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Defeating the Left:
Vox Day’s SJWs Always Lie

Vox_Day_by_Tracy_White_promo_pic [1]3,003 words

Vox Day
SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police [2]
Foreword by Milo Yiannopolous
Castalia House, 2015

At the risk of sounding like the Oprah of the New Right, I want every one of you to buy and read this book. Vox Day has written an indispensable manual for resisting the politically correct witch-hunts of so-called “Social Justice Warriors.” Day gives advice to individuals who are being targeted on how to fight back. He also details two remarkably successful and inspiring popular resistance campaigns against SJWs, GamerGate and Sad Puppy. Finally, he concludes the book with nothing less than a plan to destroy Leftist power root and branch.

If I seem a bit breathless and effusive, it is because my world has been dramatically expanded in the space of an afternoon (all it takes to read this slender volume). I had never heard of Vox Day until Ann Sterzinger’s review of this book here at Counter-Currents [3]. Nor had I heard of Larry Correia, Sad Puppy, and Castalia House publishing. And I knew virtually nothing about GamerGate except a vague recollection that something called Gawker (which I don’t think I have ever read, unless it covered Charles Krafft [4]) had gotten in trouble for publishing an article praising bullying of gamers.

None of it was on my radar, simply because I long ago decided that the Left needs to be totally discredited, disempowered, and silenced, and I don’t need daily reminders; because the only Leftists I read are serious intellectuals who write books, not shrieking, purple-haired, PC harpies who blog and tweet; because my only experience of gaming was watching someone play Pac Man for five minutes, getting bored, then going and reading a book; and because the most recent piece of science fiction I read was Chapterhouse: Dune (1985; pretty disappointing).

VoxDay [5]Vox Day is the the pen name of Theodore Beale, a 47-year-old American who claims to be of mixed White and Amerindian ancestry. He is a political conservative and an Evangelical Christian. He is a musician, video game designer, essayist, and science fiction and fantasy novelist. Judging from this work alone, Day is highly intelligent, witty, and brave. I plan to read more of his work.

Although Day’s work is useful for White Nationalists, he is not one; he hints at knowledge of biological race differences (who are those immigrants lowering Europe’s IQs?); he does not mention the Jewish question, but he does offer the following epigraph for chapter 6, on SJW entryism:

“You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”—John 8: 44

Chapter 1, “An Introduction to the SJW,” briefly lists their basic values (equality and diversity) and basic goals (imposing these values through soft totalitarian speech codes, employment discrimination and denial, and the persecution of dissenters).

Chapter 2, “The Three Laws of the SJW” lays out their basic operating system, offering detailed examples from Day’s own experiences with SJW sci-fi writer and blogger Joe Scalzi.

The first law is that SJWs always lie. This makes sense, because their worldview is premised on lies: Humans are equal. Apparent human differences like race [6] and “gender [7]” are merely “social constructs [8].” Inequality is the result of social injustice. Diversity is a strength. The non-white, non-male, and subnormal are never responsible for their failings. Instead, whites are at fault, particularly white men.

A worldview premised on lies of course requires more lies to advance it. But Day goes further: SJW’s don’t just lie about politics. They lie habitually and compulsively about everything, always to put themselves in a flattering light. In fact, it may be the case that SJWs are merely weak and botched people who adopt their worldview just because it puts them in a more flattering light: it blames other people for their failings, and it lets them play the role of warriors for justice while in fact they are merely cowardly, mendacious drama queens and bullies.

People who lie to cast themselves in a flattering light, including blaming their failures on others, suffer from malignant narcissism. What M. Scott Peck calls “evil.” The second law, SJWs always double down, refers to what happens when they are caught in lies, which fits with the malignant narcissist profile, since admitting wrong and losing face are not possible for them. The third law, SJWs always project, namely they accuse you of the evils they do themselves, is also a characteristic of malignant narcissism, which can suffer no negative judgments, so when a particularly apposite one is hovering around the edge of their consciousness, they naturally try to fob it off on their enemies instead. Day also mentions that many SJWs talk quite openly about their mental health problems, most commonly depression.

Chapter 3, “When SJWs Attack,” describes how SJWs have hounded prominent people like Nobel Laureate James Watson, Nobel Laureate Tim Hunt, and Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich out of their jobs for politically incorrect statements — a process that has been repeated hundreds if not thousands of times with less well-known individuals. The basic strategy was outlined by Jewish radical Saul Alinsky in his Rules for Radicals. Day lays out and illustrates 8 steps, most of which are self-explanatory:

  1. Locate or create a violation of the PC Narrative
  2. Point and shriek
  3. Isolate and swarm
  4. Reject and transform, which refers to the futility of apologies, which simply are used as evidence for intensified attacks
  5. Press for surrender, which refers to the tendency of SJWs to press their targets to resign, which allows them to hypocritically deny any responsibility for their mark’s destruction
  6. Appeal to amenable authority, which means the SJWs’ search for the weakest link in their target’s employment or social status
  7. Show trial
  8. Victory parade

This chapter is a very helpful road map of what happens, and what comes next, when SJWs attack. Unfortunately, for most people, the result is the same: social ostracism and the loss of employment and reputation. But there is hope, because people have successfully fought back, which Day discusses in the subsequent chapters.

