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The Worst Week Yet:
July 23-30, 2022


Roy James Holden, a former cable guy who pleaded guilty to murdering one of his elderly white customers. His employer claims they had no idea Holden could be a criminal, despite lying on his application and being caught photographing his customers’ personal documents prior to the murder.

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We’re Not in a Recession — We’re Just Transitioning to a Sheconomy

Merriam-Webster [2] defines a recession as “a period of reduced economic activity.”

In December 2000, lame-duck President Bill Clinton [3] said, “A recession is two quarters in a row of negative growth.”

On Thursday, the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis revealed that the nation’s GDP fell 0.9% in the second quarter after falling 1.6% in the first quarter.

So two subsequent economic quarterly contractions, coupled with the highest inflation in 40 years, means we’re in a recession, right?

Wrong. That creeping feeling that the bottom is falling out of the American economy is all in your deluded mind, you crumb-eating peasant.

Sad sack economist Paul Krugman [4] says we’re not in a recession, and even if we are, it doesn’t matter.

Last Sunday, before the numbers were revealed, terminally unattractive Treasury Secretary and former Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen [5] insisted, “This is not an economy that’s in recession. But we’re in a period of transition in which growth is slowing.”

On Thursday [6], after the numbers were unveiled, Yellen doubled down:

When you look at the economy, job creation is continuing, household finances remain strong, consumers are spending and businesses are growing. . . . We’ve entered a new phase in our recovery focused on achieving steady, stable growth without sacrificing the gains of the last 18 months. . . . We know there are challenges ahead of us. Growth is slowing globally. Inflation remains unacceptably high, and it’s this administration’s top priority to bring it down.

Filthy black lesbian White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre [7] reassured the cackling hens of The View on Thursday that we aren’t in a recession, either:

That’s not what we’re seeing right now, right now we’re seeing gains. When you look at it more broadly, at the data, that’s why we’re seeing, what we’re seeing, is that we’re in a transition. We had this strong economic growth because of the work that the president has done in the past 18 months, and now what we’re seeing is a transition into stable and steady growth.

So apparently the economy is not in a recession, it’s in a “transition.” How long before we’re forced to call it a “sheconomy”?

So if it’s not a recession, can we say the economy is receding? It’s balding? It went swimming in the pool and has a case of shrinkage?

Also, you should be very, very wary of government stats about unemployment. There were about 260 million adults [8] in America last year. In 2020, about 165 million American adults [9] were employed. So by a strict and literal and untampered-with definition of unemployment, that would constitute 36.6% unemployment last year. But that’s not how the Bureau of Labor Statistics defines unemployment. If you’ve grown so despondent that you’ve given up on looking for a job, you are not listed as unemployed. If you make even part-time wages, you are not listed as unemployed. You are only considered unemployed if you are making no money at all and are actively seeking a job.

They lie about the unemployment rate, and now they’re lying that we’re not in a recession. They lie about everything. That’s what they do. How many lies can we take? Which lie will be the one that breaks the country’s back?

Off-Duty Black Cable Guy Murders White Woman, Jury Makes Cable Company Pay $7.3 Billion

This is a tragic case of a white woman who didn’t burn the coal but paid the toll anyway. But now the murderer’s employer is being forced to pay another toll: a $7.3-billion toll, to be exact.

On December 12, 2019, the day after visiting the house of an 83-year-old white woman in Irving, Texas named Betty Jo McClain Thomas [10] to service her cable connection on behalf of Charter Communications, a black man named Roy James Holden [11] returned the next day in his Charter van and stabbed Thomas to death as part of a botched robbery, leaving her to die on the floor in front of the television set he’d just made safe for cable TV.

Court records show that Holden had forged Thomas’ signature on a work order he completed before his business visit. They also show that Charter continued billing the murder victim for the service call for months after she’d died. They reveal that Holden had been disciplined by the company several times for behavioral infractions and had taken pictures of the driver’s licenses and credit cards of two elderly women, including Thomas. According to Thomas’ civil attorneys, Holden had lied about his past employment and Charter had failed to verify his claims.

