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White Identity Nationalism, Part 3


Pickett’s Charge

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Part 3 of 3 (Part 1 here [2], Part 2 here [3])

Part 2: Which Way, White Man?

Now that we have both established the reality of White Genocide and explored some of the pivotal events that led us to this point, we must ask: Which way, white man? What is our response to the tempest now bearing down upon us?

White Identity Nationalism

Understand this: You are hated solely because you are white.

I do believe that a large reason behind the enemy’s anti-white animus, its desire to exterminate the white race, is residual in nature, based on the fact that whites have historically been Christ’s people.

Christianity and Europe came together, fusing to become something neither would have been absent the other. But the anti-white bastardization that is heretical modern “Christianity” has turned against whites, and so whites have largely abandoned the faith that was for centuries our identity.

But today, you are not hated merely because you’re a Republican, or a conservative, or a “patriot.” You are not hated just because you’re a Christian. You are hated because you are white. And so, the only effective response to this race-based warfare is necessarily racial. The only way to respond to white genocide is white identity nationalism, through white identity politics.

There is no future for the American Right unless it places white identity front and center.

The politics of white identity are self-explanatory, but it’s important that we see white identity politics as the vehicle, not the end. White identity politics are the vehicle of white identity nationalism. This is the higher purpose. So how should we define white identity nationalism?

White identity nationalism is the struggle to reclaim the state and realign it with the nation, the nation being white America.

The American nation-state is a state which has been weaponized against the nation, a state whose own existence is now inherently oppositional to the nation which it originally coalesced around.

So, white identity nationalism is the realignment of that state with its natural, organic nation or, failing that, the creation of a new state, or multiple states, for our nation. In order to effectuate this genesis, we must create an unbreakable bloc of white voters, at every level.

Going forward, white identity nationalism should be based around a few core tenets. I’ve given some thought to these, keeping in mind that the people whom we must win to our cause might not be as awake to the full horror of our situation.

In other words, our core principles have to have broad appeal across the socioeconomic spectrum of whites who describe themselves as conservative or otherwise situate themselves on the Right.

First, we should proceed from the basic principle that whites have legitimate group interests; that, just as every other racial group has universally-acknowledged group interests specific to the conditions of that race, whites are a unique group with unique interests. Furthermore, we must understand that those unique interests are often in direct opposition to the interests of other groups.

Second, whites have both the moral right and the moral duty to preserve and increase the white majority population of whatever area our focus is on at a given point, be it the town, the county, the region, the state, or the national polity writ large. We acknowledge that America, and all of its subdivisions, is a white nation with the absolute right to preserve itself as such. Remember: Without Whites, there is no America. There is no Appalachia, no Ozarks, no Arkansas.

Third, we adopt the analytical framework that every other racial group has as its second nature. When we approach a policy, a case, an event, or a candidate, our very first question must be: Does this advance white interests? If the answer is yes, we can move on to other considerations. But if the answer is no, we walk away and fight it tooth and nail.

Advocating for ourselves means flying the black flag against our enemies, giving them no quarter as we fight to preserve our demographic majority; our representation in government, media, the academy, and the workforce; our history; and our civil liberties.

It is true that a man does not truly love something if he does not hate those who would see it taken from him and destroyed. But, while love cannot exist without hate, hate can just as easily exist in the absence of love. Our mission is not hatred. Our mission is love and compassion for our own above all else and any others.


You can buy Greg Johnson’s White Identity Politics here. [5]

Is America ready for white identity politics, for white identity nationalism? Yes.

Donald Trump won in 2016 for one reason: Without explicitly saying so, he focused on white issues, first and foremost among them immigration. Trump voters are overwhelmingly in favor of immigration restrictionism.

Whether or not white conservatives admitted it or even conceptualized it as such, they voted for Donald Trump in such numbers because, for the first time in a long while, he spoke about the issues that ravaged white America.

When Leftists said that “Make America Great Again” was some kind of coded dog whistle for “Make America White Again,” I think they were right. I don’t think that Trump or his supporters really consciously thought about it that way, but I believe, at least subconsciously, they all understood that America’s greatness came entirely from its people, that American greatness is derived from white greatness.

The Weimerikan regime — what I often call the Satanic Globalist Cabal — saw the 2016 election of Donald Trump for exactly what it was; more clearly, I think, than Trump supporters themselves.

2016 was a definite signal fire that whites were finally stirring from their long slumber, and that white America wasn’t quite the corpse or the coma patient they had thought. White America showed undeniable signs of life.

Undoubtedly, the Trump Administration was an enormous waste of potential. But leaving that aside, his election terrified the powers-that-be. His election, fueled by a perceptible, visibly rising white racial consciousness, forced their hand. They accelerated their timeline.

Fast forward to today, and what do we have? The University of Virginia’s Center for Politics found that 84% of Trump voters are worried about significantly increasing discrimination against whites. Duke University’s Ashley Jardina estimates that 30-40% of white Americans say that white identity is important to them; remember, these are just the people willing to admit this to pollsters, so the figure is likely far higher.

Newsweek has reported on polling which found a quarter of Republican men expressing a favorable view of White Nationalism, with 12% expressing a very favorable view. 7% of overall American voters admitted a favorable view of so-called “white supremacists.”

The media has a vested interest in presenting white identity as a metastasizing threat, so polling should always be taken with a grain of salt — but, in my personal experience, the data bears out.

When I talk to voters about the Great Replacement, about the necessity for an immigration moratorium, about anti-white discrimination, about the fully genocidal language in which the ruling class speaks about whites, about the war on whites, they are fully on board with me.

