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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 463
Riley Waggaman on Russia Since the Sanctions

[1]438 words / 2:01:16

Riley Waggaman of the Edward Slavsquat blog [2] was host Nick Jeelvy‘s guest on the latest broadcast of The Writers’ Bloc, where they took a look at the situation inside Russia and its surrounding countries since the sanctions, and it is now available for download and online listening.

Topics discussed include:

00:05:30 New feature: Commission your own article at Counter-Currents [3]
00:07:00 Riley Waggaman since his last appearance on The Writers’ Bloc [4]
00:09:00 Dostoevsky and how do you live in an absurd existence and write about it?
00:10:00 Riley Waggaman, “Waiting for an exit visa in Cringey Casablanca [5]
00:17:00 The assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
00:21:00 The Russia question
00:26:00 Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and Ukraine
00:30:00 How is the economic machine in Russia with all the skilled labor leaving the country?
00:35:30 Global supply chains in the past have survived worse; supply chain optimization and seedless agriculture
00:38:00 How is the Russian population going to cope with their current situation?
00:41:00 Nick Jeelvy, “The Nuremberg Moral Paradigm [6]
00:43:30 The war in Ukraine as a lose-lose for Slavic unity and its global impact
00:47:00 Alexander Dugin’s book Foundations of Geopolitics and bored Westerners desperate to appear moral
00:51:00 Central bank digital currencies: a brief explanation
00:53:00 Digital rubles in Russia
00:55:00 Herman Gref, CEO of Sberbank, and his connection to everything in Russia
01:00:00 Debunking the idea of a gold-backed ruble
01:06:00 Interfax’s study of the Central Bank of Russia and its desire for cheap gold
01:08:30 Protests in Macedonia, the Internet, and people latching onto the framework they want to believe
01:12:00 Antifa, bored Americans, and the motivation to protest and riot
01:16:00 The unrest in Uzbekistan
01:20:00 The mainstream media is worse than the Russophile media
01:23:00 People who aren’t vaccinated by now are never getting vaccinated
01:24:00 The tactics the enemy uses to break your spirit
01:25:30 Riley’s experience working for state media, the value of free speech, and the amount of money being used to gaslight us
01:28:00 Has Putin recently purged Jewish oligarchs, and to what extent, if any, do they control the Russian economy?
01:32:30 Sputnik V, AstraZeneca, Big Pharma, the Russian Sovereign Wealth Fund, the Russian government, and profiting from the death of Europeans
01:37:00 How big is Covid skepticism in Russia?
01:39:30 Russia as a top five Covid tyranny in the world, Canada, and Australia
01:43:00 Macedonia’s response to Covid tyranny
01:45:00 How did Russia respond to McDonald’s leaving the country?
01:49:00 Russian replacements of Fanta, Coca-Cola, and Sprite; Edward Slavsquat, “Russia creates cool new way to get myocarditis [7]
01:53:00 Rent-a-mobs, true believers, moralistic rage, and how street actions live or die with the intensity in which they act
01:56:00 Closing remarks

To listen in a player, click here [8]. To download, right-click the link and click “save as.”

https://counter-currents.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/The-Writers-Bloc-Inside-Russia-with-Riley-Waggaman.mp3 [8]

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