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“Only White Nationalism Will Make Wakanda Real”
Black Panther

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I saw Black Panther with a friend in Seattle last week. Judging from the reverent silence in the theater — broken only occasionally by our laughter at unintentional bits of humor — it was an all-white audience. The serious tone of Black Panther is a departure from recent Marvel movies, which constantly undercut heroism with ironic humor. But Black Panther is a movie about numinous, magical Negroes, and some things are sacred. God is not mocked. (Unless he is Thor.)  Read more …

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Toward a White Wakanda

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The new Black Panther film is problematic in some respects. Seeing blacks idealized in an advanced world of the future–that of Wakanda–is probably bad for the average white person. It doesn’t give them the sort of accurate view of a typical black society I showed in my Similarities article.  Read more …

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From Barbados to Black Panther:
Will Afrofuturism Beat Archeofuturism?

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“[We] looked up the royal family in the Almanack de Gotha and traced their descent from Solomon and the Queen of Sheba; we found a history which began: ‘The first certain knowledge which we have of Ethiopian history is when Cush the son of Ham ascended the throne immediately after the Deluge.’ … Everything I heard added to the glamour of this astonishing country.” — Evelyn Waugh on Abyssinia (Ethiopia)

Here comes the new movie, Black Panther (Coogler, 2018), and the reaction is predictable. Read more …

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The (((Hollywood))) Question – Two Videos

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These are two videos I have made that are connected by the theme of Hollywood. The first begins with an observation in Jared Taylor’s debate with black supremacist Tariq Nasheed in how black supremacists use the rhetoric of 1970s blaxploitation films to explain their situation, which is invariably one of being oppressed by the White Man. This I call “blaxplainin'”. Read more …

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