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The “W” Word

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May 11, 2008

French translation here [2]

nigger [3],” and that word is “white.”

How else to explain the political establishment’s consternation over Hillary Clinton’s statement [4] in a USA Today interview that she is more electable than Barack Obama because she has more support from working-class white people [5]?

This, according to a Democratic Party leader quoted by Peggy Noonan, is “unleashing the gates of hell.” According to an Obama supporter quoted by Noonan, “Even Richard Nixon didn’t say white, even with the Southern strategy.”

Noonan herself adds, “To play the race card as Mrs. Clinton has, to highlight and encourage a sense [6] that we are crudely divided as a nation, to make your argument a brute and cynical ‘the black guy can’t win but the white girl can’ is—well, so vulgar, so cynical, so cold, that once again a Clinton is making us turn off the television in case the children walk by.”

How dare you, Hillary? How dare you speak the dirty W-word?

Of course there is a glaring double standard here. Blacks, Jews, Mestizos, and other ethnic minorities are strongly conscious of themselves as distinct groups with distinct interests — interests that often conflict with those of the white majority. None of these groups have any compunction about pursuing their interests, even at the expense of the white majority. Moreover, they select their leaders based on the strength of their ethnic consciousness and their willingness to pursue their collective interests.

But, according to Noonan, “If John McCain said, ‘I got the white vote, baby!’ his candidacy would be over.” We whites, you see, are the only group that is not allowed to think of ourselves as a distinct group with distinct interests. We are the only group that is not allowed to select leaders based on their membership in our group and their commitment to our interests.

We whites are the race that dare not speak its name.

Instead, we whites are supposed to pretend that we do not exist as a people, but only as adherents of the abstract “color-blind” ideology of human equality. In the name of that ideology, we have to give away our wealth and power, debase our standards, corrupt our culture and institutions, and reduce ourselves to a minority. We have to do this any time members of selfish, race-conscious groups like Jews, blacks, Mestizos, etc. demand something from us, as long as they cloak their demands in the language of equality.

What kind of people has to surrender everything to others, upon demand? A conquered people. We whites have to behave as a conquered people in our own country. If we persist in this long enough, of course, we will physically cease to exist as a people. We will succumb to miscegenation, demographic collapse, or outright mass murder, as conquered and enslaved peoples often do.

Obama’s white supporters want to believe that his candidacy transcends race. They hope that by electing a black man president, they will absolve themselves of the burden of spurious “white guilt” that they have accepted. They hope that electing a black president will cause blacks to stop hating them and America. They hope that an articulate, intelligent black president will finally induce blacks to set aside their sullenness, resentment, and excuse-making and actually participate in American society. And, since deep-down most liberal whites are quite uncomfortable with the majority of blacks, they hope that President Obama will be the role model who will finally get the gang-bangers, crack heads, and welfare queens to abandon the bad manners, foul language, cornrows, gold teeth, doo-rags, silly names, and criminal mayhem and become like the blacks they see in television and movie fantasies, usually played by Bill Cosby, Denzel Washington, or Morgan Freeman.

Obama and his black supporters have no such illusions. Although Obama is half-black and half-white, he makes it clear in his books and speeches that he is obsessed with blackness and black authenticity. And the arbiters of black authenticity are not the “Oreos” white liberals celebrate, but the “inner city youths” that haunt their nightmares. An Obama administration would not be about transcending race, but about black authenticity and black empowerment. It would be the corruption, chaos, and buffoonery of the black city governments in Atlanta, New Orleans, Washington D.C., and Detroit writ large. With nukes. And “color-blind” whites will hand them the button.

As long as whites, and only whites, are not allowed to think of ourselves as a distinct group with distinct interests, the ultimate result will be white dispossession. Imagine a card game where the whole country is the stake. Each ethnic group has a hand and a stack of chips, but only non-whites get a trump: the “race card.” No matter how huge the white pile of chips is at the beginning, as long as we play under those rules, we will eventually be left with nothing in the end.

Hillary Clinton is resisting white dispossession (well, just her own dispossession, but it is a start) in the only way possible: appealing to latent but real white racial consciousness and solidarity. And the establishment — and Republican lickspittles will trample and claw to take the lead on this matter — is in a frenzy to quash this insurrection.

The greatest threat to the establishment, after all, is frank discussion of white racial identity and interests along with the identities and interests of non-white groups.

The rule today is: If a black man wants something, whitey has to defer. Liberals were all for this, when the blacks only wanted those people’s wealth, power, and prerogatives. You know who those people are: White males, particularly Southern, rural, working or middle class white males; putative Republicans; the ungrateful, narrow-minded, backward peasants and cannon-fodder in “flyover country”; the “rednecks” who claim that they are losing their jobs and futures to “illegal aliens” and “less qualified affirmative action candidates.” Extra points off for having more than two children or being serious about Christianity.

But now that a black man wants to ascend to the pinnacle of power, to which Hillary Clinton feels entitled (and, let’s be honest, she is certainly much more qualified than Obama), Hillary will not quietly defer to the “less-qualified affirmative action candidate.” Hillary Clinton has revealed that she is one Honky who is not going to back down. You go, girl!

It only takes a change of consciousness to halt white dispossession. Once whites awaken to the fact that they are a distinct group with distinct interests in competition with other groups, with incompatible interests, everything changes. We will refuse to play a game that we can only lose.

As liberals are constantly lecturing us, disadvantaged groups need “role models” to change their way of thinking. Could Hillary Clinton actually become a role model for feisty, active white racial consciousness? There have been greater ironies in history.

Thank goodness Hillary Clinton is selfish, ambitious, and doesn’t really believe her professed liberal egalitarian multiculturalism. Thank goodness she has a self-righteous sense of entitlement that cannot be dissolved in the acid of “white guilt.”

This white woman will actually fight a black man for something valuable.

I wish more white people were like Hillary Clinton.