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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 472
Hwitgeard on The Writers’ Bloc

[1]528 words / 2:11:42

The Writers’ Bloc had their good friend Hwitegeard [2] over for a friendly, low-intensity chinwag with host Nick Jeelvy, where they also answered listener questions, and it is now available for download and online listening.

Topics discussed include:

00:07:00 How does one speak Anglo-Saxon and what does it sound like?
00:08:30 Anglo-Saxon versus modern English or German
00:10:00 Learning Dutch, German, and Norwegian helps you to learn Old English
00:12:00 Who is Hwitgeard?
00:14:00 Telegram and its discontents
00:16:00 Hwitgeard’s view of religion
00:18:00 Nicholas R. Jeelvy, “In Defense of ‘Echo Chambers’ [3]
00:19:00 The value of religious pluralism and echo chambers for the Dissident Right
00:21:00 Red-pilling as a controlled nervous breakdown
00:23:00 How nationalists code-switch in their behavior
00:25:30 Islam, Nietzsche, Nick Fuentes pivoting to Christian nationalism, and Western Civilization’s loss of confidence
00:27:00 Batman, Bruce Wayne, and Telegram is not a LARP
00:31:00 Scandza Forum 2019 and the importance of being among friends — Greg Johnson, “Greg Johnson Arrested in Norway for Thoughtcrime [4]
00:34:00 How Fullmoon Ancestry lost his job for saying nothing
00:36:30 How has Hwitgeard been impacted by being a dissident?
00:39:00 Jeelvy finds it hard to lie
00:42:00 Don’t inflict your misery on the world
00:45:00 Possible future guests on The Writers’ Bloc
00:47:00 How bad is enemy subversion in our movement?
00:48:30 Batman and Greg Johnson, “Christopher Nolan’s Batman Movies: Weaponizing Traditionalism, Transvaluing Values [5]
00:49:00 The treatment of animals and getting liberals to doubt their own worldview
00:52:30 An altruistic race: Don’t ask Northwestern Europeans to consider their own suffering
00:57:00 Discussing the Great Replacement with friends
01:01:30 The importance of “no more brother wars”
01:03:00 Finland, with no history of colonialism, being blamed for colonialism
01:06:00 What does “Hwitgeard” mean?
01:07:00 What’s happening with Serbia and Bosnia right now?
01:11:00 Hwitgeard’s response to The Distributist, “A Letter to Right-Wing Pagans [6]
01:16:00 Neo-paganism and pagans trying to reconstruct European culture
01:18:00 Christianity preserving pagan elements
01:20:30 Is paganism a LARP?
01:23:30 Survive the Jive’s view of paganism as it relates to transhumanism
01:24:30 The worst reasons to convert to a religion
01:27:00 The timelessness of paganism
01:29:00 Transhumanism: Can we integrate with machines?
01:30:30 The problem of life extension
01:31:30 The pagan worldview and Nicholas R. Jeelvy, “In Defense of ‘Echo Chambers’”: Nicholas R. Jeelvy, “Critique as Empire-Killer [7]
01:34:30 Nietzsche’s valid critiques of Christianity being unaddressed
01:35:30 The history of the world is the history of conservative cultures falling prey to messianic fanaticism
01:37:00 Somebody fires a Kalashnikov outside Nick’s house
01:38:00 The core transhumanist belief versus body augmentation
01:40:00 Transhumanism needs the natural world to be constantly changed, improved, and perfected
01:41:30 Tikkun olam and the Jewishness of transhumanism
01:43:30 Calvinism and the beauty of mosques versus ugly architecture giving you a feeling of foreboding
01:45:00 Reasons for Eastern Europe to be mad at the West
01:48:30 How colonialism was misguided
01:49:30 The possibility of Rishi Sunak becoming Britain’s first Indian prime minister
01:52:30 The lie of diversity always being a part of white history and society
01:56:00 Jeremy Corbyn and white Leftism, the Labour Party, and Jewish Leftism
01:58:00 White working-class politics and how Indians have affected the United Kingdom
02:00:30 The best places to learn the Anglo-Saxon language
02:03:00 The Anglish movement, modern English, and Old English
02:07:00 Ridding the Macedonian language of foreign influences
02:08:30 English being the global lingua franca robs English speakers of privacy
02:09:30 Closing remarks

To listen in a player, click here [8]. To download, right-click the link and click “save as.”

https://counter-currents.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/TWB-Hwitgeard-July-31-2022.mp3 [8]

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