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Hypocrisy on the March:
Charlie Hebdo & the French State


Hypocrisy on the March

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German translation here [2]

Despite the lovely photo op from the Je Suis Charlie rally, which was a craven attempt to manipulate the public, the hypocrisies of the system are impossible to hide from the eyes of the people. Here is a list of several glaring hypocrisies regarding this Republic and its supposedly sacrosanct and democratic “Liberty of Expression.”

1. Excluding the National Front from a National Unity March

Following any attack on a country, it is normal for a Head of State to rally the country to make a united front against the attackers. For a President who has a 15% approval rating (the lowest since polls were introduced) this can be very useful as well. Hollande called for a National Day of Mourning, Moments of Silence in state institutions, and unity photo ops with all of the political parties. That is all of the political parties with the exception of the Front National.

In the most recent elections, the FN became the #1 party in France[1] with 25% of support. So Hollande organized a “National Unity” event with 25% of French voters left unrepresented.

What the Plebes are Allowed to See of the Unity March [3]

What the Plebes are Allowed to See of the Unity March.

Behind the Scenes of the Charlie Hebdo Unity March [4]

Behind the Scenes of the Charlie Hebdo Unity March

2. The State vs. Dieudonné

A year ago, the Prime Minister Manuel Valls began to turn all of the powers at his control to take down the comedian Dieudonné. This included pushing local authorities to shut down his shows when he toured the country. Dieudonné was not only audited, but his accounts were frozen, and repo men were sent to his apartment to remove his furniture. He was charged under a number of laws which limit free expression. When he played his show in Switzerland during this period, thugs were present in the rows counting audience members and made it known that this was being reported to the auditors in France.[2] In an attempt to fall within the law, Manuel Valls replaced speaking of “shows” with “anti-Semitic rallies” and “political meetings,” since “shows” are protected artistic expressions under the law.

After months of legal battles, Dieudonné emerged with tens of thousands of dollars in fines (for his speech, not for back taxes), not to mention legal fees. Many of these fines are divided between the State and organizations who “represent those targeted by his hateful speech” such as the French equivalents of the ADL and SPLC. The judge also took it upon himself to decide which parts of his show he can still perform and which songs he can still sing. In December, Dieudonné and his supporters celebrated an emotional victory when his show came to some of the cities where he was previously blocked by local authorities.

Dieudonné had participated in the “Je Suis Charlie” protests on Sunday January 11th as a private citizen. When he returned to his home, he posted on Facebook that he “feels like Charlie Coulibaly,” referencing Charlie Hebdo and the terrorist of the kosher grocery store, Amedy Coulibaly. Last week he spent the day in court to be arraigned for “Apologie du Terrorisme” and is facing 5 years in prison. He will be before the court again on February 4th. Prime Minister Manuel Valls is again calling for his scalp.


Dieudonné feeling very “Charlie Coulibaly” on January 14th

3. Numerous Other “apologie du terrorisme” Arrests

In the face of “National Unity” presented by the establishment, the Arab and Black “youths” are having none of it. They know that the claims of freedom of expression are lies. Dozens are now feeling the full force of the state. The Head of State has called on French people to “not make an amalgam” between Islam and terrorism. Unfortunately for him, not all Muslims are playing along as well as the Muslim Uncle Toms, like Dalil Boubaker, leader of the government linked French Muslim Council. Here are a few examples:

  1. Anonymous, female 14-year-old while being arrested by a truancy officer said, “we are the sisters of Coulibaly . . . pull out the Kalashnikovs.” She is awaiting trial.
  2. Djimali Slimani, male 18-year-old posted online “they should bang, bang, bang, bang fuck Charlie’s mother, he is no longer in this world Inshallah and there will be more Allah Akbar.” He will go to prison for 5 months.
  3. Farid, male 22-year-old shouted at some police officers outside a night club “your colleagues are dead in Paris, they deserved it.” He will go to jail for 15 months.
  4. Said, male 24-year-old also shouted at the police “Vive le Jihad, Fuck France” and after being arrested, told them he would kill them with a Kalashnikov. He will go to jail for only three months.
Caption: A friendly reminder from the Ministry of the Interior about the penalties for some kinds of unpopular speech. Amnesty International has lodged formal complaints against France for its use of this law in the past week. [6]

Caption: A friendly reminder from the Ministry of the Interior about the penalties for some kinds of unpopular speech. Amnesty International has lodged formal complaints against France for its use of this law in the past week.

