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White Identity Nationalism, Part 2

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Part 2 of 3 (Part 1 here [2], Part 3 here [3])

The Great Replacement

White genocide is well underway on another front — less immediately brutal, perhaps, but ultimately no less violent than the anti-white hate crimes we’ve just discussed — and that is the Great Replacement.

A constellation of NGOs, religious organizations, corporations, and billionaires, crowned by the United States government, the Weimerikan regime itself, is purposely engaged in ethnic cleansing, in the replacement of the white race.

It’s more than wage depression. It’s more than economic displacement. It’s more than crime, and it’s more than destroyed social trust. By swamping our nation with compliant, Third World peasants, white political power is being consciously diluted; in some areas, whites have already reached political impotence.

In swing states like Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, the number of new, foreign-born voters already exceeds the 2016 margins of victory.

But it’s more than that, too. It’s the gruesome murder of the nation we love, the nation we grew up in. How many of you look outside and see a hostile, alien landscape unrecognizable as the place you were born and raised in? Strange faces, cacophonous noise, a filthy pallor washing everything away in a grimy haze?

Third World people make Third World countries. They’re turning our home into a putrid favela, from coast to coast. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, America’s foreign-born population soared to over 46 million as of November. That means that Third World rapefugees and other invaders comprise over 14% of the population, a number which has tripled since 1970 and doubled since 1990.

The key here is that we have no idea how many people are in this country. Our southern border isn’t just wide open, it’s gone. It’s been erased. It no longer exists. 200, 300, 400, 500,000 aliens are pouring across the Rio Grande every month. Just using the official numbers, which are a lowball, VDARE came up with a few comparisons to put this in perspective.

Last year, more people than the entire population of Dallas and almost equal to that of San Diego illegally entered America. If they were all held in one place, they would constitute the ninth-largest city in America. Last year’s illegal border crossers — the ones we know about — could completely displace the citizens of Irvine, Pittsburgh, Orlando, and St. Louis all put together.

Enough illegal aliens entered America in 2021 alone to equal or exceed all the Americans who live in each of ten US states: Alaska, Delaware, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming. And 2022 is already showing exponential increases over last year.

This is a rapidly accelerating death spiral, and if it is not stopped now, America as a singular polity will be lost.

For an idea of the endpoint our enemies are working towards, look no further than Vox founder Matthew Yglesias’ One Billion Americans, in which he urges us to import almost 700 million more Third World peasants into our nation.

Glenn Beck interviewed Yglesias and wholeheartedly endorsed the proposal, declaring that “having one billion Americans is a goal worth striving for and crucial to keeping China from overtaking us as the top global power.” Beck elaborated with the sickeningly common argument that immigrants “work far harder than most Americans, especially American kids. It renews us. It’s good.”

The regime uses our tax dollars to put these invaders on midnight flights and buses and ship them to rural, White communities all over America. Is there infrastructure in these places to support the newcomers? Of course not. The point is demographic warfare.

Think about that those 15,000 Haitians squatting under a bridge in Texas. One day, they vanished. Coming to a community near you. Noel, Missouri, not far from my hometown, is chock-full of Somalian and Afghan rapefugees.

Even the most heinously criminal aliens don’t get deported. Meanwhile, the number of unaccompanied children crossing the border is at its highest ever, facilitating a massive child sex trafficking operation. But that’s not all that’s flooding into our nation in an apocalyptic deluge.

Ground Zero for the Great Replacement is also Ground Zero for the Opioid Plague. Mexican cartels — sophisticated, transnational criminal networks which possess more firepower than the Mexican army — use our whilom border to ferry opioids like fentanyl into our homeland.

The Opioid Plague is, second only to the Great Replacement, one of the most powerful weapons of white genocide. There’s a reason why many on the Dissident Right call this the white death, the white plague.

The Sackler family, along with other Big Pharma entities, corrupt regulatory agencies, and maliciously ignorant doctors and pharmacists, intentionally unleashed this beast upon us. To this day, they have faced no meaningful punishment for their crimes.