They don’t squirm around and avert their gaze. They don’t get up and storm out. They nod their heads in agreement. They burst into cheers and applause. They give me standing ovations. They get it, because they live it, and because the anti-white state is boiling the frog too fast. In its genocidal fervor, it has dropped the mask; blinded by hatred, it can no longer hide the ravenous bloodlust which it holds for white Americans.

Critical Race Theory has become a dinner-table issue. A near-universal number of Republican voters name ending it as one of their highest priorities. School board races are seeing record voter turnout and record numbers of candidates, driven entirely by this issue.

Most importantly, though, these newly-energized Republican voters understand Critical Race Theory for exactly what it is: anti-white hate propaganda. We are seeing legions of enraged white parents show up to school board meetings and stage protests, advocating for themselves and for their children as whites — not as “one race, the human race,” but as whites. This is a phenomenon that we haven’t seen, frankly, since the fight to end forced busing.

There is a sea change underway on the American Right. Tucker Carlson openly supports an immigration moratorium and promoted Christopher Caldwell’s The Age of Entitlement, a broadside against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. FOX News is using the term “anti-white” and capitalizing the w in “white.” Revolver, one of the biggest pro-Trump conservative outlets, ran Jared Taylor’s excellent piece on the travesty of the McMichael verdict as its top story.

The Political Solution

I’ll now turn to a more practical discussion of what this means for us going forward. One of the biggest issues that we face is a generalized sense of apathy, particularly on the part of the rural, working-class whites whom the anti-white system has systematically disenfranchised, demonized, and spiritually murdered for decades.

This apathy is now at epidemic proportions; demoralization propaganda suffuses the Dissident Right, best expressed with the mantra, “There is no political solution.”

I can’t blame anybody for thinking this way, especially since the 2020 coup. This election theft was carried out so brazenly and spectacularly, and was witnessed on television in real time by tens of millions of us.

We watched impotently as the election was stolen — not from Donald Trump, mind you, but from us — and, worse still, we watched the entire Republican media-industrial apparatus raise hundreds of millions of dollars from the poorest, most oppressed people on Earth, digging through their couch-cushions for change to contribute to the effort to stop the steal, only for the party to do absolutely nothing about it.

VDARE calls the Republican Party the GAP, the Generic American Party, meaning that the GOP is presently the only political vehicle for whites, for Heritage Americans. But this party has already accepted white genocide as a foregone conclusion; it is devoted to pandering towards non-whites, whom it plainly sees as its new voters.

The Republican Party is ashamed that its voters are overwhelmingly white. It never misses an opportunity to stab them in the back, to accelerate their dispossession, to slander them as “racists.”

The Republican Party exists to prevent the emergence of an authentic, reactionary American Right. The Republican Party exists to hold the hands of slumbering whites as they sleepwalk into oblivion, to steer them to their final destination.

The Republican Party is our mortal enemy; if we are to survive, the GOP must die.

Up until recently, the plan that I advocated for dealing with the Republican Party is conquering it from within; more specifically, by starting at the level of the county committee. Here, generally low numerical participation means that, were you to get 40 or 50 fellow-travelers to show up at your local county GOP committee, you could simply take it over and elect yourselves into leadership. If you were to repeat the process with a sufficient number of other county committees, you could take over the State Committee. Repeat that with a sufficient number of states, and you could theoretically control the Republican National Committee.

This plan is no longer feasible at the national level simply because it’s too late, with America now in its death throes as a singular polity. But at the local level, the plan is very viable. Some friends of mine started a group called the Ozark Patriots; begun in Baxter County, the group is in the process of expanding both east and west to cover all of the Arkansas Ozark counties. The Ozark Patriots were able to capture the Baxter County GOP Committee in a hostile takeover, using exactly the strategy I delineated.

Eventually, I’d like to see them cross state lines into Missouri and organize the Missouri Ozark counties as well, building a truly regional force. The Ozarks are a region which transcends arbitrarily-drawn county and district lines, so this kind of local-regional organizing is critical for the coming storms. Regardless of whether the Republican Party is a legitimate long-term vehicle for our purposes, this is a highly effective method of short-term organization which is only beneficial in the long run.

In the past, I’ve used the metaphor of a dilapidated house, a decrepit fixer-upper, to describe the Republican Party. I said that we don’t have the time or the money to build a new house, so we have to live in the old house and improve it from within. I don’t say that anymore. The Republican Party is a burning house — one from which, if we do not escape now, will consume us with it as it falls into a smoldering ruin.

There simply isn’t enough time to find and elect hundreds of candidates like myself to take over the national GOP. Incumbent Con, Inc. Republicans and their garish Populist, Inc. primary challengers alike lack the willpower and the intelligence to do what needs to be done. Milquetoast incrementalism failed.

One of my favorite theologians of the Old South, R. L. Dabney, famously said that “American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader.”

Florida’s recent “Don’t Say Gay” bill is a perfect case study of the phenomenon. The bill prohibits teachers from discussing sexuality with their students — until the fourth grade. To reiterate, the bill is not actually a ban on disseminating LGBT propaganda to children, and even if it were, it proceeds from the principle that children are fair game for pedophile groomers from the fourth grade and on.

At best, like the vast majority of “based,” “firebrand” red state legislation, the bill is a quarter-measure designed to do nothing at all. These Republicans act in concert, whether consciously or not, with screeching Leftists who provide round condemnation of the legislation as some sort of paradigm-shattering act of reactionism. This in turn allows milquetoast Republicans — who are upholding the entire worldview of pedophile Leftists — to lionize themselves as dauntless culture warriors.

The question remains: Can we find salvation at the ballot box? It depends.

My prognosis for the United States of America, for the American nation-state as a singular polity, is decidedly negative. We cannot share a nation with genocidal, baby-killing, pedophile maniacs who openly wish to exterminate us. Separation is the only solution.

