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The Art of N. C. Wyeth

N. C. Wyeth, American artist and illustrator

N. C. Wyeth

2,062 words

Newell Convers Wyeth, or N. C. Wyeth, was one of America’s greatest artists and illustrators. Over the course of his lifetime, he created over 3,000 paintings and illustrated over 100 books, including several Scribner Classics. His son, Andrew Wyeth, and grandson, Jamie Wyeth, also became prominent artists.

Wyeth was born in 1882 and grew up on a farm in Needham, Massachusetts. His childhood was an active one, and he often went hunting and fishing with his brothers. Read more …

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Pinocchio: The Face of Fascism

4,065 words

Extraordinary! There are three—maybe four—Pinocchio films now in development or newly released. They all promise to reveal dark, hitherto unexplored aspects of the famous marionette’s saga. One is a Robert Downey Jr. project that’s been hemming and hawing since about 2012. Initially Downey was planning to play both Geppetto and the title role. Now he’s older, so he’ll just play Geppetto. A new live-action Pinocchio premiered last month in Italy. Read more …

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Chicken Sunday for White Nationalism

1,687 words

Habits of mind break hard. When these habits are formed in childhood, they have a way of sticking with a person throughout his life. They structure his thinking and his perspective, and often take effort and discipline to overcome. Read more …

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Blut & Boden: An Aryan Allegory

1,567 words

Ash Donaldson
Blut and Boden: A Fairy Tale for Children of European Descent
CreateSpace, 2018

Mythology has always been the tie that binds. Familiar stories from long ago featuring archetypal characters and illustrating universal themes, as well as those specific to a particular race, nation, or tribe, provide common reference points among extended kin. Read more …

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