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The Worst Week Yet:
July 10-16, 2022


Brad Schneider, US Representative for Illinois, who appears to have part of his face around the bridge of his nose and near his eyeballs crudely stitched onto his head Frankenstein-style.

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Hunter Biden, Crackhead of the Apocalypse

In late 2020, when news broke about a laptop with incriminating evidence that Hunter Biden had carelessly dropped off at a Delaware computer repair shop, the story was viciously suppressed by the mainstream media, a collective act of censorship that may have had an influence on the presidential election.

Last weekend, hackers from 4chan claimed to have wormed their way into Biden’s iCloud account and began posting images and video footage from what they’d found.

It’s such sordid, dreary, squalid, grim, grubby, depressing stuff. Videos show Biden wandering around on the beach [2] like he’s been walloped on the head. Wandering around indoors [3] as if he’s been walloped on the head. Having a hooker light his crack pipe [4] while he showers. Arguing with a hooker about exactly how many grams of crack [5] he has. Getting a hooker to state, on camera, that he paid her $10,000 and that he never hurt her [6].

What’s even more astonishing is that, after the 2020 laptop scandal, he still has these kinds of pictures and videos out there. He feels that untouchable. Or maybe he’s that self-destructive.

Remember, his dad used to support mandatory minimum sentences for crack possession [7].

Amid all the crack and hookers and payments, it’s recently become clear that Biden and his dad wrangled oil deals with the Chinese Communist Party long before his dad started blaming rising gas prices on Russia.

But as Tucker Carlson [8] wrote:

The real story isn’t that Hunter Biden was a crackhead who liked prostitutes and underage girls, though that seems to be true. The real story is that the Biden family was doing business with the Chinese government.

The video of him naked with his big fat belly smoking crack in a hot tub is bad enough. But it’s the fact that all this crack-smoking and all this hooker-procuring took place while the Bidens were working lucrative deals with the Chinese and Ukraine, paving the way for the United States to take what is sure to be the losing side in World War III.

We will support Ukraine. Russia and China will win, and the average American citizen will suffer far more as a result of it than anyone in the Biden crime family ever will. Hunter Biden’s desperately frightened and dissolute face on crack sums up everything that’s wrong — not only with his own personal situation, but with the entire world.

At least Nero fiddled while Rome burned. And Rome eventually recovered, at least partially. I don’t think there will be any recovery from smoking crack while the American Empire goes up in smoke.

Trump Supporter Arrested for Faking Anti-MAGA “Hate Crime” Against Himself

Faking a hate crime against oneself may be the most pathetic and self-absorbed thing a person can do. In a sane and functional world, there would be enough hate to go around — so much that no one would need to fake it.

But just as faking a hate crime tends to undermine and cast doubt on the handful of racially motivated violent crimes out there, faking a hate crime against yourself when you’re on the side that’s allegedly committing all the hate crimes tends to undermine the righteous feeling someone such as me gets when I say, “Look at all the fake hate crimes the Left is perpetrating.”

Dennis Molla is a 29-year-old man from Brooklyn Center, Minnesota who looks like a bearded egg [9]. He is apparently a Trump supporter. Or maybe he isn’t, because he just got arrested for something that casts an unflattering light on Trump supporters, and maybe this was part of the long con all along.

Speaking of Trump supporters, has any Trump supporter ever paused to consider that maybe Trump supporters need more support than Trump does? Did they ever consider that maybe they support Trump more than he ever supported them? Is it possible that he’s known more support in a single day of his life than they’ve known collectively throughout their lives?

In September 2020, Molla told police and news reporters that he saw “three unknown males” running away from his house, one of whom had dropped a box of matches on his lawn as he ran away. After they escaped, Molla says he realized that his camper and his garage had been set ablaze. Someone had spray-painted “Biden 2020,” “BLM,” and the anarchist “A” on his garage. Molla told officials that he believed he’d been targeted because a truck in his driveway had been draped in a “Trump 2020” flag.

The first sign that this was a hoax should have been the fact that no one in world history has ever been passionate enough to commit arson or vandalize a garage on behalf of Joe Biden.

Molla, who claims he rescued four puppies from the burning garage, told a reporter:

I heard just a big, loud boom, or a bang. The first thing for me was my kids, my wife. What’s going on? . . . It just shocked me. This kind of stuff should not happen, especially over beliefs of some sort.

