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Krampus: A Reminder of Winter

1,780 words

Imagine this. It’s 3 in the afternoon. You’re lying in bed with your wife. You’re watching a Christmas movie. Suddenly you understand at the same time the purpose of family, the absurdity of reward without punishment and the naivety of European man who thought he could live as a goofy creature of materialism while shutting out from himself the darkness of existence. You think back to some boomer or tradcon or whatever bellyaching about how muh leftists are trying to take the Christ out of Christmas and make it ‘just some holiday about snow.’ Read more …

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Let’s Drop the Big One

1,948 words

So here’s a question: Why are we not hanging Barack Obama in effigy from tree limbs in every major city and town in America?

Don’t answer . . . yet.

Here’s what provoked me to ask such a provocative question.

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Battle of the Magicians:
Baron Evola between the Dancer & the Druid

5,274 wordsAlbrecht Dürer. Paumgartner Altar (right panel, detail). 1503 c. 1503

A Constant Reader has called my attention (keep those cards and letters coming in, folks!) to some critical commentary on the magical writings of Baron Evola[1] by none other than John Michael Greer, who is Past Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America and current head of the Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn. Read more …

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Anti-Racism vs. Neo-Paganism

bringingracetothetable3,488 words

Crystal Blanton, Taylor Ellwood, and Brandy Williams, eds.
Bringing Race to the Table: Exploring Racism in the Pagan Community
Stafford, UK: Megalithica Books, 2015

Every once in a great while, the publishing world bears witness to one of two types of miraculous events: either (1) the release of a book which is, in every respect, perfect; or (2) the release of a book which is, in every respect, perfectly abysmal. Read more …

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