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Advice for Young White People, Part 1

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Part 1 of 3 (Part 2 here [2])

Projecting what the future will be like for whites can be a depressing thing. I’m sure we all do it. If things are this way for whites now, then what will ten years down the road look like? Or twenty? Or fifty? Confounding these visions are not only the implacable nature of our enemies but the sheer obliviousness of much of our own kind. The classic example of the frog not realizing that he’s slowly being boiled to death comes to mind. Then there are those fellow whites who gleefully contribute to our ultimate displacement, either through active miscegenation or by cynically placing their selfish interests above having white children. If they are educated, nearly all white people these days deny the reality of race and gender along with most of the things that have made Western civilization great to begin with. As a result, we have passed our cusp of greatness, perhaps as little as forty years ago when we landed men on the Moon, and are now beginning our rapid descent on the other side.

It’s a sad state of affairs, and I keep praying – yes, praying – that one day a critical mass of whites in the West will realize that a crisis is at hand and will take active steps to either achieve victory or to cut our losses. Even if I didn’t have children, I would still worry about the future, but having children makes it all the more poignant and painful to imagine.

I am in middle age. I am married and have a career. My shadow career is this. But I often wonder what I would have been like if I had gone through my late teens in 2019 instead of when I did. What would it be like to intuit racial and sexual truths, but be disallowed to mention them? What would it be like to be surrounded by hostile or indifferent foreigners in my own country, my own neighborhood, and in my schools and sports teams? What would it be like to accrue enemies on all sides just by behaving naturally? I never had to experience much of that growing up; then again, when I was growing up, we all took for granted that Pax Caucasica would last indefinitely.

Now, however, the writing is on the wall – and people get ostracized, punished, and condemned just for reading it.

Something, of course, must be done. I will do what I can for as long as I can from my comfortable perch – and then continue the struggle as best I can if I ever get ripped away from it – but this war will be fought over the course of decades by people much younger than I. I feel terrible about this, because our enemies cannot help themselves. They will not stop. No argument, no law, no ideology, no religion, no constitution will give them pause as they march us from here to the gulag, if we let them. We cannot let them.

Young white people who are inheriting the eroding, corroding jewel of Western civilization face a problem that I didn’t have in my youth. Dealing with this problem can lead to all kinds of mistakes, since young people have very little precedent to follow. And each day, the stakes get higher. Aside from avoiding obvious blunders (drug and alcohol abuse, illegitimacy, law-breaking) and doing what’s obviously good (working hard, staying fit and healthy, respecting yourself and others), I’m sure many young whites are at a loss as to what to do. I don’t have the life experiences you have or will have. Since I will likely be dead or elderly when the currently-cold culture war grows hot, I certainly don’t have as much on the line personally. But I see what’s happening all around us. I’m close to it – but not too close. This gives me what I call the objectivity of the aloof.

With this in mind, I offer a list of things young, self-identifying white people might want to consider when making big decisions in their lives.

1. Make Yourself Useful

Imagine yourselves as members of an incipient white nation. Imagine that you were part of a population set with the task of rebuilding civilization. Imagine there’s been a doomsday conflict between whites and non-whites. Imagine yourselves during a time of crisis. What kind of skills would you need? What kind of skills would make you valuable? We all know the answer, of course: skills which require hard work and years of training to acquire. STEM fields, mostly. But there are others. Speaking other languages, for example. If you’re good with your hands or a whiz with machines or an expert builder or handyman, then you’re set. If you can farm, you will be a great asset. Same if you know how to run a business. It almost goes without saying that military experience would be invaluable. And if you’re not technical and don’t like getting your hands dirty, then law or accounting degrees can also be useful.

The idea is to become the person others go to for answers about the most important things.

Just as important, of course, is to make money. Hard working people with STEM skills can corner the market in their fields. If you’re good at what you do, you will have an excellent chance of writing your own ticket. This would make you the kind of grassroots donor that all white advocacy organizations and activists require. Money also serves as insurance against doxxing. If you can amass half a million dollars in savings and investments over the course of twenty years, then having your identity blown would be less terrifying than if you’re living paycheck to paycheck while dragging around a sackful of debt.

When our crisis finally comes to a head, we will need as many people with as much money and as many skills as possible. Please keep in mind that you’re not doing all this just for yourselves and your families. A larger family may require your services when the time comes. The idea of duty and sacrifice for the greater good of our people must become a crucial theme for us.

If you are academically inclined, or if you are artistic or musical, then you have a choice. You can do what many of our ancestors did and sacrifice your immediate dreams for the sake of your descendants, or for something greater than yourself. This is what I did: I placed my literary career on hold for many years while putting the legwork into acquiring technical skills. Now that I have reached a certain level of experience, I can find time to write – although not nearly as much as I would like. Since academia and the arts tend to be low-paying, you may want to take the same path. You may not get your PhD or that killer record deal or your paintings in a top gallery, but once you’ve established yourself in a technical field, you could still find ways to use your creative gifts in your spare time for the sake of the cause.

On the other hand, you could just dive into your preferred field as an undercover white. As an academic, this could work. Keep your head down, get your degree, become an expert, and then publish pro-white literature under a pseudonym. You’ll have more resources and time at your disposal than the dilettantes and dabblers described above, so your work will likely be superior to theirs. But you’ll be paid less and especially vulnerable to doxxing.

