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The Worst Week Yet:
June 12-18, 2022


Dr. Umar Johnson, aka the Prince of Pan-Africanism, is a psychologist who insists that he has not nor would he ever have sex with a white woman.

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Leader of the Free World Falls Off Bicycle, Emerges Triumphant and Unscathed

Few would dispute that Joe Biden is exceptional at being senile [2]. His greatest legacy will consist of being remembered as the most senile [3] president ever.

While enjoying a leisurely morning bicycle ride Saturday morning in the stunningly unimpressive State of Delaware, President Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. abruptly took a spill [4]. For a few terrifying moments, the future of Western Civilization was left in the lurch as the cognitively impaired chief executive lay helpless [5] on the asphalt. The only thing more dispiriting would have been if he’d accidentally suffered a wardrobe malfunction and inadvertently revealed a bit of his wrinkled, furry scrotum.

Mercifully, a multicultural swarm of caring and attentive Secret Service agents seized the nearly octogenarian failed bicyclist and hoisted him to his feet, restoring confidence in international financial markets and reassuring Americans that Joe is still the man to lead us into World War III and The Greatest Depression.

A president’s only real job is to inspire false confidence, and Biden is failing at that. Vladimir Putin would never fall off a bicycle. He’d be too busy wrestling tiger sharks and shooting darts at whales.

And so it has come to this. We’re headed over a cliff, and no one is driving the bicycle.

Americans’ Belief In God Reaches New Low — Zoomers Largely to Blame

“Do you believe in God?” is an impossibly vague question that immediately leads to another question: “What precisely do you mean by ‘God’? Do you mean a specific personal God from a specific established religion, or could ‘God’ include some all-permeating entity that may not conform to any traditional concepts of deity?”

Since simple minds tend to frame things in simplistic binaries, if one merely states that they don’t believe that the deity embraced by the Abrahamic religions is the be-all, end-all, one-size-fits-all, the-buck-stops-here Mack Daddy of all reality, somehow you’re automatically an atheist who posits the idiotic notion that everything emerged from nothing. “Do you believe in God?” is a frustratingly imprecise question, but the Devil is good at such trickery.

Regardless, the pollsters at Gallup have been asking that question since the 1940s. The quotient of respondents who answered in the affirmative stayed above 90% until the year 2013. It reached its peak over four polls during the 1950s and 1960s, when a steady 98% of Americans responded “Yes.”

One would think that harder times would force people toward the metaphysical. But a new poll [6] conducted in May finds that the overall percentage of Americans who answer “Yes” to that question has dipped to an all-time low of 82%, down six percentage points from 2017. The numbers sank in every demographic, with married people and self-identified conservatives only dropping one point each.

The biggest dips since 2017 came among Democrats (-12 points), self-identified liberals (-11 points), and people aged 18-29 (-10 points).

The latter statistic is fascinating, since for the past five years we’ve been pelted with a disinformation campaign that claims — with absolutely zero statistical evidence — that young Americans are in the throes of a religious revival the likes of which the world has never seen and that a new form of Christian nationalism spearheaded by people barely old enough to drive will take the country by storm and right all the wrongs of the corrupt, atheistic, degenerate, selfish, and relentlessly maligned Boomer generation.

That’s a nice and heartwarming concept, I suppose, but the statistical reality is that 32% of those 18-29 years old said they don’t believe in God, compared to only 13% of those aged 65 years and older.

The Boomers scored the highest in religious belief out of all age groups, just as they tend to score highest in every fucking conceivable metric of conservative beliefs and voting patterns. Conversely, the Zoomers are the ones who consistently endorse untrammeled immigration, anti-racism, the trans delusion, and atheism.

Boomers tried to lead the way, but the prodigal generations that followed have failed on an unforgivably massive scale. The youth of today, yea, but they will reap a bitter wind due to their wanton profligacy, uninformed arrogance, and excessive self-absorption. And thus it is sealed.

This is what happens when you grow up in a world that encourages short attention spans. You wind up gullibly swallowing memes rather than statistical evidence.

Asian Woman No Likee When Movies Depict Asian Women as Sexy

For years now [7] I’ve been warning that the anti-white Asian is the anti-whitest anti-white in all of Anti-Whiteland.

Vanity Fair recently published an article [8] by an Asian woman who claims to be oppressed by movies that depict Asian women as sexually desirable. The writer’s name is Elaine Hsieh Chou, and my reflexive response when someone says “Hsieh Chou” is to say, “Gesundheit.” It would be scientifically accurate to say that Ms. Chou is not exactly the most attractive Asian woman [9] who ever lived. Put some long white whiskers on her face, and she’s a dead ringer for a catfish. Perhaps this is at the root of her animus.

