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Making Equestria Great Again
My Little Pony: The Movie

2,345 words

My Little Pony: The Movie has surely been a test and a crisis for the franchise and its creators. Has it succumbed to the enormous pressure to cuck out, and dilute its themes and formula with “poz”? Or have the show and the Mane Six retained their integrity through the quantum leap to the big screen?

Thankfully, there is little here to complain about. Unlike previous spin-offs of the Equestria Girls movies set in the relative narrative isolation of an American high school, My Little Pony: The Movie is set in Equestria with a capital E, Read more …

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Disenfranchised Autism

1,168 words

SincerityRick Wilson, a GOP strategist, has made some clickbait headlines by saying that alt-rightists are “screamers and crazy people who have Hitler iconography in their Twitter timelines” and “childless single men who masturbate to anime.” He followed up this painfully rehearsed line by staring dead into the camera, shaking with anxiety, Read more …

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Full Nazi

Buttercup1,875 words

The main reason Bronydom is seen as a “gender poison” to men is because of the surface neoteny. But scratch the pastel exterior and you’ll find a show whose main themes are social maturity, the importance of tradition, family, and bravery in keeping civilization together.  Read more …

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My Nationalist Pony:
An Interview with Buttercup Dew

4,401 words

ac6f0zEditor’s Note:

When I began this interview with the creator of the My Nationalist Pony blog, I was completely unaware of My Little Pony and the whole “Brony”-sphere it has spawned. For some background visit My Nationalist PonyEquestria Daily, and click here. Prepare yourself, gentle reader, this rabbit hole runs deep.

Read more …

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