No matter how friendly your Leftist neighbor might seem, know that he will happily torture you to death in a gulag if given the opportunity. No matter how convivial your interactions with non-white passersby, know that they will happily butcher you and your family if given the chance.

Besides, in my view, the real US died with the election of Abraham Lincoln on November 6, 1860. We’ve been living on its fumes since 1865.

The best possible outcome for white America at present is Balkanization: the disintegration of the entity called America into some number of other entities.

We are already seeing some toes tentatively dipping into these waters, with white Buckhead’s efforts to divorce itself from parasitic, black Atlanta, conservative Oregonian counties contemplating joining with Idaho to form “Greater Idaho,” and conservative Virginian and Marylander counties expressing their desire to join West Virginia, among other examples.

“Tentatively” is the key word, for these are all embryonic or stalled efforts, none of which contemplate a life post-US. They remain encouraging, however, for the very fact that significant numbers of Americans are growing comfortable with entertaining the idea of redrawing borders.

As our economy continues to collapse, a process which the imminent death of the petrodollar and American dollar hegemony will only serve to accelerate, these prospects — and the prospects of real Balkanization — will become more and more possible.

Each time that I advocate for this, or for secession, some people will object that we cannot cede any of our territory. To these people, I say: Unfortunately, we have already ceded huge swathes of territory to the enemy. We are operating from a position of weakness, not strength, and our best hope of ever reconquering lost territory lie in strengthening our hold on the areas that remain to us.

So, do I believe that salvation can be found at the ballot box? Not at the national level.

Of course, I am running for national office, for United States Congress. So, if I don’t believe that national politics is the way forward, then why am I running for national office? Aside from the fact that this is a kitchen sink problem which requires us to try everything we can, I have three primary reasons for choosing to do it.

First, because, win or lose, my goal is to show the masses that it is okay to run for national office on a platform of explicit white advocacy, that it is possible to have a viable, healthy, successful campaign on these issues.

Second, because, win or lose, running for national office on these issues allows me a larger platform, a larger bully pulpit from which to inject these issues into the national conversation.

Third, because white Americans have no representation whatsoever at the national level. It is crucial that we do have a voice expressly advocating for our interests at that level, especially as the United States continues to decline and potentially disintegrate.

Furthermore, voting for national candidates like myself is worth it, simply because I am an agent of chaos, a shot of poison to the System.

My election, or the election of someone like myself, would be international news. It would dominate the national news. The Uniparty and its media organs would short-circuit. Remember the reaction to Donald Trump, a pragmatist who governed from the center, and imagine the reaction to me on the floor of Congress talking about white genocide. In fact, all of our efforts should be focused on helping me win my primary election on May 24. There’s not a single 2022 race that is more important.

There are reasons to run for national office. But I’m not America First; I’m Dixie First. I fly the Battle Flag at my home, not the American flag. My advice for anyone seeking to preserve white America is to run for state and local offices. These are the offices which carry the greatest direct influence over the lives of our communities.

The question of proactive secession is difficult. Obviously, the ideal secession scenario is Red State Secession, in which red states secede from the Union either independently or by forming a new Confederacy. The reason this scenario is incredibly unlikely to occur in such a clean way — aside from the fact that the Potomac regime will not let us go so easily, and leaving aside the question of the Leftist strongholds in the high population-density urban areas within each red state — is that there isn’t likely to be any kind of political willpower for it while it can still be accomplished.

Look at the governors and legislators in red states. Are these men up to such a task? Of course not. By and large, they’re cucks. The Republican governors of Texas and Arizona could unilaterally lock down their borders and put a huge dent in the unrelenting invasion of our nation. But they don’t.

What, then, is a more feasible scenario? Nullification and de facto secession. For this to work in the short term, white Americans should engage in strategic relocation. In other words, we should select areas across the country with conservative and Right-wing populist ideological leanings — which is much of Greater Appalachia, the lower Midwest, the Great Plains, and large parts of the West, all of which have large white majorities — and move there. This is at the county level, mind you, not the state.

Here’s a hint: The Arkansas Ozarks are a perfect place for this.

Once strategic relocation has taken place, our people must run for office; sheriffs, for example, have immense, untapped power to engage in the nullification of federal diktats. Mayors, county prosecutors, school boards — think about how much power these positions have.

This is de facto secession; with our own communities, as self-sufficient as possible, we can govern ourselves for ourselves. We can build cooperative networks of barter and trade with other communities. This is the kind of thinking that we must engage in if we are going to preserve the land and the people we love.


You can buy Greg Hood’s Waking Up From the American Dream here. [7]

Another way to approach strategic relocation is the concept of the parallel society. If sufficient numbers of us can relocate to defensible, resource-rich areas with the goal of building communities, conquering existing political structures is certainly an enticing prospect. But alongside turning existing offices to our use, which is a long-term task, we have to build parallel structures.

Schooling is a great illustration of what I mean. As it stands now, the American public school system is irredeemable. Parents who send their children to public schools are committing child abuse. Most private schools are just as bad.

I understand that families are struggling and that things will continue to worsen, but there is no excuse for sending your children to torture camps to be raped both mentally and physically by genocidal anti-white pedophile maniacs. If you love your children, it is your duty to endure any sacrifice necessary in order to homeschool your children. When sufficient numbers of homeschooling families live within a community, they can combine and form something more approaching a traditional schoolhouse format. Then, you have a community school.

As the community grows alongside other communities to the point of real political power, community schools will become the public schools, controlled by parents within the community at every step of the process, from homeschool, to homeschool network, to community school, to public school governed by school board.

Identity Dixie’s Padraig Martin recently wrote an excellent introduction [8] to the imperative of building parallel systems:

So what’s your plan, tough guy?

