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The Anglo-Indian Race War of 1857

Don’t mess with Hindoostan. [1]

5,449 words

It began with whispers. In what should be a familiar script, false narratives and unsubstantiated rumors about white treachery ignited nonwhite hysteria—murders, riots, and fires consumed the countryside. It was the most traumatic episode for the British in the nineteenth century, and it took place thousands of miles and oceans away from Europe. While not exactly obscure, it has become a historical footnote with which many educated people have next to no familiarity (at least on this side of the Atlantic).

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A Few More Spankings Needed:
Edward Dutton’s Churchill’s Headmaster

2,580 words

Edward Dutton
Churchill’s Headmaster: The “Sadist” Who Nearly Saved the British Empire
Melbourne, Australia: Manticore Press, 2019

I recently discovered Edward Dutton when I listened to a series of Scandza Forum talks on an internet video service. Needless to say, I was intrigued by what he had to say, so I picked up a copy of his analysis of the headmaster of Winston Churchill’s boyhood school, the Reverend Herbert Sneyd-Kynnersley. Read more …

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The Jew Disraeli & the Construction of the Merchants’ Empire

3,352 words

In a short text [“Imperium britannicum, ovvero: due diritti”] published in this periodical [La Vita Italiana] at the time of the sanctions (November 1935), we have attempted to characterize the physiognomy of the so-called British “empire” from the point of view of the typology of forms of civilization.

On that occasion, we showed that the British Empire is no more than a caricature and a counterfeit of a true empire. Read more …

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Which Traditional Britain?

5,702 words

The following is the text of a talk that was delivered at the annual conference of the Traditional Britain Group that was held on October 24, 2015. The video is here.

The problem with talking about tradition as applied to our present world, at least within the context of a people or a country with a long history, is determining what, exactly, tradition is, and which tradition to draw upon. Read more …

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There Is Nothing the Alt Right Can Do about the Effeminacy of White Men

Cato the Elder: The Face of Rising Rome

2,617 words

Some white men are identifying with the Alt Right as they realize that the goals and norms celebrated by our social order are underpinned by multiple deceptions, suppression of debate, anti-scientific notions about human equality, and unjust opposition to white identity Read more …

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