Prison is a transformative process for all those who pass through the gates. Do you think these “youth” will learn to love the Republic and conform to its values while there, or like Mohammed Merah, Amedy Coulibaly, Sherif Kouachy, and Khaled Kelkal, will pass from petty delinquents to politico-religious terrorists?

4. Muslims were Prevented from Protesting Charlie Hebdo by the Same Government in 2012.

This same government which claims to stand for freedom of expression prevented Muslims who petitioned to peacefully protest Charlie Hebdo throughout France in 2012 from holding a single protest. There was a one man protest held by a Muslim association leader in Marseille. I mentioned what I call the “Girls-just-wanna-have-fun strategy” in the last podcast [7]. There is a clip from that period that contains the best counter-point to the proponents of that strategy. A young North African woman, doing her best to look like Beyoncé, tells Agence France-Presse that “Liberty of Expression here in France is a one way street, it’s exactly that, Charlie Hebdo has the right to express itself but the Muslims, no? That is something that attacks each Muslim, regardless of their level of faith . . . it attacks each Muslim personally and I feel attacked as well.”[3]

5. Gaza Protests were Shut Down in September 2014.

During the Gaza war of 2014, there were numerous protests in France which attracted hundreds of thousands of protesters. The riot police (and perhaps higher authorities as well) colluded with the Rabbi of the Synagogue of Rue de la Roquette (and perhaps his seniors as well) and the Jewish Defense League to divert protesters from a Pro-Palestinian rally into the Rue de la Roquette in order to give the government a legal pretext to stop allowing the protests.[4]

6. UMPS Backs Jihadists in Syria from the Beginning

France is called upon to unite against the jihadists supposedly linked with ISIS, yet ISIS was supported from the beginning by NATO. France has not been sitting on the bench during this game. Most regular readers of Counter-Currents will be familiar with the illusion of NATO opposition to ISIS. This article [8] from the left-wing Counterpunch site gives an excellent summary for those who are not familiar with this story.

7. Zemmour Fired

The Press Freedom Records of the Marchers [9]

The Press Freedom Records of the Marchers

In December, in this country that loves the liberty of expression, Jewish journalist Eric Zemmour was fired and banned from a subsidiary of Canal+, particularly from a show in which he was as important as the host for driving viewership. His recent book, Le Suicide Français, continues his polemic against the multicultural destruction of France. Over the summer, the French version of the FCC had formally warned the radio station Zemmour worked for, that fines and risk of losing their license was imminent due to Zemmour’s commentary. Zemmour has already been fined thousands of dollars by the government, including when he made the very banal observation that young blacks and Arabs are questioned more often by the police on trains because “most drug dealers are blacks and Arabs.” This statement was then misquoted dozens of times by the rest of the politically correct commentariat as “most blacks and Arabs are drug dealers.”

In the Land of the Enlightenment, it is illegal for the government to statistically compile information on crime that might shed light on this issue.

8. Charb Fired Siné for Joke about Jean Sarkozy

The Grand Humanists of Charlie Hebdo were partisans of total Freedom of Expression . . . except when the cartoonist Siné made a joke that upset the Chosen People. When one of Nicolas Sarkozy’s sons was going to marry the daughter of the Jewish billionaire who owned Darty, France’s largest home appliance retailer, rumors were circulating that the young Mr. Sarkozy would convert to Judaism before the marriage. Siné quipped that this boy will “go far in life.” There was nothing else inflammatory in his statements than that. Jewish groups demanded his scalp. The supposedly principled Charb (editor of Charlie Hebdo) instructed Siné to apologize.

Siné did not apologize. He was fired. Now he lives, and most of his old colleagues are dead.

9. Prime Minister Manuel Valls is Starting to Sound, Dare I Say, Hitleresque.

At the risk of transgressing Godwin’s Law and losing more friends in this milieu, this was my first thought when watching Manuel Valls address the Assemblée Nationale after the “Je Suis Charlie” protests. He begins by saluting the “Forces of Order” just as he saluted them the day after they gassed French Catholic children at the protest against gay marriage. He plagiarizes the Imperial propaganda of France a century ago in citing the “three colors, one flag” meme in pointing out that the three police who were killed in the latest attack were black, white, and Arab. This is a foreshadowing of the imperial powers he wishes to assume.

