and had been, in turn, created by them. And continued to do so: You can see today’s political lineup already for sale back then, from the Street Left (Nation), to the Globalist Center (New Republic), the Cuckservative Right (National Review), and the Postmodern Academy (NYRB).

Ragtag outlets like WBAI – its audience is so small that it doesn’t even rate an Arbitron rating – have never had the influence of those publications, and even at their peak the latter were known as “little magazines,” as compared with the Big Media. But it was all one big Kultur machine, from WBAI to the holy goddamn New York Times [14], run by the Left, imposing the Left’s culture and then, by so defining the range of acceptable topics and ideas – John’s “default position” – onto politics.

As Ricardo Duchesne has said [15]:

Academics today are the slaves of voices that command them to “fight racism,” and to repeat forever in their minds the commandment that “diversity is our strength,” that “Western ethnocentrism is morally pernicious,” that “all cultures are equal,” and that “race is a construct” . . . . They [are] subservient, in a blindly habitual way, to the religiously unquestioned mandates of diversity. The threatening voices of diversity instill fear of ostracism, loss of status, the cutting back of grants, and job loss.

Today, as James Kirkpatrick says [16]:

[B]eing “anti-white” is the default cultural stance of the MSM, the entertainment industry, and the political Left. Being anti-white may be what truly defines the Left – you can call for universal health care [17] and basic income [18] but you’re “far right” if you don’t want whites replaced in their own countries [19].

By another turn of the screw, “anti-white culture” becomes, simply, “anti-white.” Now, even NYRB publishes essays by WASPs lamenting [20] that no one cares anymore about the dead White Puritans who invented liberalism, plaintively asking, “Why [is the Left] alienated from a history that could help us find a deep root in liberality and shared and mutual happiness?” The author then answers her own question: “Those who control the word ‘American’ control the sense of the possible.”

But not just “American,” but “white” altogether; that’s why Guillaume Durocher [21] was not only run out of academia, but now has a Website – funded by Vassar, formerly a liberal arts college for the daughters of the WASP elite – devoted to policing his and others’ thoughtcrime [22]:

His problem is that he assumes that past is admirable and worthy of emulation. It might be worth emulating the ancient Greek city-states’ “collective ideal of being the best as a whole society” but this won’t mean the same thing for us that it meant for them.

They say that “history is written by the victors,” but this is entirely different: It’s not just a differing interpretation, but a lie, and an obvious lie; a Soviet-style falsification in the name of imposing an orthodoxy forever. (You can bet there will be no “modifications” thereafter, just as “freedom of speech” was for them a useful tool, now discarded.)

We can’t have nice things anymore [23]. We cannot celebrate our history or our achievements [24]. Anything that can’t be retconned into submission (Hamilton was a slave! Lady Liberty welcomes the world!) will be torn down, and then shoved down the Memory Hole.

Even the Russians have noticed [25] – after all, they’ve had considerable experience with it:

Rewriting history is a crucial weapon in the long-term culture war for the left, disappointed so often at the ballot box. “The culture that put men on the moon was intense, fun, family-unfriendly, and mostly white and male,” tweeted the Washington Post, over a behind-the-scenes look at the life of those involved in the program.

We could have gone to Mars [26], but instead we are systematically purging and rewriting our actual history in the name of justice; and as a side benefit, to make sure that it will never happen again.

As John Derbyshire recently insisted [27], “The commanding heights of our culture are in the hands of fanatical anti-national, anti-white ideologues who are interested in power; they are interested in conquest; they are interested in victory – total victory in the Cold Civil War [28].”

There’s a culture war going on; and that means not only a war within our culture, but ultimately, a war against it, and against those who created it: white people.

And to what end? What shining city on a hill do these new Puritans have in mind? As per usual with the Left, the answer is “trust us.” As Greg Johnson has said [29]:

God knows what they want to replace us with. I don’t know if they really have an endgame here. The endgame might . . . some kind of dystopian global plantation economy: low-tech, disease-ridden, and starved, where a tiny elite lord over a vast number of brown people. That’s the endgame of the modern, globalist, liberal trajectory. Do you really want to contribute to that? That’s a world that you have no place in.

Once you reconfigure ICE as “Nazi stormtroopers,” it’s a short distance to some beardo weirdo showing up with a Molotov cocktail [30]. (The NYRB provided a handy schematic [31].)

And even if it doesn’t lead to actual outright violence, it leads to population replacement, until we, and our culture, simply no longer matter [32]:

We’ve been neutered by demographic change and partisan redistricting, to the extent that “we” no longer matter . . . to the extent that [California Gov.] Newsom spends the rest of his speech addressing those who are not “we” . . .

Counter-Currents is one of a handful of outlets trying to reverse that process. By common consent, it’s the best of them; that’s why it’s constantly targeted by the enemy for their petty harassment. They really don’t mind sites where people trade oven memes and the like; they persecute those too, but only to show that they can. They think anyone who disagrees with them is simply a racist moron, to be deplored; but it really irks them when we point out, irrefutably, that they are stupid . . . and crazy . . . and evil.

And that gets back to WBAI and its ilk. Like them, Counter-Currents depends on your donations. At least we’re honest about it; the “commercial” media takes your money when you buy basically anything, and “alternatives” like NPR are supported by your taxes. But let me repeat: Unlike all those others, we don’t hate you and want you to die.

Again, do you really want to contribute to that?

As The ZMan asks [33], will you “not accept that and do what is required to prevent America from becoming a multicultural ghetto ruled by a parasitic elite?”

Cultural change, and the resultant political change, can happen fast; take Trump. During the Republican debates, Ted Cruz was greeted with laughter all around when he attacked Trump’s supposed “New York values.” Behind the times, Ted hadn’t noticed that while New York – and the Democrats – have moved to the hard Left, Trump remains what he always had been: a New York City Democrat from Queens, who hasn’t done or said anything Ed Koch would have disagreed with – and they renamed the Queensboro Bridge after him.

Two years or so later, things have changed so much that Kamala Harris revealed, during the Democrats’ own debate, that Joe Biden – running essentially as the Democrat Trump – is, despite being Obama’s Vice President, a hardened, career-long racist! And last week, Michelle Obama, bloviating [34] on America belonging to the whole world, implicitly denounced her own husband – who rejected the idea that simply wanting “a better life” was a reason to immigrate – as a racist.

Our hope is that it can still happen in the opposite direction, and reasonably fast.

The noose, if you will, is tightening, and your choice is clear: Contribute what you can to the fight, or prepare to face extinction.


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