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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 467
Riley Waggaman on Russian COVID Journalism

[1]183 words / 54:41

Journalist Riley Waggaman [2], formerly of Press TV and Russia Today and now of the Edward Slavsquat blog, [3] was host Greg Johnson’s guest on the latest broadcast of Counter-Currents Radio, where they discussed the two faces of Russian COVID journalism, and it is now available for download and online listening.

Topics discussed include:

03:50 Was there a difference between what Russia was saying internally about COVID vs. externally?
13:12 What motivates Russia Today (RT, the news outlet)?
16:20 Can you think of examples of RT promoting COVID paranoia?
24:51 How has the war on Ukraine impacted you?
32:59 On the excellence of American intelligence in Ukraine
36:43 Does Washington think the Ukraine War can induce regime change in Russia?
40:43 Is there a way that both globalist empires could lose this conflict?
41:33 Do you realize that Russia is still transiting gas straight through Ukraine?
42:52 An upside of the war is the rearming of Europe
44:55 Might the conflict spill outside of the Ukraine?
47:54 Tell us about your work
50:28 Does hyper-distrust help or hurt the establishment?

To listen in a player, click here [4]. To download, right-click the link and click “save as.”

https://counter-currents.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/CCRadio-Riley-Waggaman-072322.mp3 [4]

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