Holden pleaded guilty to murder, telling investigators that he returned to Thomas’ house “because I was broke . . . I was hungry.”

In its defense, Charter released the following statement:

We are committed to the safety of all our customers and took the necessary steps, including a thorough pre-employment criminal background check — which showed no arrests, convictions or other criminal behavior. Nor did anything in Mr. Holden’s performance after he was hired suggest he was capable of the crime he committed, including more than 1,000 completed service calls with zero customer complaints about his behavior.

Last week, a Texas jury ordered Charter Communications to pay Thomas’ family $7 billion in punitive damages. Last month, Charter was found responsible for $337.5 million in compensatory damages.

Even though human life is said to be precious and that you can’t really put a price tag on it, being gouged for $7.3 billion dollars because an off-duty employee used your van to stab an old white lady to death seems excessive. It’s a horrible precedent that businesses can be held liable for what their employees do in their off-hours, provided they used business equipment to do it.

Your Urine is Killing the Planet Because You Eat Too Much Protein, and You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself

Apparently we’ve all been eating too much protein and should be ashamed about it. That’s right: Scientific American, which abandoned science long ago to hump the leg of woke orthodoxy, is trying to urine-shame you.

In the noble quest for justice and equity, you won’t have any muscles, and you’ll be happy!

A certain Sasha Warren [12] writes the alliteratively titled “Eating Too Much Protein Makes Pee a Problem Pollutant in the U.S. [13]”:

In the U.S., people eat more protein than they need to. . . . When we overconsume protein — whether it comes from lentils, supplements or steak — our body breaks the excess down into urea, a nitrogen-containing compound that exits the body via urine and ultimately ends up in sewage. . . . Under certain chemical conditions, and in the presence of particular microbes, urea can break down to form gases of oxidized nitrogen. These gases reach the atmosphere, where nitrous oxide (N2O) can contribute to warming via the greenhouse effect and nitrogen oxides (NOx) can cause acid rain.


You can buy Jim Goad’s The Redneck Manifesto here. [15]

Jeepers, it would have been nice if they’d elaborated on that whole “eat more protein than they need to” and “overconsume protein” thing. Who determines how much protein is too much? And why don’t they even cite any numbers to establish that we’re eating too much protein? The whole thing stinks, I tell you — it stinks! It stinks worse than my nitrogen-addled piss.

When it comes to the task of removing nitrogen from wastewater, China is apparently way ahead of the United States. They recently spent about $20 billion getting rid of 90% of nitrogen from wastewater in three-quarters of their wastewater treatment plants, whereas the US only treats about 1% of its wastewater this way. So rather than spend $20 billion on truly keeping the water clean instead of tossing it at bankers as interest on worthless paper, scholars suggest that Americans simply eat less protein. You don’t have to stop eating hamburgers entirely . . . just a little less . . . and a little less . . . and a little less . . . until they tell you to stop eating them entirely.

Nitrogen, you see, is the biggest threat to the planet. It’s not all the carcinogenic chemicals and plastics that corporations are pumping into our bodies. It’s nitrogen, the most abundant element in the planet’s atmosphere.

“Trans-Identified Musician” Threatens to Murder Women Who Say He’s Not a Woman

You may remember a time not so long ago when a man wearing women’s clothes was considered a capital crime against nature.

That all changed when the Usual Suspects declared that “transphobia” was a greater crime even than misogyny.

One has to be intensely nutty to engender any sympathy from me for radical feminists, but by gum, the trannies have gone and done it. I’ve never seen a human subgroup whose entire identity is based on a delusion and who do the most unimaginably insane things if you insinuate that they are insane, apparently in an attempt to prove you were wrong for alleging they may not be entirely sane.

Consider the tranny v. TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist) war, which is essentially a one-way war, because all I’ve seen the radical feminists say to trannies is, “You’re not a woman, and this isn’t your struggle.” I’ve never heard of a radical feminist threatening to kill a tranny.

