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To the Little German Girl Raped by a Migrant

Rochedy2 [1]

Julien Rochedy

907 words

Translated by Guillaume Durocher; Croatian translation here [2]

One month ago, a little German girl of 7 was raped in Chemnitz (Saxony) by a migrant. Her mother had left her to play in a park dedicated to the memory of the victims of fascism, of which there are many in Germany.

The news was not widely reported and it is only a month later that I have learned of it. 

I wanted to write to her.

My dear little European,
My little sister,

You do not know.

My little angel, you do not understand what has happened to you. So, for later no doubt, let me explain this to you.

For you to understand, I will first have to tell you about a bit of history. You see, in the last century, there were two great wars which traumatized the Europeans. The second, which was the fruit of the first, particularly shocked people’s consciences. A man wanted to redeem his country and bring Europe and its peoples to the heights of power, without regard for all other men and peoples. He committed many crimes. Oh! They were not the only ones, but people have only remembered his. They called this “fascism.”

Then, this man, who was German like yourself, lost the war. The United States got a foothold in Europe and took over, to a significant extent, the politics and culture of the countries of Europe. As for the Europeans, they slowly fell into a feeling of immense contrition with regard to the past. They came to hate themselves. To think that they were the bad guys. And you know my dear, if you hate yourself, you then want to die, it’s that simple. When you will interest yourself in philosophy my lovely, you will be able to understand a bit what is called “European nihilism” or “the European crisis” as seen by great masters like Husserl or Nietzsche. But in the meantime, all that you need to know is that you have been born in a time when grown-ups around you are living in guilt and a state of which we call “schizophrenia,” that is to say they are happy to live in developed societies, but are also a bit ashamed of what they are. And they think that their past, and their identity which flows from this, is nothing to be proud of.

missbrauch_07_thumb [3]

The “Park of the Victims of Fascism” in Chemnitz (formerly Karl Marx Stadt), adorned with spray paint and consecrated with a German child’s sacrifice to Political Correctness.

That is why my dear they build parks like the one you were playing in. Parks to remind themselves how much they had been mean, how much they are bad people. They are even happy to hate themselves, they are proud of blaming themselves so much. When you will study a little psychology at the university, you will know that this is what we call a perverse state, a morbid pride. You need to know that this state is that of many Europeans.

Because of this state which is pushing them to suicide, understand that grown-ups have decided to make enter millions and millions of people from other countries than yours. Why, you will ask me? Well because they want to mix themselves with very different people so as to disappear, and also because it serves the interests of some big, powerful people who are manipulating the nations. I will not try to explain further, you will educate yourself later and you will quickly understand.

In the middle of all this, my dear, there are little girls like you. Little European angels, full of promise like your ancestors who invented just about everything on this planet. But I have to be honest with you my little dear: Because of everything that I have just told you, grown-ups do not really care about you. You are not as important to them as the millions who are coming from Africa, you are not as important as the care grown-ups reserve for people like the one who hurt you. And they even hush up tragedies like the one you suffered. They do not tell people about them. But if your older brother had hurt someone like the migrant who attacked you, know that it would have made headlines everywhere. They would have blamed “fascism.” That’s how things are, my angel.

In short, this story can summed up so: While the grown-ups are lamenting the “meanness” of their ancestors, their little girl was raped by a foreigner.

molech-child-sacrifice [4]

William Blake depicts child sacrifice to Moloch

You are for nothing in all this my little dear, you are innocent, you are guilty neither of the acts of your ancestors nor the stupidity of adults. But, as you grow up, you will understand. You will see all the bad things grown-ups have done, sometimes thinking they were doing good, but often taking the withering of their soul for humanism and generosity, as Stendhal said, another great master among your European ancestors.

My dear, I want to tell you one last thing: Despite appearances and the horrible world in which you’ve been born, you are not alone. There are more and more people for whom you matter, and who would be ready to die for a little European like you. And these people will not forget what happened to you.

I embrace you, my little sister in Europe.

Julien Rochedy

Source: http://www.rochedy.fr/2015/09/a-la-petite-fille-allemande-violee-par-un-migrant.html [5]