I get it all the time — “Fight!,” “Hang the traitors!,” and “Real Patriots are ready to shoot!” I get complaints that I am some kind of wimp because I do not embrace a violent assault on the vile US Government. About 50% of those making such posts and comments are Feds. They are trying to ensnare you in a conspiracy trap. About 50% are legitimate, well intentioned individuals of varying levels of mental stability who believe fighting is the only way out of our current mess. Let me clear the record: whereas I do not believe things will fix themselves and a fight may eventually occur, no matter how successful your fight, you need a plan for the post-revolution you seek.

I am not only a student of insurgencies, having done my graduate thesis on how to build successful revolutions using the Iranian model, but I also spent almost 20 years working on the logistics of supporting insurgent operations. I know what is needed. My favorite aspect of insurgencies [is] the comms necessary to build and guide them. Revolutionary Propaganda is crucial to support. Thanks to the US Government, I have worked in this field for decades. You — random sincere Gab Patriot — have done nothing for the revolt you seek.

There has NEVER been a successful revolution without a parallel system. Whether it was the United States of 1775, Ireland 1918, Iran 1978, or Romania 1992, you will never succeed without a “Shadow System.” . . . You need to build a parallel economy. You need a parallel legal structure… parallel education system . . . parallel monetary structure . . . you need to develop systems necessary to replace the collapsed state after you win. If you offer no alternative, no one will join your fight. It will die at the Pale.

How do you achieve this? Build. Build local and expand. Know the other local tribes. We have had a very successful series of meetings recently between like-minded individuals. Last weekend, seventeen non-ID farm families met at my home to arrange food trade arrangements. This year, our education and medical initiatives will begin in Florida. Politically, we have worked diligently to ensure about twenty-five local politicians in Florida are elected. Most of them will win. We have built companies to hire doxxed dissidents. We even began an arbitration court in NE Florida to bypass local courts for minor disputes. We are quickly removing our people from Government services.

You want to fight, tough guy? Put down your guns — not far mind you (they eventually may be needed) — and pick up a parallel path that completely undermines the US Government. We are all capable of fighting. What is next? If you are TRULY a revolutionary, you need to offer your people an alternative. We are. What are you doing, other than talking tough?

You want to win? Build.

Running for Office

Keeping in mind that this is my first time running for office, I’ll turn now to the purpose of this conference: practical advice on how to run for office, for how to get engaged and lead the struggle for white America from the front.

First, get as involved in your community as possible. Because of diversity, our greatest weakness — along with the death of our manufacturing sector, the death of fraternal organizations, the pestilence of opioids across the land, and the devices of technological enslavement like social media, smartphones, and pornography – is that we no longer live in a nation of communities.

Each man is an island, isolated, alienated, devoid of his roots, encouraged to drink, drug, and masturbate himself to a lonely death. But there are still vestiges of community within the carcasses of the larger communities we once enjoyed. There are still pockets dotting the South where neighbors still help each other out, where churches still serve as communication hubs.

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that the state of American Christianity is a shameful disgrace. It’s an embarrassment. I’m a Southern Baptist, so I’ve seen firsthand how the Southern Baptist Convention was subverted from within by Satanic operatives like Russell Moore. I’ve studied the long history of how, starting with the Scofield Bible, American Christianity has been conquered by Christian Zionism. But at the local level, the vast majority of Southern Baptist churches are still sound. Their congregants might not be fully aware of what’s happening, but the fact that they’re still attending church is already a factor in our favor. These people are our natural mainstream constituency.

So, find a church that isn’t completely cucked, and show up at every event. Be friendly. Make conversation. Make yourself useful. Get to know your neighbors, and get together with your church group outside of church.

I know how isolating, alienating, and soul-crushing this sick, rotten country can be. I know how easy it is to lose hope, to throw your hands up and say, “Lord, come back and wipe it all away.” But don’t give up. The enemy feeds off of our demoralization.

Second, you need to honestly assess your prospects for electoral victory. Think about your platform, the issues you’re going to be talking about every time you meet potential voters. Think about your audience, and think about your opponent.

I have the boldest platform that America has ever seen. It might even shock you. But these are the issues and the beliefs that Ozarkian Arkansawyers — my people — care about. These are the opinions that they express around the table every night, the principles that no one else dares publicly advocate for.

We’re not talking about the marginal interest rate, or balancing the budget. We’re talking about millions of invaders replacing us. We’re talking about our children overdosing on fentanyl in droves. We’re talking about a totalitarian regime ripping from our grasp all that we love, humiliating and desecrating everything we’ve ever known.

My district, Arkansas’ Third Congressional District, is overwhelmingly white and primarily rural and suburban. In terms of total area, the district is mostly rural, with the Right-wing populism common to the Ozarks and the rest of Greater Appalachia.

That said, the population centers are Bentonville, Fayetteville, and Fort Smith, each of which is dominated by politics best described as cocktail conservatism. Notably, Bentonville is the headquarters of Walmart and the Walton Family Foundation, infinitely wealthy engines of degeneracy, while Fayetteville is home to the University of Arkansas.

Last year, the Arkansas State Legislature redrew our four federal congressional districts; though all of the Arkansas Ozark counties should be in one district, they remained divided among three districts in a manner which leaves them essentially powerless within each respective district. The Third District was shrunk, with the effect of giving Bentonville, Fayetteville, and Fort Smith even more inordinate power over the district. Were things to proceed as they currently are for another ten years, the district would become purple, if not blue. Luckily, our current political system will not survive another ten years. As it stands now, however, the Third District is deep red, such that the Republican primary elections will determine the victor in the general election. If I win my primary, I will be the next United States Representative.