Chapter 4, “Counterattack,” is the story of GamerGate, the populist uprising of gaming enthusiasts against arrogant SJW journalists. GamerGate was a leaderless, viral resistance which turned the tables on SJW bullies, exposing their hypocrisy and corruption and mocking them viciously. Gamergate got some SJWs fired, prompted others to ragequit, and went after the advertisers of SJW periodicals like Gawker, which is now in dire financial straits. And every moment the SJWs spend on defense is a moment they cannot spend harming another innocent dissident.

Chapter 5, “Release the Hounds,” deals with the campaigns of Day and fellow conservative sci-fi writer Larry Correia against the SJW lock on science fiction and fantasy journalism and awards. The “hounds” in the title refers to the Correia’s Sad Puppy campaign to nominate non-PC writers for the Hugo Awards and Day’s Rabid Puppies campaign, based on the GamerGate model. Due to the hounding of the Puppies, the Hugo Awards was forced to adopt new nomination rules that make them less under the control of SJW cabals. But the dogs are not done yet. They are pushing for the firing of leading SJW editors. They are also picking off the weakest members of the SJW herd, who fall silent due to demoralization and depression. Better them than us.

These campaigns, GamerGate in particular, are part of the stirring in the Zeitgeist that gave us the cuckservative meme and has been filling the sails of Donald Trump’s campaign, which has made immigration restriction, economic nationalism, and the rejection of political correctness live political issues again.

Chapter 6. “The SJW Next Door,” describes how SJWs infiltrate and subvert institutions, focusing on Human Resources Departments and the creation of vague, elastic PC codes of conduct which can be used to stigmatize and purge dissidents. Ever wonder why, despite your expensive education, extensive experience, and meticulously crafted resumes, cover letters, and Linkedin profiles, you just don’t seem to have any job prospects, White Man? Because corporate choke points are occupied by people like Eve T. Braun of Barclays, the British bank. This is what Braun posted on the London Ruby User’s Group mailing list “explaining how she had successfully prevented the hiring of straight white men and other presumed non-SJWs”:

Two other things we implemented which aided the recruitment process: We followed advice which is quickly becoming the industry norm. Never look at someones Github profile until you have made the decision to hire or not hire them and do not let it influence you. Github profiles tend to favor CIS White men over most minorities in a number of ways. CIS white men often have more spare time or chose to pursue building up an impressive portfolio of code rather than women or minorities who have to deal with things like raising children or instiutionalised racism. Some in the SocJus community have even said that technically companies could possibly even be breaking discriminatory law by allowing peoples github profiles and publicly available code to influence their hiring decisions – watch this space. We used Randi Harper’s blockbot to assess applicants twitter profiles for problematic or toxic viewpoints. This may sound a bit extreme but some of the staff here suffer from Aspergers & PTSD and our top priority is to ensure that they don’t get put in triggering situations.Making a wrong hire could present a scenario where the employee could be triggered on a daily basis by another employee with an oppressive viewpoint. Other than from a diversity standpoint, from a business standpoint these sorts of negative interactions can cost a company a huge amount of time & money in employees taking off sick days. When all the employees are on the same page the synergy in the office aids productivity.

Remember this whenever you feel an impulse to take a tolerant, live and let live attitude toward SJWs.

Chapter 7, “What to Do When SJWs Attack,” is practical advice for individuals under fire:

  1. Recognize the attack, remain calm, and realize that very few friends and coworkers will help you.
  2. Don’t try to reason with them: you are not dealing with rational people, but with raving beasts who will take every gesture of good will as a sign of weakness and will use everything you say against you.
  3. Do not apologize: apologies are treated as evidence of guilt and invite intensified attacks.
  4. Accept your fate: try to adopt a Stoic attitude of indifference about outcomes; focus simply on doing the right thing, which is to fight.
  5. Document their every word and action: most organizations have rules for firing or disciplining people; know the rules; demand that they be followed; admit nothing; demand the accusers do all the work; get everything in writing, and get it signed.
  6. Do not resign! Don’t do the enemy’s work for them.
  7. Make the rubble bounce: basically, this means counter-attack; do everything you can to raise the price of attacking you for your enemies and your employer. This is worth quoting at length: “Whether you survive the attempted purge or whether you don’t, it’s very important to observe who has defined himself as an ally, an enemy, or a neutral party during the process. The choices people make will pleasantly surprise you about as often as they disappoint you. Once everyone’s choices have been made clear, your task is simple. Target the enemy at every opportunity. Hit them wherever they show themselves vulnerable. Play as dirty as your conscience will permit. Undermine them, sabotage them, and discredit them. Be ruthless and show them absolutely no mercy. This is not the time for Christian forgiveness because these are people who have not repented, these are people who are trying to destroy you and are quite willing to harm your family and your children in the process. Take them down and take them out without hesitation. If you have any SJWs working under you, fire them. If you have an SJW relying upon you for something, play dumb and assure him that he’ll get it on time, then fail to deliver, all the while promising that it’s going to be done next week. Above all, understand that the normal rules of live and let live are no longer in effect. The more you disrupt their activities and their daily routine, the more difficult they will find it to purge you. Assume that you are on your way out— if you’ve followed the previous advice given, you should already have your landing zone prepared and are only waiting for the right moment to exit— and salt the earth. Leave devastation in your wake so that it will take weeks or even months for them to try to recover from the damage of your purging.”
  8. Start nothing, finish everything: basically, don’t act out of anger; don’t initiate attacks, but when attacked, respond with disproportionate, overwhelming force.

