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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 482
It Was a Very Good Year on The Writers’ Bloc

[1]626 words / 2:02:20

The latest broadcast of The Writers’ Bloc was a celebration of Nick Jeelvy‘s first anniversary since his move to Counter-Currents, where he offered a show retrospective and did an Ask Me Anything, and it is now available for download and online listening.

Topics discussed include:

00:00:30 The Writers’ Bloc celebrates one year at Counter-Currents
00:10:00 Nick Jeelvy has the best audience and he’s proud of it. Follow Nick on Telegram [2]: https://t.me/nixjeelvy [2]
00:12:00 Macedonia’s national dishes, pickled peppers, and how Swedes use ajvar
00:14:00 The origins of The Writers’ Bloc at Counter-Currents and its relaunch [3]
00:20:00 The Writers’ Bloc and Counter-Currents are constructing the culture of the future elite
00:22:30 People are inherent polemists and white men are the greatest warriors
00:24:30 Blood supersedes merit; the debut episode of The Writers’ Bloc; Kathryn S. discusses George Fitzhugh’s Sociology for the South [4]
00:26:30 The spoken word has greater weight
00:31:30 The value of Kathryn S. and her appearances on The Writers’ Bloc, discussing Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges’ The Ancient City [5] and Mircea Eliade’s The Sacred and the Profane [6]
00:32:30 Nick Jeelvy, “Literal Human Garbage [7]
00:35:00 Muhammad Izadi (Muhammad Aryan) on The Writers’ Bloc [8]
00:39:00 The Writers’ Bloc has replay value and the advantage of having a smaller audience
00:45:30 What two contemporary writers and two historical figures would Nick like to have on The Writers’ Bloc?
00:49:00 Nick Jeelvy, “Tim Marshall’s, Prisoners of Geography [9]
00:52:00 George Fitzhugh as a proto-fascist, protectionist, and Hamiltonian with an egalitarian streak
00:54:00 Oscar Wilde and aesthetics, and his value to the Dissident Right
00:55:00 A museum is where we go to remember, but we dream somewhere else
00:56:00 Civilizations are disposable, but our people are not
00:58:30 Many of us used to be fans of Stefan Molyneux and his philosophy on “peaceful parenting”
01:01:30 Every little bit helps with donations and surviving on the Dissident Right
01:04:30 Nick Jeelvy, “Mind-Controlled Opposition [10]” and Nick Jeelvy reviews Ghost in the Shell on Fróði Midjord’s Decameron Film Festival [11]
01:07:30 How the enemy bombards us with imagery to attain mind control regarding “all men are created equal”
01:11:30 The openness, legality, and majority approval of The Great Replacement
01:15:00 The secret of The Writers’ Bloc
01:16:00 Josh Neal on The Writers’ Bloc reviews both his book American Extremist [12] and Andrzej Łobaczewski’s Political Ponerology [13]
01:18:30 We have a psycho problem on the Dissident Right
01:22:30 Andrzej Łobaczewski was right, the pathological personality, and one day we will heal from it
01:25:00 Josh Neal’s episodes affected Nick personally the most, and Nick Jeelvy, “The Struggle is Real [14]
01:30:00 How important it is to use our mouths to communicate and how dependent our world is on typing
01:32:30 Covid and its lockdowns have injured us physically
01:34:00 Breaking complacency and inertia
01:34:30 The body is the harbinger of the mind’s health
01:36:00 Love is a superpower, and how it allows us to exist in each others’ minds as a solution to solipsism
01:38:00 Nick Jeelvy, “In Defense of Dysfunction [15]” and his disagreement with Fróði Midjord
01:42:00 The moral code of the Christian faith and mental illness
01:44:30 Our struggle as White Nationalists is the most important thing any group of white men can do
01:46:30 “Greg Johnson, Imperium Press, & Nick Jeelvy on the Bronze-Bond Blowup [16]” on The Writers’ Bloc and the importance of Imperium Press [17]
01:49:00 How the opposition tries to lure radicals back to mainstream appeal; Nick Jeelvy, “Avoiding the Trap of Deradicalization [18]
01:51:30 “Any dissident who seeks to gain a little popularity by dropping a little radicalism will deserve neither and lose both”
01:53:00 Stephen Paul Foster, Tomislav Sunić, Mark Gullick, James J. O’Meara, Mark Weber, and Jim Goad as revered elders and phenomenal conversationalists; the demographics of the dissident right audience.
01:55:00 How much damage the typed word has done, and writers versus typers
01:57:00 Zoomers’ halting communication skills, and reviving salon culture on The Writers’ Bloc
01:58:00 Closing remarks

To listen in a player, click here [19]. To download, right-click the link and click “save as.”

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