Greater Appalachia was indeed the chosen target for the Sacklers’ opioid genocide; court documents show Richard Sackler celebrating a coming “prescription blizzard . . . so deep, dense, and white,” at the 1996 OxyContin release party.

Max Zimmerman, an executive at the drug distributor AmerisourceBergen, sent e-mails gleefully ridiculing “pillbillies.” Zimmerman played off of the Beverly Hillbillies theme song, writing how “poor mountaineer” Jed “barely kept his habit fed.” He also sent a picture of a cereal box that said, “Smack: OxyContin for kids.” When Kentucky, which he called “OxyContinVille,” introduced new regulations, he wrote, “One of the hillbillies must have learned how to read.”

Understand this: In the years since the release of OxyContin — a wildly addictive painkiller pushed by doctors onto millions of unsuspecting patients who were lied to that it was not addictive — we have lost over one million Americans to drug overdose deaths. That’s more than the number of Americans killed in all of our wars, combined. They were primarily opioid overdoses, and they were overwhelmingly white. That was the goal all along.

Vast swathes of our nation have been ravaged and depopulated. Arkansas saw the third-largest increase in the white mortality rate in the entire country, driven almost solely by opioids. Fentanyl is now the number one cause of death for Americans aged 18-45. I lost one of my closest friends in high school to a drug overdose. There have been many more since.

In his ferocious essay, “The White Plague [4],” Giles Corey reported:

Beginning in the late 1990s, almost exactly concurrent with the release of OxyContin, while the White mortality rate continued to steadily decline in Europe, it steadily increased in America, diverging more and more with each passing year. 1999 was the critical year; from 1999 to 2017, comparing the predictive mortality rate to the actual, there is a discrepancy of six hundred thousand deaths of middle-aged Americans who would be alive had progress gone on as expected.

Between 1999 and 2017, this rise in the mortality rate for Whites aged 45 to 54 occurred in all but six States, with the largest increases in death rates occurring in West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

White life expectancy at birth declined by one-tenth of a year between 2013 and 2014. In the next four years, from 2014 to 2017, white life expectancy continued to fall. In 2020 alone, life expectancy fell by a full year and a half. Between 2019 and 2021, the total decline was almost two and a half years. Last year, this decline was driven entirely by white deaths.

In Deaths of Despair, Anne Case and Angus Deaton note that “any decline in life expectancy is extremely uncommon. With a three-year decline, we are in unfamiliar territory; American life expectancy has never fallen for three years in a row since states’ vital registration coverage was completed in 1933.” We now approach a decade of decline, with no end in sight.

And what has our government’s response been to the worst drug crisis in human history? Absolutely nothing. Total silence. No propaganda campaign, no educational effort; only some token funding for the corrupt corporate rehabilitation industry.

When New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand held an event in Youngstown, Ohio, which has been decimated by opioids, a young white mother holding her baby asked Gillibrand, “Now this is an area that . . . has been depressed because of the loss of its industry and the opioids crisis. So, what do you have to say to people in this area about so-called white privilege?” Gillibrand replied, “That’s not what the conversation is about,” and proceeded to deliver an odious lecture on “institutional racism.”

Compare this to the massive government and media response to the crack epidemic, orders of magnitude smaller than the Opioid Plague, and which primarily affected blacks. Vast sums of money, a lot of it our tax dollars, were spent, including on wall-to-wall media coverage and a nationwide anti-drug campaign in schools.

The exorbitant response to crack addiction among blacks is but a pittance, though, when we look at the wealth our nation has blown on futile efforts at black advancement.

Leaving aside the cost of black crime and black health issues, Andrew Sullivan estimates that the War on Poverty and the welfare apparatus it created, focused almost entirely on ameliorating blacks, cost us over $19 trillion — the equivalent of forty Marshall plans. Think of the opportunity cost here. Think of the kind of country we could have were we not blighted by the curse of diversity.