Artists and musicians face a starker choice. Such a tiny percentage of them are able to support themselves in their chosen fields, even without the additional burden of white advocacy. The decision to become a full-time artist under these circumstances could be treacherous and should be made only after a clear and honest assessment of one’s skill, dedication, and chances of success.

The outcome of this decision could be great. You could become a star and make waves. The likelier outcome, however, would be wasting a decade pursuing your dreams and then failing. That’s a decade that could have gone towards the cause. I know this sounds callous, but with such little time left and with such enemies arrayed against us, there really is no other way to say it. Dreams of making it big in music or in the arts will become a luxury most whites won’t be able to afford in the next few years, anyway.

2. Be Biologically Successful

This means having lots of children. This may be even more important than making yourself useful. My hunch is that white women should focus on having children first and making themselves useful second, while men should do the opposite. We should all aspire to have four children before we reach thirty. Wouldn’t that be bad news for our enemies. Imagine how powerful the white demographic could be if we returned to productive levels of replacement and raised our children properly. I’ve written more on the issue of raising children here [3]. Further, Rob Kievsky has given some enlightening interviews with Greg Johnson here [4] and here [5].

The idea is not for the white rabbits to outbreed the brown ones, but for whites to stave off their inevitable displacement long enough for a critical mass of them to become “woke” on the topics of white identity and race realism. By that point, we will still have enough vigor to form an ethnostate or something like it.

Of course, this can get tricky. Supposing you don’t want to have children? Well, that’s fine. But placing your desires over the needs of the group is partially what got us into this mess to begin with. This me-first individualism is nothing less than a program for civilizational decline. It is, in a word, dysgenic. Yes, freedom is important, and one must be allowed to do what’s best for oneself. This is one reason why the West has been so successful for so long. Under Pax Caucasica, freedom was a talisman of greatness. But we don’t live under Pax Caucasica anymore, and freedom becomes less and less important the closer the herd gets to the demographic cliff. In a Post Caucasica world, we should view freedom as the ability to determine how many children we should have rather than whether we should have children at all.

Exceptions exist. Some people probably shouldn’t have children for medical or psychiatric reasons. A person who risks poverty and persecution as an activist for the cause should also be given a pass if they desire it. But for most of us, the excuses just aren’t there.

This will come with great sacrifice, for sure. Radical feminism and the reactionary Pick-Up Artist and Men Going Their Own Way movements have corroded sexual relations to the point that the marrying kind might just be in the minority these days. The marrying kind still exists, of course, but finding them might prove difficult. One could get lucky. On the other hand, one could realize that the highest proportion of marrying-kind whites can still be found within the confines of religion. This is great if you’re already religious, but if not, then perhaps you should consider finding God. I see no problem with a red-pilled white joining a religious group if it means finding a suitable spouse. Your own personal beliefs about God and religion should take a back seat to any milieu which encourages people to enter productive marriages.

For the parents out there, arranged marriages should be something to consider as well. I would love to see an informal network of marriage-arranging among the white Right across the world. From what I have read, dating seems like a dystopian nightmare these days, especially on college campuses. Arranged marriages would be a great way to save our children from the headache, as well as offer a defense against the sexual hedonism which has become a vicious cycle of the symptoms and causes of our civilizational decline. The cost of airline tickets, hotel stays, and restaurant tabs would be a small price to pay for the benefits of such a program. Of course, parents should let the young people retain their veto rights over particular arrangements. But if enough of us return to the idea of arranged marriages, the benefits will become obvious for the children, as well for the parents.

What if you’re gay as well as red-pilled? Well, I believe sexuality falls on a continuum, with a gray area existing between the portions of the population that are entirely straight and entirely gay. If you know you could go either way, plop for the hetero-normative part of you and start having kids. Your sacrifice would be no greater than that of the artist who relegates his passion to hobby status while pursuing a career in dentistry.

If you feel you must be a committed homosexual, however, then perhaps consider seeking out gay members of the opposite sex with whom to produce children. Arrangements and compromises can be made. I have personally seen it happen more than once. Yes, these can be extremely personal and difficult decisions to make and carry out. I am just asking such people to at least include biological success among the many things to consider when making important lifestyle decisions. There will always be those individuals, gay or straight, who should not have children for reasons only they know. We can encourage them all we want, but ultimately we will have to respect their decision. Regardless, we remain justified in hoping that such people don’t number too greatly within our population. We should always remember that tending to the future is just as important as tending to the present.

The final reason for pursuing biological success is entirely practical. We all grow old and we all die. At some point, most of us will be too infirm to take care of ourselves. Without children around to care for us and see to the proper arrangements, we will be alone and at the mercy of either the state or people who are not our kin. I have seen the consequences of this, and it is horrifying. Do we really want to be “treated” by Guatemalans, Somalis, or other racial strangers in our declining years, when we have less and less control over our own lives? Children and grandchildren are a great way to ease our painful yet inevitable transition from this world to the next. For all its accomplishments, mankind has yet to improve on such a natural and effective arrangement.

Spencer J. Quinn is a frequent contributor to Counter-Currents and the author of the novel White Like You [6].