My Republican incumbent opponent, Steve Womack, is deeply unpopular. He voted to certify the fraudulent 2020 coup. He called Trump supporters “un-American, un-patriotic extremists.” He called January 6 a “deadly insurrection,” and was one of 35 House Republicans who voted with Nancy Pelosi for her 9/11-style “January 6th Commission,” a sham witch-hunt with the sole purpose of legitimizing the torture of political dissidents as enemy combatants.

He took a large Pfizer contribution and began pushing their deadly, experimental drugs just a couple of days later, falsely calling them “proven safe and effective.” He voted for a database tracking Americans’ vaccination status.

He voted for Red Flag gun confiscation, and followed it up by voting for the ATF to open automatic criminal investigations into anyone who gets flagged by the broken NICS background check system, which routinely returns false positives and ensnares thousands of innocent gun buyers every year. The same bill allows the ATF to federalize local police departments. Recently, he sent a letter to the Biden regime begging the US Trade Representative to end President Trump’s tariffs on China.

Deep State Steve is also among the worst neoconservative warmongers in Congress, agitating every day for World War III with Russia. This guy’s biggest donors, aside from Walmart and the Walton family, are defense contractors like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. This year, AIPAC –in other words, the Israeli government — injected some more cash into his war chest.

All of this is to say that my opponent enjoys no popular base of support. Many of his constituents are so disenfranchised by and disillusioned with the political process that they don’t even know his name, after 12 years of claiming to represent them. But his corporate paymasters have armed him with almost $2 million to spend, compared to my $110,000.

There have been victories with much worse odds. In 2014, Dave Brat beat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in Virginia’s Seventh District on the issue of immigration, with only $150,000 to Cantor’s $5 million.

I am met with an incredibly warm, overwhelmingly positive reception from every voter I speak with. My message resonates. My only real obstacle is name recognition, which I have tried to overcome with a two-pronged approach: first, by doing as much direct, face-to-face campaigning as possible; and second, by raising as much money as possible for advertising to reach those whom I wasn’t able to get in front of. Even if I do lose this election, which is a real possibility that you always have to keep in the back of your mind, political success is often cumulative. In other words, my quest is not quixotic.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, you need to ask yourself if you’re ready to take this on. This is not easy. I often joke about how, had I run a mainstream “Let’s Go Brandon”-style campaign on how I’m the son of an immigrant and all of that treacly gobbledygook, I’d have been a shoo-in. But I took the most difficult road possible, because it was and is my duty to do so.

It is no easy task to run a campaign on explicit white advocacy, to openly confront the Great Replacement and the whole litany of issues we’ve discussed here today. To say that it requires a thick skin is an understatement. Let me run through a sampling of the attacks that I have faced in the past year.


You can buy Greg Johnson’s The Year America Died here. [10]

Just in the first couple of weeks of my campaign, my barber of several years banned me from his shop, and Facebook deleted my admin account so that I couldn’t access my campaign page. I got banned from Twitter for writing, “Derek Chauvin did nothing wrong.” They said I was “glorifying genocide.”

Local media won’t cover me. A local television news station interviewed me over two months ago, and never aired it. Not a single news outlet in Arkansas has covered any of my press releases, aside from two papers carrying a portion of my very first one, announcing my candidacy.

I spoke at a Rally for Medical Freedom at the State Capitol back in September, and the moment that I got up to the podium, the news crews took their microphones away, packed up their cameras, and left.

At a Lincoln Day Dinner, the Carroll County GOP threw me offstage for daring to criticize my opponent. I called him out directly to his face — he was sitting right in front of the podium, beet-red, the only time we’ve ever been in the same room together. He didn’t know I would be there; even before that, he told people he would never be anywhere I was.

Steve and his Chief of Staff, a rotund little goblin called Beau Walker, have personally called some of my top donors to tell them I’m a “racist.”

From day one, a subversive operative called Greg Payne has run a coordinated smear campaign against me. He’s a local attorney — representing clients like the pedophile Josh Duggar — who came from nowhere and infiltrated the Republican Party of Arkansas, as well as the US Senate campaign of a woman named Jan Morgan. He’s currently seeking a seat in the State Legislature.

Here’s a clue as to who’s pulling his strings: He has a profile on a shadowy “talent agency” called ExploreTalent, owned by an Israeli pornographer, which also launched the careers of a number of Zionist Republican influencers and politicians, including Rep. Lauren Boebert, Candace Owens, Scott Presler, Tomi Lahren, FOX host Jesse Watters’ wife, and many more. Many suspect that ExploreTalent is an Israeli Mossad influence operation.

In October, the Republican Party of Arkansas denounced and disavowed me as a “racist, sexist bigot,” declaring me a “non-recommended candidate.” For perspective, keep in mind that I am only the third candidate in US history to be disavowed by a state GOP during a contested primary.

Arkansas GOP Chairman Jonelle Fulmer has publicly implied that I am a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

The day after the Republican Party attacked me, Anedot, my payment processor, shut down my online fundraising. Later, the Republican National Committee banned me from WinRed, their own fundraising platform. These are the largest Republican payment processors. Thankfully, though, I did find a new one.

In January, the Anti-Defamation League, a Satanic organization founded to protect a pedophile child murderer and which is now devoted to defaming whites, devoted an entire section of its “Extremism on the Ballot” report to yours truly, calling me a “white supremacist.”

The Guardian was kind enough to give me top billing in its article on the report, calling me one of the most dangerous candidates in America. Of course, this is an insult, because I am the most dangerous candidate in America. Business Insider has called me “the most homophobic candidate in America,” running a hit piece on my efforts to protect children from the brazenly pedophiliac Transgender-Industrial Complex.

In April, Mark Pitcavage of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) tweeted about me, incensed that I had the audacity to refer to the Great Replacement as the most important issue facing my constituents. Then, a short hit piece magically appeared in Raw Story almost immediately with a headline almost copied verbatim from Pitcavage’s tweet.

