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The Coronavirus Didn’t End Globalism, it Ended the American Era

USS Saratoga, 1843

1,869 words

If there is one crisis that shows national populism and race realism were needed, this should have been it.

The coronavirus emerged from strange, disgusting foreign folkways. (Even Bill Maher is with me on wet markets.) Economic globalization allowed the virus’s spread. Read more …

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The Many Faces of the Jewish Elite, Part 2
Pragers vs. Foxmans

Dennis Prager is all too happy to lecture whites on why combining race and nationalism is evil while supporting Israel, an ethnonationalist state.

2,714 words

Part 1 here

Among the secular diaspora Jews in the West, a useful distinction can be made. There are those who will give Right-wing whites some benefit of the doubt, and there are those who won’t. The former group we can call “pragers,” and the latter we can call “foxmans.”

Let’s assume that the vast majority of both pragers and foxmans are ethnocentric: that is, they identify ethnically as Jews and exist on the Right-wing side of their own politics. This ethnocentrism manifests itself in two ways: either honestly, by being pro-Jewish or pro-Israeli, or dishonestly, by being anti-white. Read more …

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Co-Opted Nationalism

2,057 words

Racial nationalists were banned from attending Yoram Hazony’s National Conservatism Conference, which aimed to offer a race-free nationalism (except for Jewish ethnonationalists, of course). The opening speech delivered by David Brog, the non-Christian former head of Christians United for Israel, declared racialists were unwelcome. Hazony spent weeks before the conference arguing with identitarians that nationalism has nothing to do with race. The Israeli scholar boasted that racialists would suffer a crushing defeat from the success of his conference.

Read more …

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Dancing in the Dark:
Bruce Springsteen & the Betrayal of Blue-Collar America

2,352 words

Lights out tonight
Trouble in the heartland . . .

–“Badlands” (1978)

I was sold on Springsteen the moment I first heard the mournful wail of his harmonica as he began to sing “The River”:

Read more …

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Principalities & Powers, Part One:
The Education of David Duke

David Duke in 1989

2,243 words

The time has come, to paraphrase Caspar Gutman in Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon, for plain speaking and clear understanding. Last November, David Duke failed to win the  governorship of Louisiana, but he did gain some 39 percent of the popular vote and carried a majority — about 55 percent — of the white vote. Read more …

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What is American Nationalism?

1,529 words

White Nationalism is not nationalism for undifferentiated, generic white people. Such beings do not exist. Every white person has a specific ethnic identity: a mother language and a culture. White Nationalism is ethnic nationalism for all white peoples.

Even in European colonial societies, where different European stocks have blended together, we do not have generic white people. If that were true, there would be no differences between Americans and Canadians. Read more …

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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 215
James Allsup on American Nationalism

64 words / 63:36

Audio version: To listen in a player, use the one above or click here. To download the mp3, right-click here and choose “save link as” or “save target as.” To subscribe to the CC podcast RSS feed, click here.

Greg Johnson, John Morgan, and Mike Polignano interview activist, podcaster, and YouTube commentator James Allsup on American Nationalism. You can follow his videos hereRead more …

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Rally ‘Round the Flag

2,335 words

In the wake of Charlottesville, there has been much discussion about optics and the most effective aesthetic strategies for the growing White Nationalist movement. Andrew Anglin recently pronounced the Alt Right “dead” and implied that American symbology was the best path forward. He received instant blowback from many in the movement. Read more …

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