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Guide to Kulchur, Episode 22

[1]134 words / 1:14:56

After a summer hiatus, John Morgan and Survive the Jive [2] join Fróði Midjord on the latest Guide to Kulchur [3] to discuss Midsommar, a recently-released movie about a group of American anthropology students and a deeply traumatized woman who visit a neo-pagan cult practicing a faith based on the ancient Nordic religion in present-day Hälsingland, Sweden, where they discover that the cult’s interest in them goes far beyond the merely academic. Similar to The Wicker Man [4], the film deals with issues of tradition versus modernity, community versus individualism, pagan values versus Christian values, and the nature of the Western soul, set amidst a folk horror story. Oh, and it’s also a breakup story. Survive the Jive offers insights into the basis and accuracy for the elements of Nordic paganism that are used in the film.