Mere hours after that piece was published — clearly at the behest of the ADL — a self-proclaimed “journalist” called my elderly mother and verbally harassed and abused her so much so that, when she called me to tell me what had happened, she was in tears.

I was able to identify the activist as Michael Rader, a financial advisor for Prudential in Irvine, California. Rader admitted his identity when confronted. Though Rader claims to be an “independent journalist” working on “a cover story for a magazine,” he refused to identify the magazine and I have been unable to find anything written under that name.

Mere days after a shooting in Buffalo, New York, the Southern Poverty Law Center attempted to tie me to the shooter and imply that I am somehow culpable for the act because halting the Great Replacement is the first plank of my platform.

As you can see, I am by far the most persecuted candidate for any office in the entire country in the 2022 midterm cycle. Why is this? It’s simple: Because I am the only candidate who speaks unashamedly and explicitly about the plight of white America. I am the only candidate who openly defends the interests of white Americans.

We are a stateless people, with no representation whatsoever. Non-whites have 535 politicians in DC representing them. Whites have zero.

This is why the regime is throwing everything it has at me, trying to ruin and destroy me, because the bipartisan establishment’s foremost goal is to prevent white Americans from waking up and fighting against white genocide.

Running for office, particularly running for office and speaking positively about white identity, can be extremely isolating. You have to understand that, once you take this step, there is no going back. Many of you know that I’m a law student; there’s a very good chance that I will not be permitted to practice law. I will never have a “normal” career. But I knew that, and took that into consideration before I ran.

You will be betrayed by people whom you thought were your friends. You will be pilloried by people whom you trusted. You will be abandoned by people whom you thought would support you, people who should be supporting you, people who promised they would support you. You will learn who your real friends are — and, sometimes, you’ll find out that you don’t have many.

Don’t get me wrong, though; it’s not all doom and gloom.

Few things warm the heart so much as when a retired supporter drives hours to volunteer at your event, or when a supporter places enough faith in you that they donate their hard-earned money to your campaign, or when supporters send you messages of encouragement like this:

I have to tell you something. I haven’t voted in many years. Last time was for Ron Paul. Ages ago. So, my voting status has been void. For years I didn’t want to vote because I saw the whole system as corrupt. Like Mark Twain said, “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” But I’m going to register so I can vote for YOU.

One man just sent my campaign $20, along with this message:

I’m 70, retired on [an] SSA/VA budget, [and] would be starving if I couldn’t hunt, fish, and garden. I hope you win and can help clean out the whole system of corrupt professional politicians!

The faith and the confidence that your supporters place in you is one of the greatest motivators there are for being the best man that you can be.

Rejecting the Black Pill

This brings me to my final point: This can sometimes be a terribly disheartening endeavor.

The average person is uninformed; if they are informed, they are often misinformed. Above all, though, the average person is afraid. They live in fear: fear of social opprobrium and excommunication, of losing their job, of going to prison, of being killed, of losing everything. These are legitimate fears for white identitarians in a genocidal, totalitarian anti-white state.

Cowardice commingles with sloth. Where were the mobs of white men chanting “white lives matter” (WLM) outside the courthouse as the McMichaels were lynched within? Where were the WLM mobs when the judge declared Cash Gernon’s killer unfit to stand trial? They were at home, watching the anti-white humiliation ritual known as professional sports.

Counter-Currents Aquilonius recently wrote [11] that “you will find yourself a lion acting as the spearpoint of a gaggle of sheep and, when you rush the barricades, you will look behind you and find no one but a line of police officers cutting off your escape.”

Counter-CurrentsThomas Steuben expanded on this idea [12]:

Conservatives have become such weak-willed sheep that not only can they not be counted on to hold their ground at a real-life protest, they won’t even boycott a sporting event in retaliation for the torture of political prisoners, child abuse with masks, anti-White propaganda, or a variety of other valid reasons to be outraged. This objectively demonstrates a lack of willpower, solidarity, and willingness to sacrifice.

Self-hating whites are often thought of as belonging to the Left, but the legions of Martin Luther King-addled “colorblind” conservatives on the so-called Right are also self-hating. It’s not difficult to slip into a consuming disgust with self-described “patriots” in “Let’s Go Brandon” shirts who fly “Back the Blue” flags, whose criticisms of Critical Race Theory consist of calling it “racist” toward blacks, who tuck tail and run at the word “white,” and who crumple at the insinuation of “racism,” crying, “Patriots have no skin color” all the way home.

It’s not difficult to be disgusted by parents who know what’s happening in our schools and yet continue to send their children to these genocidal anti-white pedophile camps, where children learn only sexual perversion and the worship of non-whites.

We have the most heavily-armed civilian population in history, and yet we sit idly by as groomers ruin our flesh and blood right under our noses. The Second Amendment has been neutralized by corrosive libertarian individualism, such that the petty hobbyist — sitting atop a mountain of custom AR-15s and ammunition, gathering dust — has taken the place of the communitarian militia. These people cling to twentieth-century interpretations of the Constitution — not the Constitution as originally intended — leading them astray down dark, labyrinthine passages, at the end of which they find themselves defending pornography and sodomite-transgender filth as “free speech.”

They fail to see that our Constitution was used against us, our “rights” deployed by our enemies in order to entrench their own power and then ruthlessly stripped away from us. “Patriots” like these have imbibed and are besotted by the egalitarian hogwash, accepting as true every false moral premise which was created to annihilate them, and have thus surrendered the field before a real battle ever began. Their candidates are no different from the “RINOs” they fervently wish to displace. These are the people who praise you as a “patriot” for talking about what’s being done to them, and in the next breath condemn you as a “Nazi” if you attempt to tell them who is doing it to them.

