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The Real Meaning of Juneteenth

1,481 words

Unless you’re a Texan, you probably never heard of Juneteenth until last week.

This holiday celebrates the end of slavery and has long been a minor holiday in the Lone Star State. It commemorates the day — June 19, 1865 — where the Union declared all slaves in the state of Texas free, Read more …

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Rambo: Last Blood

3,590 words

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie where a 72-year-old man engages in gratuitous violence against racially-defined enemies? Rambo: Last Blood delivers. In this world of remakes, reboots, and endless installments of cash-cow franchises, Rambo: Last Blood is refreshingly current and lucid, even if it is a product of its time and rehashing culture.

Now, when I say current and lucid, I’m not gonna say fresh. The film is an Irish stew of plot devices that is surprisingly nourishing. Read more …

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The Nerve to Conserve:
Conservatism & the Right in the Age of Identity Politics

The Godfather of “respectable” conservatism, William F. Buckley, Jr.

1,633 words

Many on the Dissident Right these days like to deride conservatives. Conservatives are seen as the boobs who have been at least nominally in charge of the Republican Party since the end of the Cold War. We all know the names: Newt Gingrich, George W. Bush, John McCain, John Boehner, Mitt Romney, Mitch O’Connell, Paul Ryan, and many others.

Behind them all, pulling their ideological strings, was the Godfather of modern conservatism William F. Buckley and Jewish neocon writers such as William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer. Read more …

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Senator John McCain & the Failure of Our Elders

1,969 words

After revealing he was suffering from a serious brain tumor, Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) received a sudden flash of adoring media coverage.[1] Read more …

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