Last year when addressing a crowd of Jewish protesters outside of Dieudonné’s theater (which led to the JDL breaking chairs and tables of nearby cafés), Valls referred to the Jews of France as the “Avant Garde de la République” — the vanguard of the Republic. When Dieudonné responded in a YouTube video by calling upon the “Rear Guard of the Republic” to rise up, he was brought to court for inciting racist violence.

In his recent speech, Valls, whose wife is Jewish, said that “without the Jews of France, France will no longer be France, and this message we must all proclaim loud and strong.” After talking about the importance of Holocaust education, he said “it is not acceptable that a child of 7 or 8 years can be asked by his teacher, who is your enemy? And he responds, it’s the Jews.”

Most bizarrely, he makes a statement that has a double meaning, that when one attacks Jews, one attacks the Universal Conscience (or simply that such an act is unconscionable). Considering the intensity of his past praise for the Sons of Abraham in the past and the supernatural self-regard of these people (see Abe Foxman referring to the Holocaust as attempted Deicide) it seems likely that Valls was indeed equating the self-esteem of the Jews with the Universal Conscience.

After the rousing response to this deification of the Master Race of our time, Valls’ intensity rises as he thrusts his fingers and lowers his brow. The parliamentarians clap and cheer. This Republic, which supposedly does not allow Communitarism, since each citizen is equal before the state, now accords a collective privilege, both in law and in the ideology of the State, to a particular people who have a near magical status in regards to ethics . . . which of course is their Holy Writ being adopted by their neighbors.

He then specifically calls out Dieudonné in this speech in the Assemblée Nationale as an enemy of the state and of the Universal Conscience. He is a “recidivist of hate,” Valls screams through uproarious applause. “Justice should be implacable regarding this Preacher of Hate!” Now the Assembly is almost entirely on its feet and cheering as he says, “I say it with strength here at the podium of the Assemblée Nationale.” He then goes on to point out the importance of telling students and youth that there is a difference between Dieudonné and Charlie Hebdo. Dieudonné is blasphemous and Charlie Hebdo is not. Really? “Without a doubt Justice must punish him with even more severity.”

So, apparently Manuel Valls thinks, and one imagines his allies, the Avant Garde de la République agree with him, that the priority of France after these terrorist attacks is a black comedian who pokes fun at the only people permitted to poke fun at everyone else without fear of retort. The racial replacement of France, Radical Islam, or even the failure to fully integrate blacks and Arabs into the peaceful nihilism of the consumer society are not.

Bonus: US/Jewish Media almost Exclusively Shows Dieudonné in African Costume

As part of his comedy routine, Dieudonné occasionally plays the role of an African dictator and will speak French with a thick West African accent. This is the only time he dresses in African clothes. The rest of the time, he dresses in hoodies, dress shirts, sweaters, etc. Yet National Public Radio, the New York Times, and other American media outlets seem to only pick pictures of him in African clothes when they write about him. I wonder why?

DieudonneAfricanGarb [10]

He has a father from Cameroon and a mother from Brittany and was raised in the outskirts of Paris. Cameroon does not allow double nationality, so he is certainly a French citizen and not a dual citizen with Cameroon. However, in the last several months, the French Press, following the example of their Kosher cousins in New York, refer to him as the “humoriste franco-camerounais.” Francois Hollande refers to him only as Mr. M’Bala M’Bala (the surname of Dieudonné). This is unique treatment by an elite that is entirely composed of the partisans of the “Nationality of Papers” over that of Blood and Soil.

The ’68ers and the couch potatoes may not see through the lies of the system. Since the attack, President Hollande has risen in public opinion polls to 34% (by BVA), perhaps just enough to bring him into the second tour of the Presidential election of 2017. But will it be enough for him to win? The youth who are forced to sit at the interface of a racially mixed society each day realize they are being lied to. That is why the FN is the #1 party of the youth in France. We can rely on the youth of continental Europe to begin the reconquest of Europe, we just need to sweep aside the elites and the foolish masses who still believe that the System is their own.


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