It’s not difficult to blame these people for allowing our nation to be eviscerated and flayed, with nothing but a rotten husk remaining. Indeed, it is all too easy to slip into an insidious line of thinking which leads you to the bitter, disconsolate conclusion not only that ours is a lost cause, but that we deserve what has happened to us — that, because the masses of white Americans refuse to lift even one finger in their own defense, because the average white American has thus far shown no willingness to fight for himself, white America deserves its fate.

I once wrote that whites who are paralyzed in inaction for fear of being called “racists” do not deserve their nation. When white cuckservatives attack me as a “Nazi,” a “racist,” a “white supremacist,” or when some in the “America First” crowd call me a “wignat,” there is the occasional flash of anger: “I’m fighting for you, I’m sacrificing everything for you, and this is the thanks I get? Why am I trying to help someone who refuses to help himself?”

This is the black pill, and we must emphatically reject it.

Whites do not deserve to die. We do not deserve to lose the nation which our ancestors — and ours alone — carved from a savage wilderness. We do not deserve anything that has been done to us. Whites who live in fear deserve champions who will show them that it is not only fine, but right, good, and moral to take their own side. Whites now living in fear must be inspired to rise to the call of history. This is our duty.

The future belongs to those who show up. Our enemies have been engaged in unilateral warfare against us for a century. It’s high time we respond in kind. Never apologize, never relent, never allow yourself to be thrown into a defensive posture. Move forward and never look back.

There is no worthier cause; no, there has never been a worthier cause than this struggle, the struggle to preserve and defend white America from the nightmare now descending to disembowel it.

Running for office is not the only way to serve our people. I know so many absolutely brilliant people — both personally and in the anonymous, online Dissident Right — who are wasting their talents in this soul-crushing, anti-white beast system. These people would, in a normal society, sit at its highest echelons. In a normal world, I myself would probably have been a professor.

Do not allow this cheap, filthy, plastic, evil world of degradation and ruin to waste your talents. Devote them to the struggle. Devote whatever financial resources you can afford to. It is our duty, even in the face of potential futility, even in the face of potential death, to devote ourselves and all that we have to the struggle for the survival of our people, of our homeland, of our blood and soil, hearth and home, kith and kin.

It is our duty to reject both the black pill and the siren song of comfort, to understand that the time truly is now or never. If we do nothing, we face literal extermination and extinction. We face cannibal barbarism from the darkest recesses of Africa, Aztec cruelty from the jungles of Mexico and Central America, the opening of Hell itself.

To those who believe that our day is done, that our cause is lost, I say: You know what they say about Southerners and Lost Causes. Our forefathers left their homes and their beloved behind, risking everything, laying down their lives and charging so bravely into the mouth of Hell because they knew that if they did not fight, their homeland would be lost, transformed into their worst nightmares. They gave everything they possessed in order to transmit their inheritance, their Southern birthright, to generations yet unborn. They knew that, if they had stood by, their entire world would end, that the world which they had built for their children would be stolen from them and divvied into the hands of squatters not fit for the blessings of their civilization.

Pickett’s Charge, bloody as it was, should be the image etched in our hearts, the pool from which we draw our fortitude. These Southern heroes, common men only months before, fearlessly stormed an unassailable position, marching headlong into the impenetrable Yankee Leviathan because it was their duty.

A Union observer described the Confederates thusly:

None on that crest now need be told that the enemy is advancing. Every eye could see his legions, an overwhelming, resistless tide of an ocean of armed men sweeping upon us! . . . Right on they move, as with one soul, in perfect order, without impediment of ditch, or wall, or stream, over ridge and slope, through orchard, and meadow, and cornfield, magnificent, grim, irresistible.

Let not our enemies need be told that we are advancing — immovable, magnificent, grim, irresistible.

We should also consider Edmund Ruffin, the greatest fire-eater of them all, a gentleman who spent most of his adult life laying the discursive groundwork for secession; who, at age 67, fired the very first shot on Fort Sumter from Morris Island.

After Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, Ruffin chose to commit suicide rather than submit to Yankee rule, writing his famous last words:

And now, with my latest writing and utterance, and with what will [be] near to my latest breath, I here repeat, and would willingly proclaim, my unmitigated hatred to Yankee rule — to all political, social, and business connection with Yankees, and to the perfidious, malignant, and vile Yankee race.

It should go without saying that I am not advocating for Ruffin’s final course of action, but we should embody the principle that, if we fail, life is not worth living. We have to understand this: Everything that we love and cherish about our country, all that is pure and good on this Earth, is directly tied to the preservation of America as a white nation.

The war on whites, the white genocide agenda, is a war against human progress itself. Nearly every good thing on our planet, every civilizational advancement ever, was created and is maintained solely by white men. We are an affront to failure, to mediocrity. We are the life force set against the forces of death and destruction. This is a spiritual struggle between God and Satan.

Remember, and never forget, what we are fighting for. The Andy Griffith Show has always been one of my favorite programs. Mayberry, North Carolina, the fictional town that it was set in, is a perfect image of mid-century Southern life. Our enemies tell us that Mayberry never existed. They’re wrong. Hundreds if not thousands of Mayberrys existed all over the South. My mom was blessed to have grown up in one.


You can buy Tito Perdue’s novel Though We Be Dead, Yet Our Day Will Come here [14].

My mother grew up in a little town called Rich Hill, South Carolina. Her father was a sharecropper, and her mother was a homemaker. My mom lived next door to her grandparents, and every Sunday, after church, most of the extended family — more than 50 people — would gather there for a supper of fried chicken fresh from the coop, homemade biscuits, fresh vegetables from the garden, fresh churned butter, chess pie, pound cake, chocolate pie. On hot summer days, they’d sit under the oak tree churning ice cream.