Chapter 8, “Striking Back at the Thought Police” and Chapter 9, “Winning the Social Justice War,” are the most exciting parts of the book, for Day makes it clear that he is not content with just fending off the Left, but on rolling it back completely. This is what sets him miles apart from mainstream conservatism, which has never conserved anything from the Left, much less taken back lost ground. I will just deal with the highlights of these chapters.

Day’s first strategic principle is to know oneself and one’s enemy, and act accordingly. Day points out that the Right has a systematic advantage over the Left, because the Left is based on lies; Leftists do not understand themselves or their enemies, but we do.

One of Day’s most important principles is to reject the ideals of SJWs: equality, diversity, tolerance, and progress. Day flatly rejects equality as a fact or a moral ideal. He flatly rejects the daft notion that diversity is a strength. He does not measure progress in terms of equality and diversity, but in terms of science and technology, and points out that these forms of progress are incompatible with the first two ideals. He dismisses tolerance as “little more than a cloak for SJW entryism,” noting that SJWs always demand it but never practice it.

Day simply denies the Left the moral standing to judge the Right. He dismisses them as followers of false ideals that lead to injustice and tyranny. For Day, the values of the Right are Truth, Liberty, and Justice. (I prefer Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country [9]. I think individual liberty is fine, but not when it conflicts with the common good.)

Day believes that SJW types must be purged from all institutions of society, and safeguards must be created to prevent any new entryism. We must begin with institutions we control, then seek to extend our control to the whole of society, completely uprooting Leftist power. He frankly states that “the single most important principle to adopt is a ruthless intolerance for anyone expressing even a modicum of sympathy for social justice ideals. While this may sound too paranoid or detail-oriented for you, rest assured that if you do not go to the trouble of aggressively keeping out the SJWs, they will invade your organization and they will do their best to take it over.”

Day urges us to defund and destroy the Left’s propaganda centers: the educational system and the mass media/popular culture. The best way to do that is to create our own alternative educational system and media, until we can take over the mainstream ones.

Day also recommends that we create organizations and livelihoods that are “antifragile” — resilient to SJW attacks and subversion. Self-employment is probably the single most important guarantee of independence from SJW attacks.

Day stresses the importance of morale for both our forces and our enemy. SJWs tend to be mentally ill; thus they are easily demoralized if one stands up to them and then counter-attacks. He recommends fine-grained attacks of SJW activists, who must be targeted, doxxed, and denied employment and a public voice. He even recommends that we counter SJW ideas whenever we encounter them in face to face interactions. Since SJWs are generally ineducable though, he recommends that we do not argue with them, but simply communicate verbally and subverbally that we find their ideas silly and boring. In short, Day calls for full-spectrum resistance, from face to face encounters to revolutionizing social institutions.

A final point has to do with solidarity. Day is quite frank that this battle can be lonely. Society is full of moderates who will split the difference between truth and lies, innocence and guilt, good and evil, rather than take sides. Thus we need to cultivate allies, even if we do not fully agree with them. For instance, Day, an Evangelical Christian, is allied with pick up artist Roosh V. in battling political correctness.

We also need to prepare ourselves to be disappointed by the cowardice of our colleagues and friends and even families. But apologizing and surrendering will change nothing. So if you have slipped up and spoken an unacceptable truth, don’t think about the friends you might be losing. Because they weren’t real friends anyway, and you won’t get them back by caving in. Think of the friends you will be gaining by standing firm.

But that only works if one actually gains friends, if people actually come to your aid. So I want each and every reader to pledge that you will place a copy of this book into the hands of anyone in your community — mighty or humble — who is targeted for destruction simply for speaking the truth. If more people stand firm for the truth, others will be emboldened to stand with them, and around them a new nation might be born.

Don’t let the silly cover and flippant title fool you: SJWs Always Lie is one of the most radical Right-wing manifestos of the post-War era. Buy it and read it today.