Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 485
Blair Cottrell Discusses Pharmacology on The Writers’ Bloc

[1]428 words / 2:00:33

Australian nationalist activist Blair Cottrell [2] was Nick Jeelvy‘s guest on the most recent broadcast of The Writers’ Bloc where they discussed the phenomenon of pharmacology and its origins, as well as answer your questions, and it is now available for download and online listening.

Topics discussed include:

00:05:00 Who is Blair Cottrell? (Telegram [2], Gab [3], Odysee [4])
00:10:00 The best defense against demonization is being a normal human being
00:11:30 Revilo P. Oliver and cocaine, “When We Were Sane [5]
00:14:00 Heroin and opium
00:16:00 How drugs destroy your life and profit the pharmaceutical industry
00:18:00 What magic is and how it compels us
00:19:30 Witchcraft
00:21:00 The origins of the word “pharmacology”
00:23:00 White-coat charlatans and the trick of legitimization
00:25:00 ADHD, amphetamines, and sleeping patterns
00:28:30 The pharmaceutical industry is a trick
00:30:00 SSRIs and suicide
00:31:00 Exercise and negativity
00:33:00 Everyone has an ego, and how to get control over yourself
00:36:00 Victimhood and doctors
00:38:00 Beware of those who flatter to deceive
00:40:00 Be careful what you watch and what content you consume
00:41:30 Words mold us, and Communism
00:43:00 The difference between criticism and abuse
00:44:00 Don’t read your critics too much, and choose your content carefully
00:47:00 George Orwell, the English working class, and the mass addling of the mind
00:49:00 The opioid epidemic is Jewish and anti-white
00:51:30 Is Blair selling his own vitamins?
00:54:00 Getting into shape, eating right, getting some sun, and being around people who are clean in mind and body
00:54:30 Blair’s thoughts on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II
00:56:00 The Balfour Declaration, the British national ego, and Bulldog Nationalism
00:59:30 Blair’s thoughts on the unification of white people
01:03:00 How to embarrass the enemy and Islam
01:05:00 Crushing an alternative banking system
01:07:00 What can nationalists really do, and cutting carbs and sugars
01:10:30 The benefits of fasting
01:13:00 The Keto diet
01:16:00 Blair’s thoughts on fasting
01:20:00 Insulin, sleeping, and digesting food
01:21:30 Short, sharp, intense exercise
01:24:00 Sensitivity to carbohydrates and weightlifting
01:25:00 The wisdom of staying away from overt politics
01:28:00 The white Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald, “Tom MacDonald: Wigger With a Heart of Gold [6]
01:30:30 Jason Statham, the film Revolver, Hitler, and the human ego
01:33:00 Blair’s thoughts on steroids, supplements, and protein
01:35:30 Butchers and eating liver
01:39:30 Where does discipline come from?
01:44:00 Arguing on the Internet and getting punched in the face
01:45:00 Street fighting, loud talkers, weak links, and keeping your chin down
01:47:00 Homeopathy, the reality of making profits, and the rich knowing their place
01:51:00 The power and prestige of the pharmaceutical industry
01:52:00 What does Blair think of having an energy drink every day?
01:55:00 Our bodies are designed to process foods that challenge us
01:58:30 Closing remarks

To listen in a player, click here [7]. To download, right-click the link and click “save as.” [7]

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