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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 452
The Best Month Ever on The Writers’ Bloc with Stephen Paul Foster

[1]292 words / 2:07:42

Frequent Counter-Currents writer Stephen Paul Foster [2] was host Nick Jeelvy‘s honored guest on the latest broadcast of The Writers’ Bloc, where they discussed The Best Month Ever — a selection of particularly interesting Counter-Currents articles published in May 2022. The broadcast is now available for download and online listening.

Topics discussed include:

00:06:00 Who is Stephen Paul Foster?
00:15:00 How were libraries taken over by Leftists?
00:19:00 Stephen Paul Foster, “Solipsism to Nihilism: A ‘Ceaușescu Moment’? [3]
00:24:00 How Obama’s and Biden’s solipsism parallels Ceaușescu’s regime
00:28:00 The decline of solipsistic regimes in Romania and Tito’s Yugoslavia
00:33:00 Can today’s cultural nihilism be arrested?
00:37:00 Denmark as a traditionally high-trust society versus low-trust societies
00:42:00 The high compliance costs of today’s American university system
00:46:00 The Clintons’ political nihilism
00:48:00 Greg Johnson, “Payton Gendron & the Buffalo Massacre [4]
00:52:00 How the American state may be cracking down on the Right in response to the Buffalo massacre
00:57:00 Planting the worm of doubt to combat the opposition, soft tyranny, and power of overreach
01:02:00 Jim Goad, “The Tex-Mex Misfit Massacre [5]
01:07:00 Baltimore, Detroit, black crime, and the decline of American cities
01:12:00 The metaphysical connection between man and place
01:16:00 The vulnerability of young American white men without guidance to violence
01:20:00 The culture of drugs as an American tradition that dates to its founding and Prohibition
01:27:00 James J. O’Meara, “The Copypasta Apocalypse From Jesus to Gendron, via Brother Stair [6]
01:33:00 Scientology, the Moonies, and QAnon as recent cult phenomena in history
01:38:00 As family and traditional religion fail, cults become more common
01:41:00 The cult of Obama
01:48:00 Mark Gullick, “Morality Death Match: Lecter vs. Chigurh [7]
01:54:00 Hannibal Lecter and Anton Chigurh as ethically consistent and pure
01:56:00 Western ethics, the boutique approach, and the alienness of Eastern ethics
02:03:00 Closing remarks

To listen in a player, click here [8]. To download, right-click the link and click “save as.”

https://counter-currents.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/TWB-The-Best-Month-Ever-with-Stephen-Paul-Foster.mp3 [8]

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