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The Case for Trump in 2020

1,725 words

Would identitarians be better off if Democrats take back the White House?

Of course not.

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Video of the Day
How Far-Left Universities Create Far-Right Students, with Dr. Michael Millerman

Dr. Michael Millerman

29 words / 13:18

George Hutcheson interviews Dr. Michael Millerman on the suppression of Right-wing ideas in Western higher education — even as these ideas are spreading widely and transforming politics around the world.

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Sitting on Bayonets

David Irving being arrested in Austria on November 11, 2005 on the charge of “trivializing the Holocaust.”

2,360 words

In the last few years, what we may conveniently call the “System” under which Americans live has begun to show unmistakable signs of strain, and, as in most other systems of the past, those who run and manage the System have responded to these signs with increasingly blatant tactics of repression. The most obvious strains have appeared in the emergence of potentially violent resistance in such movements as the militias, the Freemen, white separatists, secessionists of one kind or another, religious oddwads like the Branch Davidians and the Identity Churches, “sagebrush rebels” in the Far West, tax protesters, and even home schoolers. Read more …

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