Precious Child [16] is some creep from Los Angeles who only decided that he’s a woman back in 2018. He is rumored to be the descendant of wealthy musicians, which may be why he has the dough to record professionally-produced music videos that hardly anyone watches.

He milked a bit of attention from last year’s Wi Spa Controversy [17], in which a MAGA/antifa face-off erupted after a woman reported seeing a man with a semi-erect penis in the women’s section of a Korean spa. Mr. Precious Child was not the person who interloped into the women’s section and flashed his penis, although he toyed with the idea that he was until the actual perpetrator [18] was arrested.

Around the time of the penis-flasher’s arrest, Precious Child filmed a music video depicting him entering a spa room full of women wielding a six-foot prosthetic penis [19] that resembles a devil’s tail and slapping them in the face with it.

The song for the video, “Tear Up,” is on his new album, AR-15s for Transgender Teens, along with a song called “T E R F Killer [20],” which amid seizure-inducing strobe effects and images of knives and bullets repeatedly flashes the phrase KILL A TERF TODAY. In the video description, Precious Child, who claims his music is “about transcendence,” writes:

This song and video is dedicated to every single filthy TERF [and MRA [men’s rights activist] in existence. Special shout out to JK Rowling! All billionaires are trash but you’re special.

In June, he had posted on Instagram that “JK Rowling would like fans to stop making plans for her death.”

Why hasn’t he been arrested for making terroristic threats? That’s exactly the type of question that only a transphobe would ask.

White Nationalist’s Daughter Writes a MAGA/Antifa-Themed Musical that’s Coming to Branson, Missouri

Although I’ve been unable to verify her claim, Scarlett Evans says she’s the daughter of Bill Johnson [21], founder of the American Freedom Party [22], which is now called the American Third Position Party and lists Kevin B. MacDonald as one of its eight party directors.

Evans has written a musical play she calls The Elephant in the Room [23]. According to Evans:

This play is set to the 2019 political divide and treats the matter with humor to not only bring laughter through difficult times, but also to make the subject more approachable. Elephant in the Room has been praised as eye-opening and important by people on both sides of the political spectrum. My goal is to continue sparking this introspection and to make people smile.

I find it a bit weird to debut a play in 2023 that’s set in the year 2019, but I’ve never written a play, so who am I to judge?

Here’s a synopsis [24] of the play as written on the official casting call website:

A contemporary musical-comedy about the political divide in the US. An Oregon college campus is in turmoil as opposite sides of the political spectrum initially clash over the removal of an [sic] historic statue. This action ignites those on the extreme ends of the political spectrum, while moderate students attempt to navigate a charged political environment and the ever-present information, misinformation, mixed messages and conspiracy theories emanating from the internet (which is, by the way, a character in this show).

I wish I had known about this play earlier, because I would have auditioned for the role of “Phil”:

Phil: Supporting, Male, 50-65
rugged, blue-collar appearance. Clearly a veteran of brawls, many and varied. Proudly wears a tinfoil hat. A White Nationalist leader with hard-line [sic] conservative views of god, country, guns, and traditional values. A fatherly figure to the many young members of his political group. Quick to embrace and believe nonsensical conspiracy theories. Strong singer.

Here’s a full performance [25] of this theatrical oddity that lasts nearly two hours. It’s about as dumb as it sounds. Possibly dumber. It’s one of the most confusing and messy productions I’ve ever witnessed, and I find it nearly impossible for me to discern what the playwright’s angle is or whether it’s intended as a comeuppance to her dad. I’m not sure what the point is, and I’m even less sure that Evans knows what her point is.

Amazingly, the show is scheduled to start a three-month run on April 1, 2023 at Jerry Presley’s God and Country Theatre in Branson, Missouri, that little Hillbilly Las Vegas nestled away in the Ozarks. Join me next year in Branson, will you?

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