Molla started a GoFundMe account that took in $17,000 after he posted the following:

Dennis is a father of 2 young children, a hardworking man, devoted man of God and a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump. Dennis installed a Trump 2020 flag on his truck and due to the spray paint left on his garage door, “BIDEN 2020 BLM” it’s believed he was target for his patriotic support of our president.

Molla also took in over $60,000 dollars from insurance companies by claiming he’d been victimized by an “Arson Hate Crime.”

Last week federal prosecutors charged Molla with wire fraud [10], claiming he’d staged the arson and vandalism himself.

Please let’s not make this a trend, people. They hate you enough already. No need to fake it. If you simply continue living your life unapologetically, sooner or later someone will beat you up for it and set your garage ablaze. Don’t worry. All good things come in time.

House Approves Bill Seeking to Purge “White Supremacists” from Police and Military

Imagine being stupid or dishonest enough to think that “white supremacy” is the biggest problem facing this nation. Imagine even thinking it’s a problem at all.

Brad Schneider is a US Representative from Illinois, who, at least according to his Twitter profile picture [11], appears to have part of his face around the bridge of his nose and near his eyeballs crudely stitched onto his head Frankenstein-style. I’m not kidding: Tell me what those odd keloidal-looking scars are near his eyes there. He may actually have been created in a government lab.

As part of the National Defense Authorization Act [12], Schneider was able to have the following passage approved by Congress last week:

Schneider (IL): Directs the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and the Secretary of Defense to publish a report that analyzes and sets out strategies to combat White supremacist and neo-Nazi activity in the uniformed services and Federal law enforcement agencies not later than 180 days after enactment and every 6 months thereafter.

Well, at least they capitalized “White.” I suppose that’s something.

The Act also included the following tidbit from Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, clearly one of the biggest dimwits in the government who once said hurricane names are too “lily white [13]” and stated that the US Constitution was 400 years old [14]. She offered the following item for debate during the discussion:

Jackson Lee (TX): Directs the Secretary of Defense to report to Congress in not less than 180 days the results of its evaluation as to the extent, if any, of the threat to national security posed by domestic terrorist groups and organizations motivated by a belief system of white supremacy, such as the Proud Boys and Boogaloo . . . include a breakdown of the ideology of each group; and . . . describe the efforts of such groups, if any, to infiltrate or target domestic constitutionally protected activity by citizens for cooption or to carry out attacks, and the number of individuals associated or affiliated with each group that engages in such efforts.

I doubt there is a group on Earth that is more vocally against “white supremacy” than the Proud Boys, and “Boogaloo” isn’t even an “organization.” It’s probably simply a word that frightened Ms. Jackson Lee because she thought it sounded like “jigaboo.”

The bill passed the House 218-208 on a strict party-line vote. Not a single Republican voted for it, which was all the evidence needed for the mainstream press to announce that Republicans voted to keep Nazis and white supremacists in the US armed forces. The bill will now go on to the Senate.

Serious question: Would the US military and its police be more effective fighting units if they were to purge their white supremacists, their black supremacists, or their Muslim terrorist shooters and transgender document-leakers? [15]

“I Hate White People”: Woman Attacked on Bus by Three Black Women


You can buy Jim Goad’s Whiteness: The Original Sin here [17].

In yet another violent anti-white attack that simply doesn’t happen because our academic class says it’s impossible, an unnamed 57-year-old white woman required two staples in her head to stop the bleeding after being struck with a blunt instrument by one of three black women who confronted her on a bus in Queens, New York last Saturday evening before running away. According to the victim, one of the assailants said, “I hate white people . . . the way they talk [18]” during the attack.

Fine, but what about the way that black people smell? I’ve been on public transportation in Atlanta, Philly, and New York City, and there are some less-than-aromatic Children of Africa on there, but I’ll tell you one thing: It never compelled me to crack open their skulls because of it.

