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Link Yourself to White Nationalism

Graphic by Harold Arthur McNeill [1]

Graphic by Harold Arthur McNeill

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There’s a snapping point–some arrive at it later than others–beyond which one’s compass of esteem is truly decoupled from popular societal norms. My own sense of status and respect has long since broken free from that orbit, now revolving around the admittedly small and powerless world of tribal and traditional comrades.

While it once required an act of social courage to stand for our identity and interests, I now embrace the denunciations and attacks as badges of honor. That’s the essence of radicalism in contrast to mainstreaming, and it has nothing to do with violent outbursts, unrealistic objectives, or alienation. Actually, given the nature of this society, becoming an identitarian and traditionalist radical is the solution to the problem of alienation.

We’re destined to win despite ourselves, because we and we alone possess a sacred truth: we are not the sovereign and solitary demigods of humanism, secularism, and global capitalism. We are vital building blocks in something much greater than ourselves, parts of something transcending self. All we need to do is translate our rhetoric into action and act in unison, the wheels of fate will take it from there.

I had the honor of finally meeting David Duke at Stormfront’s Smoky Mountain Summit this past weekend. I joked during my speech that I could brag that I’m now officially “linked” to the living legend of White Advocacy. If only we were all as closely linked as our enemies would like to imagine! If there were an authentic solidarity borne of mutual familiarity and respect between the different factions, an overarching unity transcending self, we American White Nationalists would be a serious force.

It seems like a no-brainer, ditching White Nationalism and its much-maligned leadership in favor of some fresh new angle devoid of “baggage”. If only it were that easy. For starters, almost everybody has managed to associate themselves in some way with the dreaded “movement”. Our enemies don’t merely honestly disagree with us in a sober and fair-minded way. They don’t care that your post at Stormfront was sensible and respectful of the human rights of non-Whites. Stormfront is linked to a man who’s linked to an organization which is linked to a movement which is linked to incidents of vigilantism several decades ago.

You are a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews and a klansmanwhowantstolynchinnocentblackmen.

There’s no point in appealing or objecting. According to Leftist Logic, opposing gay marriage is proof that you’re gay and objecting to white genocide is proof that you’re a genocidal maniac. It’s a rigged game of guilt by association and insinuation. You can closely and openly associate with a domestic terrorist and go on to be President if that domestic terrorist happens to be a Leftist, but the SPLC’s disingenuous Kevin Bacon Game against White Nationalism isn’t so lenient. Even Republican politicians who stand with Israel and support Obama’s amnesty are irredeemably racist villains to these cranks.

There are some who’ve managed to slip through the diamond heist laser grid of taboos. Those men and women have the option of pacing and framing their message as they wish. TradYouth’s organizational framework is inclusive of shadow chapters which receive resources and support while sticking with relatively benign branding. That’s all well and good, and we don’t all have the temperament or circumstances to be full-throated White Nationalists. But you cannot and must not make a stand unless you intend to dig your feet in and remain standing. As with a pack of wolves, attempting to run and hide only encourages them. Throwing comrades from your sleigh to keep the wolves at bay only encourages them.

“Solidarity” is a concept so passionately embraced by the Left and unfamiliar in our circles that White Nationalist solidarity sounds like a contradiction in terms. White Nationalism is a very broad label inclusive of anybody who happens to be white and be an ethnic and/or racial nationalist. Period. It’s fashionable for everybody to come up with some rhetorical angle to wriggle out from under that label, offering some narrow ad hoc definition. But our enemies are not so easily hoodwinked and the only quantifiable product of this supposedly clever tactic is further erosion of our solidarity and strength.

If only we could actually be what our opponents accuse us of being: fascists. This revelation, that we must wrap each fragile faction in our movement into an unbreakable fasces, is the necessary first step in transitioning from a random assortment of powerless dissidents into a united stormfront capable of breaking the opposition and guaranteeing a future for our folk and faith.

Source: http://www.tradyouth.org/2013/08/link-yourself-to-white-nationalism/ [3]