Chou focuses her racial anger on the white women responsible for writing the TV and movie scripts that claim Asian women are sexy. “When white women hypersexualize Asian women onscreen,” writes Chou, “we suffer the consequences.” Although she fails to specify exactly how she suffers when people find Asian women sexy, I can state definitively that I suffered while reading her article.

But what does she mean by “hypersexualize”? I thought being considered sexy was a good thing, no? How much “sexualization” is sufficient? When does it become too sexy? Would she be happier if films depicted Asian women as physically repulsive?

She writes, “In college a white woman complained to me, ‘It’s not fair all the white guys here have yellow fever. You’re so lucky.’”

It’s hard for me to comprehend how traumatizing it must be for men to desire you and for women to envy you.

She quotes a line from an Amy Schumer comedy special: “It doesn’t matter what you do, ladies. Every guy is going to leave you for an Asian woman,” ostensibly because they’re rumored to have tighter vaginas — and then calls this “a lie that exotifies, others, and butchers us into pieces.”

How does one make the leap from being told they’re attractive into feeling butchered “into pieces” without severe mental problems and an almost incurable level of self-absorption?


You can buy Jim Goad’s The Redneck Manifesto here. [11]

Although Chou fails to cite a single example in any of these movies or comedy shows where an objectively negative comment about Asians is made — nay, she feels assaulted by a non-stop string of praiseof course she manages to make several indisputably negative comments about whites. She contemptuously mentions “a white nerd who finally gets laid” in one film and wails that “it’s equally unbelievable, and more than a little insulting, that in both films, the women compete over achingly mediocre white men.”

Whoa! I smell a cunt! Her entire mien is so cunty, it would fit right in with those allegedly dehumanizing tropes she says are ever-present in Hollywood movies. Way to live up to the stereotypes, Dragon Lady.

In another blast of vaginal flatulence, she rants about

how liberal white women are reluctant to come to terms with how they hurt us. Our oppression by white men is persistent and obvious; our oppression by white women is just as persistent, only better concealed under the false assumption that because white women also live under the patriarchy, they are incapable of causing harm.

It’d be nice if she bothered to cite even a single quantifiable example of how Asian women are harmed and hurt and oppressed by living in a country where Asian women live longer and make more money than white men and white women. But we don’t live in a nice world.

Black YouTuber Who Condemns Race-Mixing is Accused of Sharing His Chocolate Milk with a Snowbunny

Dr. Umar Johnson is a Philadelphia-based black psychologist sometimes referred to as the “Prince of Pan-Africanism.” He is the author of Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education and ADHD Wars Against Black Boys [12]. Most of his notoriety comes from being a social-media personality who rails against interracial sex.

After Johnson was recently filmed genially talking to a white woman at a mall in Cherry Hill, New [13] Jersey, speculation erupted that he was a hypocrite — and the Prince of Pan-Africanism refused to let such vile falsehoods stand unchallenged.

Rushing to his own defense so quickly that it likely left the chubby relationship counselor out of breath, he posted on Instagram [14]:

Yes, I was at Cherry Hill Mall today. My iPhone crashed last night and the closest Apple store with an available appointment today was in Jersey. As I was leaving the mall, I stopped at a kiosk to view the incense & crystals. That non-afrikan woman is simply the vendor. A supporter came by for a photo, a BlackMan, which prompted her to ask me who I was. I told her I was a popular psychologist in the black community. I paid for my merchandise and went on with my life. If you dusty snowbunny loving betamales don’t believe me then please visit the mall and ask her personally if we exchanged phone numbers. I was dealing with food poisoning and wasn’t in the mood for all that anyway, so chill haters. Heavy is the head who wears the crown . . .

The only problem with his alibi is that the footage clearly shows they are not standing at a kiosk. Neither are any incense or crystals visible.

Clearly rattled by the allegation that he would dare flirt with a white woman, Johnson posted a video [15] where he challenges anyone on the planet to find a single white woman who claims she had sex with him:

Ain’t a snowbunny on Earth. If you can find her, find her. Show me a snowbunny who say she had some of this chocolate milk with her vanilla cookies. You can’t find one. Find me a snowbunny who’s gonna go live. I don’t want no secrets. I don’t do secrets. You got something to say about me, I want it live for the world to see. Show me the snowbunny who said, “Dr. Umar gave me some of this chocolate milk with my vanilla cookies.” Find her.

Dr. Johnson, I will take you at your word, despite the fact that I don’t believe you. But could you please tell all your pan-African brothers to stop raping white women?

