My Nationalist Pony

Buttercup Dew
My Nationalist Pony
San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2018
178 pages

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About My Nationalist Pony

“My Nationalist Pony, Buttercup Dew’s Tumblr blog on the iconic children’s cartoon series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is a masterpiece of culture-jamming. Buttercup analyzes My Little Pony from a White Nationalist, New Rightist, Traditionalist, and neo-pagan perspective. He pinpoints the show’s debts to European culture. He reads the stories as allegories teaching perennial truths about race, heredity, caste, sexual differences, self-actualization, virtue, and the divine. And he does it all without a hint of irony. Because if friendship is magic, ironic detachment is decadence. By collecting the best of the My Nationalist Pony blog and related texts, this volume once again demonstrates the New Right’s power to disclose hidden depths in popular culture.”

—Greg Johnson, author of The White Nationalist Manifesto

“If the ideas of White Nationalism are indeed based on the way things are, then we should be able to find traces of them everywhere. Even in a TV series based on collectable, brushable ponies? Why not? Of course, it helps if you have a guide who’s a master of the paranoiac-critical method. So climb aboard Buttercup Dew’s guided tour of Equestria, the future white ethnostate—if we should be so lucky.”

—James J. O’Meara, author of Magick for Housewives

“Unquestionably the greatest blog of all time.”

—Max Read, Gawker


1. Author’s Foreword — 1
2. Author’s Original Foreword — 3

Friendship is Magic: Season 1

3. Different in Harmony — 5
4. Collectivist Wrap Up (“Winter Wrap Up”) — 12
5. The Magical Land of Unbelief — 19
6. On Identity (“Griffon the Brush Off”) — 22
7. Gender Parity, Not Equality — 26
8. Celestia as Living Tradition — 29
9. All for One — 34

Friendship is Magic: Season 2

10. Liberalism, Ponies, & You (“The Mysterious Mare Do Well”) — 37
11. Canterlot’s Virtue Signalers (“Sweet and Elite”) — 40
12. Spike, Masculinity, & Adolescence (“The Secret of my Excess”) — 45
13. A Very European “Hearth’s Warming Eve” — 47
14. Selling Sincerity — 51
15. Baby Pound Cake . . . & Martin Luther King (“Baby Cakes”) — 52
16. Pinkie Pie & Growing Up (“Party of One”) — 55
17. The Lord of Chaos — 61
18. Flim & Flam’s Globalized Cider Franchise (“The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000”) — 64
19. Historical Details in “Hearts & Hooves Day” — 68
20. A Male Dominated Equestria? (“The Return of Harmony”) — 71
21. Cranky Modern Men (“A Friend in Deed”) — 75
22. Iron Will & Fluttershy (“Putting Your Hoof Down”) — 79
23. “Dragon Quest”! — 81
24. Metroid Fluttershy — 86

Friendship is Magic: Season 3

25. The Amnesia of Crystal Ponies & Western Civilization (“The Crystal Empire”) — 90
26. Saving the Crystal Ponies, & Ourselves (“The Crystal Empire”) — 92
27. Pinkie Pie & The Mirror Pool (“Too Many Pinkie Pies”) — 95
28. Discord Revisited (“Keep Calm and Flutter On”) — 100
29. Chaos is Magic—Becoming a Villain — 104
30. Words Aren’t Reality, & Zecora the Zebra knows it — 107
31. Scootaloo’s Emotional Struggle (“Flight to the Finish”) — 109
32. Apples to the Core (“Pinkie Apple Pie”) — 113

My Little Pony, Metapolitics, & Religion

33. Full Nazi (“Equestria Girls” and “The Cutie Map”) — 116
34. Race & Ethnicity in My Little Pony — 122
35. A Memory of the Future — 125
36. Hellenistic Celestia — 129
37. Jesus Christ! vs. Princess Celestia — 133
38. Why Ancestry Matters — 139
39. Racial Pride is Self-Respect — 141
40. The Counter-Currents Interview v– 143
41. My Little Pony: The Movie — 159
42. Justice & Belonging — 167

Index — 169

About the Author

Buttercup Dew writes on anime, science fiction, and other cultural and political topics at Counter-Currents. This is his first book.

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