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Christmas Wishes 

Ferdinand Lindner, Altnordisches Julfest, from Die Gartenlaube magazine. 1880.

1,818 words

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. From Christmas decorations to Christmas songs, I always get into the holiday spirit wherever my travels and adventures take me. Although I prefer spending Christmas with friends and family, I have spent a few holidays by myself in various countries. While I was never one to question Read more …

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Dog Lives Matter

Phil Eiger Newmann, The Reaper, 2020.

1,821 words

As someone whose formal training is in journalism and who also likes to pretend that journalism at least still exists somewhere — even as a concept — I’ve bitten my lip bloody for five years as this “Black Lives Matter” chant has grown both ubiquitous and deafening, but not once have I heard a reporter do his job and say:

Prove it.” Read more …

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Liberty & Justice for All:
The Case for Canine Suffrage

1,442 words

I think that dogs should be allowed to vote.

In America’s courageous fight for universal suffrage, the franchise has been extended to all those we believe are stakeholders in our nation’s future. Read more …

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A Tear For Argos & Ivar

Emil Doepler, Heimdall an der Himmelsbrücke, 1905.

1,641 words

As I have gotten older, certain events always seem to bring up specific memories and thoughts. This last week, I have struggled to fall asleep as I kept thinking about Homer’s Odyssey. The scene in question is when Odysseus returns home in disguise, only to see his once-esteemed dog Argos close to death after being neglected by his servants while Odysseus was away. Argos immediately recognized his owner when no one else did. Read more …

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A Life Fit for a Dog

1,257 words

Like any big bad internet racist xenophobe sexist holocaust-denying huwite supremist worth his salt, I am a softie for animals of all kinds. I visit the zoo at least twice a year to observe our furry friends. One of the reasons I go on long hikes through lonesome trails is to enjoy birdsongs in the quiet and maybe see a squirrel or two. But of all of God’s creatures, none is richer or more complex than my relationship with Canis lupus familiaris, man’s best friend, the humble and noble dog. Read more …

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In Defense of “Anthropomorphism”

1,480 words

“I think you’re anthropomorphizing,” said the vet. I had brought the cat in for a routine checkup and was describing something cute she had done. I don’t remember what it was (this was some years ago). Read more …

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