Jewish Writer Conjures Richard Nixon’s Ghost to Make January 6 Investigation All About Jews

There’s a type of person who doesn’t mind making you suffer by fixating on his own suffering. Rabbi Joshua Hammerman [16] is precisely that type of person. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Watergate break-in, he penned an article [17] for the Times of Israel called “Watergate’s Jewish ‘thing’ & Nixon’s thing for the Jews”:

Fifty years ago, on June 17, 1972, the Watergate break-in changed the world. Little did we know it at the time, or for months after, that this seemingly innocuous, two-bit trespass would transform how Americans would view the venerated institutions of our civic life. But what about the Jews — or as Nixon liked to call us, the Jewboys [18]? Was Nixon the most antisemitic president ever [19]?

Wait a minute — who brought up the Jews? Oh, right, Rabbi Joshua Hammerman did.

The article is actually a decent clearinghouse for the numerous anti-Jew things that the occasionally hilarious President said. It even links to a recorded conversation [20] where Nixon and aides discuss the possibility that Jews are “born spies” but that blacks are too dumb to be spies.

Hammerman also finds a way to drag the January 6 show trials into the discussion. When he says “we” here, he’s referring to “we Jews”:

We won’t accept a world where bad presidents happen to good people: we speak truth to power, and pursue justice — as this week’s January 6 hearing reminds us.

As far as I can discern, neither Watergate nor January 6 had much, if anything at all, to do with Jews. But way to make it all about the Jews, anyway, Mr. Jewish Writer Man. Some would refer to that as narcissism, but to do so would be anti-Semitic, so I’ll bite my tongue.

Family Accused of Killing 3-Year-Old Girl During Exorcism

Amid the recent myopic focus on an alleged epidemic of pedophilic “grooming,” some people lose focus of the fact that many children are abused, and sometimes even murdered, by their own parents for reasons that have nothing to do with Drag Queen Story Hour.

Case in point: On September 24, 2021, three-year-old Arely Naomi Proctor Hernandez wound up dead in a small Pentecostal church in the San Francisco Bay Area. According to prosecutors, she’d endured an “exorcism” lasting 12 hours at the hands of her mother, uncle, and grandfather.

According to a charging document [21] from this May:

Rene Trigueros Hernandez, 59, and Rene Aaron Hernandez Santos, 19, were charged after evidence showed [22] that they were active participants in the 12-hour-long “exorcism” at a small, makeshift church, in which they and the child’s mother smothered and strangled the toddler until she died of asphyxia.

Evidence shows that the now-three charged suspects in the child’s death believed that they were expelling an “evil demon” from the child’s body. . . .

The mother believed that her daughter was possessed by a demon because the little girl would wake up in the middle of the night and cry.

Starting around noon the day of the 3-year-old’s death at the church, evidence shows that the three (the elder Hernandez is a pastor at the church) at various points were praying, strangling, and pushing on the child’s 38-pound body to cause her to vomit up the evil spirit.

The child was pronounced dead at Valley Medical Center at approximately 9:00 p.m.

The autopsy report showed that the child died due to asphyxia from smothering and mechanical asphyxiation, which is force applied to the chest, as well as the mouth and neck. There were many injuries to the child, and they were found all over her body. The most pronounced of the injuries were to her neck and chest, as well as internal bleeding in the heart, bowel, and pancreas, caused by the chest pressure.

As gruesome as all this is, to me the most stomach-churning aspect of the entire debacle involves a series of videos that the child’s mother, 25-year-old Claudia Hernandez-Santos [23], made this January in the days leading up to her arrest. As of this writing, at least three of these videos are still available online: 1 [24], 2 [25], and 3 [26]. They spotlight a young woman whose own daughter died at her own hands only four months earlier. But this young woman shows not a wisp of regret nor remorse for her daughter’s death. Instead, she fixates on how the natural lighting makes her face look in the video and defends her own reputation against all the haters and naysayers who weren’t there for her daughter’s murder and thus aren’t fit to judge:

Everyone wants to know what happened to her, you know, her cause of death. A lot of people turned on me after my daughter passed away; a lot of people thought a lot of things because of how that situation looked. If you weren’t there, you don’t know what happened. I know what happened. I could sit here and be negative. But there’s no point in me doing that. I cannot change what is. It is what it is. . . . It’s many reasons why God took her. At least she’s not suffering. In this world we suffer so much, especially nowadays. Everything is so bad. Everything is going downhill. That’s what I’m thankful for. That she’s not going to grow up in a world we live in.

So she’s “thankful” that she killed her own child, because at least that child won’t have to grow up in a world where psychotic and superstitious mothers, enabled by two other relatives, snuff the life out of their three-year-old daughters.

Women such as this are why misogyny exists.

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