Every year her grandfather planted a garden, plowing it with a mule, walking behind in his worn leather brogans with this old iron plow. My mom would help the family shuck corn, hull peas, and string green beans. There was a lot of vegetable canning. They washed their clothes by hand.

After school, my mother would run next door and climb onto her grandpa’s lap under that oak tree. She’d reach in his pocket, and he always had a piece of gum or penny candy for her. Every day, he’d walk up the road to the corner store to visit with his friends and get his grandkids a treat. Her grandmother was always reading the Bible, rocking on the front porch.

That’s what we’re fighting for: our posterity, future for our children, a world in which that communitarian ideal isn’t just a memory, a world in which it’s a reality. A world where our children can ride their bikes and go fishing off in the woods all day and come home safe at night, where we never have to worry about whether they’ll return, about whether some fiend who never belonged there in the first place might execute them. A world where our grandparents can walk up the road to the corner store without getting their throats slit. A world where our mothers, daughters, and wives can walk out the door without getting raped and murdered.

We’re also fighting to preserve God’s Creation. Our enemies aren’t just trying to rebuild the Tower of Babel and eliminate human biodiversity, undoing God’s creation of races and nations; our enemies are trying to destroy the natural world itself.

Whites are the only people who cared enough about our wilderness to create laws to protect it. Whites are the only people who cared enough about animals to create laws for their welfare, and punishments for the subhuman monsters who harm them. Without whites our wilderness will disappear, our animals will die, and our world will be a giant festering sore, a stinking repository of filth choked with the detritus of unwashed hordes — in other words, our entire world will look like the worst slums of the Third World.

William de Vere, probably my favorite author at Counter-Currents, wrote a masterful essay [15] on this which I’ll quote from:

If the architects of the Great Replacement achieve their aims, then America will simply be another crime-ridden, oligarchic, violently diverse, and environmentally devastated land . . . As the conservationists of old knew, the battle to preserve wild nature and the battle to preserve heritage America are one and the same: They both work to ensure that a beautiful but threatened minority does not disappear from the face of the earth. . . . [W]e must not forget that the essence of America is not its governing ideology, its rulers, or its economic system. It is the land and the people who settled that land. . . . And it is these that are worth preserving.

The non-white world is renowned for its evil, depraved, widespread acts of grotesque, wanton cruelty on the animals whom whites go to great lengths to love and care for. Asians and Africans are solely to blame for the vicious traffic in endangered species and for the destruction of our global fisheries through plastic and chemical pollution, as well as reckless commercial fishing practices.

Illegal aliens are the primary drivers of the horrific cruelty notorious in our despicable factory farming industry. Blacks and Mexicans love animal fighting and operate truly Satanic puppy mills; indeed, blacks singlehandedly ruined the entire pit bull breed. Chinamen keep bears in cages so small they cannot move for years on end, with festering, open gall bladder wounds so their tormentors can keep extracting valuable bile over and over again. Extreme sadism mars both Jewish and Muslim food preparation rituals.

What about our four-legged companions? In America, whites are three times more likely to own a dog and five times more likely to own a cat when compared to non-whites.

Meanwhile, there are open-air dog meat markets all over Asia. These monsters like to torture dogs as they’re slaughtered because the adrenaline supposedly makes the meat more flavorful; they skin them alive, bleed them to death through their paws, even blowtorch them to death. In the ongoing lockdown in Shanghai, Chinese authorities are beating pet dogs and cats to death for no discernible reason.

Muslims take great pleasure in brutalizing and butchering dogs, even using them for bomb delivery. Muslim “refugees” in Europe have raped dogs to death and dismembered kittens to play soccer.

Blacks know that whites love animals. During the Summer of Floyd, black BLM activists deliberately ran over a raccoon with their car twice before viciously beating it to death with a baseball bat. Afterwards, they posted it to social media with the comment, “Only white people worry about this.”

The fates of the white race and of the animals over whom we have dominion are inextricably linked; if we are driven to extinction, so too will they be, with nobody left to care for them.

All of this and more is what we are fighting for. Everything worth valuing and preserving on this Earth is wholly dependent upon the struggle against white genocide. The Earth is on our shoulders. Our posterity, the lives of our children, hang in the balance.

In his wonderful speech at last year’s American Renaissance conference, Jared Taylor reminded us that we have the blood of heroes in our veins. Through this ancestral blood, our forefathers commune with us. Their blood — our blood — calls out to us, challenges us, exhorts us, asking us why we allowed our enemies to drag us to this sordid, miasmic state of decay, commanding us to fight and to secure victory; not just to secure our existence and our future, but to triumph and fulfill the glorious plans they laid for us, to realize the future which they made possible for us.

Our duty is to take up our ancestors’ mantle, to preserve the birthright for which they sacrificed everything to bequeath to us, to stop squandering our inheritance and instead make ourselves worthy of their blood.

Our duty is to fill our descendants’ hearts with the admiration for us that we have for our forefathers; to give our children, our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren, and their children after them a legacy to uphold, a name to honor, a kingdom to maintain and advance.

White genocide is not a foregone conclusion. It is a call to arms, a call which we must answer, a duty which we must not, which we cannot fail to meet. It will take everything that we have and all that we are, but we can and will reclaim our homeland. It is ours, and ours alone. It belongs to nobody else, and it never will.

Rage against the dying of the white, and vow that they will not replace us.

When all seems lost, remember this: White men built the world. We can and will do it again.

Neil Robinson Kumar is a candidate for United States Congress representing Arkansas’ Third Congressional District. He may be reached at neilforarkansas.com [16], on Gab [17], and at PO Box 652, Bentonville AR 72712.

* * *

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