What’s interesting about this attack, though, is the way the press is covering it. There’s a clear emergence of the concept that anti-white animus can exist among the headlines covering the story. “White woman riding NYC MTA bus bashed in head in clash with 3 Black passengers who told her they ‘hate white people,’” barked the New York Daily News [18]. “Police: Suspects attacked woman on bus in Queens, made anti-white statements,” read CBS News [19]. “Woman bashed on NYC bus by attackers spewing anti-white sentiment, cops say,” read the New York Post [20]. And Daily Mail [21] managed to squeeze in the race of the perpetrators, the victim, and the notion of a “hate crime” in its one-size-fits all headline: “White woman, 57, is bashed over the head with a blunt object by three black passengers on a bus who told her they ‘hate white people’: NYPD calls case a hate crime.”

While I object to the very notion of “hate crimes,” and it’s unfortunate that this white woman had to get bopped in the head, it seems like a Great Leap Forward for the press to acknowledge that not only do white people exist, but it’s possible to hate them and attack them for it.

The Gangster Toddlers of St. Paul

If you’re looking for some footage that may make you more despondent about the state of humanity than Hunter Biden’s treasure trove of crack/hooker selfie videos, look no further than this 30-second clip [22] of teeny-tiny black toddlers, the most aggressive of whom is a male who’s said to be only three years old, taunting, shoving, and cursing at a black cop and a white cop in St. Paul, Minnesota.

St. Paul and Minneapolis, collectively known as the Twin Cities, had a combined total of 22 homicides in 2019. Then, after the Summer of Floyd, the combined homicide rate shot up to 135 in 2021. It’s the Ferguson Effect all over again, with Black Lives Matter ensuring that more black people start ending other black lives to hammer home the fact that only black civilians are allowed to murder other black people, and if they have to kill a million black people every year just to ensure that no white cop ever harms a hair on their heads, they’ll do it.

As fate would have it, the officers were attempting to execute a warrant for murder. If one plays the odds, one might assume that the warrant was for a suspected black killer who killed another black person. If you think that saving black lives is a desirable goal, this would seem to be a good thing — but not to the roving, angry Gangster Toddlers of St. Paul. The film shows the mangy, dreadlocked three-year-old boy, who’s barefoot and wearing only underwear while out on a city street, shoving the cops and saying “Shut up, bitch!” and “Shut the fuck up!” to them, and insulting one of the officers for his “ugly-ass shoes.”

This sad spectacle is the result of our educational system. A couple generations ago, even preschoolers knew that shoes don’t have asses, ugly or not.

The lawless black toddlers are also shown punching, kicking, and throwing rocks at the hapless officers.

What is the solution? Would the officers have been justified shooting the impudent three-year-old fledgling gangsta point-blank in the head? Would that have led to preschool race riots across the country? Should police departments from coast to coast train and hire ruthless SWAT teams of three-year-old law-enforcement officers? Do we simply stand back, stand by, and allow black people to keep killing each other, since that seems to be the only thing that makes them happy?

Canadian Nightclub Kicks Out Patrons for Acting “Too Homosexual”

Nicolas Gaudreault [23] is a citizen of Quebec who, upon first blush, looks to be extremely homosexual. Whether or not he’s “too” homosexual is, I suppose, a matter of taste, but it may become a legal matter as well.

Last week, Gaudrealt says that he and some friends were ejected from a nightclub in Quebec City called Le Dagobert — which is a pretty homosexual-sounding name for a nightclub, to be frank — because their apparel, behavior, and dancing were deemed to be “too homosexual” by other patrons, causing a clerk to eject them for their aggressive acts of faggin’ off.

Gaudreault posted on social media that

[s]ome customers were bothered by our clothes, bothered by our dance moves. The employee asked us to leave before it turned into a fight. . . . I’m still shocked. We were only dancing and having fun. Of course we looked gay, because we are. And I’ll never be ashamed of it.

How many truly unashamed people have you ever met who need to come up to you, maybe even randomly on the street, to announce, without you having even asked, that they are unashamed?

So gay that he apparently wasn’t satisfied merely prancing over to another night club and being gay there, Gaudreault spread word around the gay community about Le Dagobert’s don’t-be-too-gay policy, which caused a pro-gay singer named Emile Bilodeau to encourage a boycott of the club, lead the crowd at a local music festival in a lewd song attacking the club, and couple of club workers were even allegedly assaulted by pro-gay activists.

This situation stands as definitive proof that it’s possible to be too homosexual: Everyone involved, from the pro-gays to the anti-gays and from the too-gays to the not-gay-enoughs, needs to dial down the gayness. We’re being over-gayed, and it’s not helping any of us.

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