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Anti-Semitic Zionism

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When I’m trying to gauge whether a person is a friend or an enemy, I usually ask him to describe to me his victory state — which is to say, what will the world look like when he has won and no longer has to engage in politics (or at least, that of the radical revolutionary kind)? Most people I’d describe as friends have victory states which have no place for Jews in the lands of Europeans. Not even the based Jews, sorry.

The positive vision of a Europe of ethnostates is specifically a vision that excludes Jews, for reasons both racial and historical. Not only are they an alien racial presence which shouldn’t be in Europe as well as Europe’s overseas colonies, but they’re also a problematic presence which has historically undermined European states and has attempted to destroy the European people. So, no Jews in Europe. But another question, of course, poses itself almost immediately: What do we do with the Jews already in the lands of Europeans?

The most obvious solution would be to ship them all to Israel. This solution goes well with the pan-nationalist approach [2], which advocates granting each nation a state of their own as a matter of principle. The overseas Jews could be sent to Israel, which exists as a Jewish ethnostate securing the existence of the Jewish people and a future for their children. This is, of course, the favorite solution for any other non-white ethnicity living in European lands, and it’s not even that controversial. Already we’re seeing in Europe talk of repatriating the migrants from the 2015 migration wave by sources closer to the mainstream than I’d have expected seven years ago, when the most recent wave started. Germany for the Germans, Turkey for the Turks, Sweden for the Swedes, Morocco for the Moroccans, France for the French, Algeria for the Algerians. Sounds like a fair deal, doesn’t it? Why not Israel for the Jews?

In a recent conversation I had about the subject, I irreverently described my position vis-à-vis Israel thusly: I oppose garbage in the streets, therefore I support building and maintaining a landfill. So, if we are White Nationalists and we seek to rid our nations of Jews, we need to find a place to dump them. Of course, if Israel is destroyed as a result of pressure from the Muslim world, that would mean that there would be no place to dump Jews anymore. Sure, we could try sending them to Madagascar, or maybe Birobidzhan (the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in Russia), but both those places would be glorified shtetls. Then we’d be back to the same problem our ancestors faced before 1948: streets full of garbage and no landfill to dump it in. This is how the anti-Semitic case for Israel usually goes. Maybe if we can dump all the Jews there, it could be worth the $5 billion in aid (give or take) plus the diplomatic and security costs to continue propping up a Jewish state in the Middle East.

In theory, Israel is where the Jews are supposed to go and bother us no longer. In practice, this has not worked out so well. Indeed, since the creation of Israel, Jewish interference in European nations’ affairs has not decreased but has in fact increased, culminating in the takeover of the US foreign policy establishment by a cabal of Straussian neoconservative Jews in the early 2000s. Their Project for a New American Century was aimed at instrumentalizing America’s immense military, economic, and diplomatic power for achieving Israeli foreign policy objectives. It is precisely the influence of the Jewish state in the Middle East which has turned the region away from secular Arab nationalism, which looked towards securing the existence of the various Arabic-speaking nations of the region, and toward militant and expansionist Islamist fundamentalism, which looks outwards towards infidel Europe as the great enemy and seeks to conquer it. The Jewish diaspora’s subversive activities have intensified to the point that it’s no longer possible to find much in the way of healthy tissue in the West, as well as no cultural institution that hasn’t been taken over by them and isn’t being used to beat the white population into submission. In other words, we’re paying massive municipal dues for a supposed state-of-the-art landfill, but our streets are still full of garbage. It’s enough to make a concerned citizen consider taking action.


You can buy Savitri Devi’s The Lightning and the Sun here [4].

We’ve yet to see a white nation with a government that has strongly suggested to its Jewish population that they bugger off to Israel — or else. We therefore do not know how Jews, diaspora or Israeli, would react to such a measure. We do, however, know that when the Third Reich attempted to forge trade links with Jewish leaders in the British Mandate of Palestine, the response from world Jewry was to overwhelmingly attack the Reich [5]. This was at a stage when the Reich was not interested in exterminating Jews (if it ever was, but that’s a story for another day), but merely sought to remove them from the German national body, and it evidently attempted doing so through diplomacy. Thus, it can be reasonably concluded that the motivation behind Jewish subversive and anti-white activity isn’t a lack of a homeland to call their own, but rather a lust for power over gentile nations in general and white nations in particular. In other words, what Jews stand to lose is the privileged position they hold in the West today, which they prioritize over the position that the erstwhile counter-Semitic Zionist plans for them as citizens of the Jewish ethnostate of Israel. The Jews can therefore be expected to fight tooth and nail against their removal from this privileged position, and ultimately against their physical removal from white societies.

There’s also the delusional belief long held by some Rightists in the West that if the Jews were given a land for their nation and cease being stateless people that they’d turn into a normal people. This is a belief that is shared with the founders of Zionism, notably Theodor Herzl and the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion. This is an attitude popular among people who deny the essential immutability of national and racial belonging, and thereby conflate nationality with behavioral complexes. The torturing of the definition of “Jew” into meaning either “Woody Allen lookalike” or “Hasidim” is what allows for flights of fancy such as the legendary 4chan post where an Israeli anon claimed that “Israel is the country closest to becoming 110” — which is to say, the 110th jurisdiction in history to have expelled its Jews, reflecting the Israeli’s state tensions with its Orthodox Jewish minority population, that refuses to pay taxes, serve in the Israel Defense Forces, recognize the Tel Aviv regime as legitimate, or even speak Hebrew (they insist on speaking Yiddish), all the while hoovering up massive subsidies for their kibbutzim.

Personally, I don’t like using the term “normal,” but I believe it’s fair to say that the Jews do not live like other nations. They’re the most diasporic of the diaspora nations. Other nations live in a similar small homeland/powerful diaspora duality, notably their fellow Eastern Mediterraneans: the Greeks, the Lebanese, and the Armenians. Greek and Armenian influence may be significant in the West, but the Armenians don’t have the clout to even have their own genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire recognized as such, to say nothing of enshrining it as a cultural and legal cornerstone [6] of Western Civilization.

There’s an argument to be made that the overseas Chinese and Indians have similar behavioral patterns as diaspora Jews, even as China and India themselves are vast, internationally respected, and powerful states, but it is only the Jews who have achieved hegemonic cultural and political control over a foreign civilization. Much though the Chinese and Indians may want to replicate this success in the West, the Chinese in Australia and Canada, and the Indians in America’s tech industry, consistently they find that the Jews are always one step ahead of them and that they simply do not have the knack for developing a culture of critique to suit their own needs. None of this is changing because the Jews now have their own state. Farming and soldiering will not turn Grima Wormtongue into Aragorn — or Sam Gamgee, for that matter. The Jewish behavioral complex is downstream of Jewish biology.

And so we’ve come to the stage where we switch metaphors. We have to see Israel not as a landfill where we dump our unwanted Jews, but as a pirate cove where Jewish pirates seek shelter. It’s not even a question of dual loyalty as much as the Jewish behavioral complex itself, which uses the rights and privileges of Israel as a sovereign state for the purpose of undermining and subverting other nations as well as retaining Jews’ privileged position in the world. We’re therefore back to the Jew himself as a problem — not Israel, not Zionism, not even the ill-conceived Zionist fantasies of American Evangelical Protestants, but the Jewish nation itself as a social and biological entity. We’re back to the drawing board.

What the hell do we do with these people?

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