So why has there been nothing similar for the far more devastating opioid epidemic? Easy: Because the victims of opioids are white. Because the regime wants white people to die. Because the people who control our centers of institutional power think it’s funny when white children die. Because we live in a genocidal state.

Indeed, the state was and is itself complicit in the Opioid Plague. Consider this: Prior to the American invasion of Afghanistan at the dawn of the twenty-first century, the Taliban had outlawed and destroyed the opium trade. Poppy cultivation was negligible. Immediately after the American invasion, and throughout the 20-year occupation, opium production skyrocketed. American soldiers literally guarded the poppy fields. The United States government thus directly and intentionally fueled the crisis.

The Opioid Plague is but the largest symptom of a deeper problem: In our anti-white society, the ruthless war on white identity has produced a corrosive agent into the white soul, devouring white men from within. This grinding, soul-crushing system, in which every lever of power is aimed at dehumanizing and killing white men, is driving us to destroy ourselves.

Suicide is at epidemic proportions in its own right. Between 2000 and 2017, the American suicide rate surged by 40%, driven almost entirely by blue-collar workers in industries like mining, oil, construction, and auto repair — in other words, driven almost entirely by the white working class.

Just as our enemies gleefully cackle at the opioid genocide of white America, so too do they snicker at the white suicide epidemic.

At a 2017 Maine Democratic Party event, former State Senate candidate Richard Fochtmann laughed that it was “great” that “a lot of white men are committing suicide.” The audience broke out into laughter with him. When confronted later, Fochtmann claimed that it was a “joke,” before elaborating that “the point of the joke is that it won’t be long, and that this won’t be a majority white nation, and I think that’s a good thing.”

The number of deaths of despair from opioids, alcohol, and suicide ascended to new heights in 2020, as a combination of federal and state COVID lockdowns and other mandates ushered in a new era of isolation and hyper-atomization in our already-alienated society — almost as if that was the very purpose for the lockdowns, which had no scientific or epidemiological basis.

One of the common features of these stages of genocide, preparation and persecution, is a concerted attack on the victim group’s ability to procreate, to form families and have children. We see this manifested in a number of ways.

First and foremost is the LGBT movement, what Scott Howard calls the Transgender-Industrial Complex, an extremely well-organized lobby — armed with unlimited funding — which has the ultimate purpose of grooming and brainwashing as many children as possible into the nightmare realm of pharmaceutical hormone blockers and surgical genital mutilation.

These are barbaric, grisly procedures which include mastectomy, hysterectomy, castration, orchiectomy (testicle removal), scrotectomy (scrotum removal), vulvoplasty (creating external female genitalia), vaginoplasty (creating a vagina through penile inversion), metoidioplasty (lengthening the clitoris, extending the urethra, and creating a scrotum), phalloplasty (sculpting a penis), facial reconstructive surgery, and even nullification (the removal of all sex organs).

The number of children self-identifying as LGBT exponentially increases with each passing year; this is an inorganic social contagion, a state-directed psychological operation conducted in schools, in the media, and online. And, of course, most of the targeted children are white.

The term “social contagion” is important to understand. The parents of LGBT-identifying children and adolescents have found that their children only began to do so after the conversion of a peer in their clique, or after a peer, authority figure, or online “influencer” introduced them into the subculture.

One mother, describing her experience [5] rescuing her daughter from the cult of transgenderism, told of how her daughter had become immersed in the subculture of anime and cosplaying and how, simultaneously, her local public school put her daughter through a “sex education” program. Here’s what happened next:

She came home with a whole new language. She and all her girlfriends discussed their labels — polyamorous, lesbian, pansexual. None of the five girls chose “basic,” their term for a straight girl.

She distanced herself from her old friends and spent more time online. I checked her phone, but I was not astute enough to know that she had set up “appropriate” fake social media accounts for my viewing.

An older girl showed romantic interest in her. I barred that girl from our home. I learned later that she had molested my daughter.

When my daughter was in the eighth grade, as a Christmas gift, I took her to SacAnime, an anime convention in Sacramento, California. There, she met a girl three years her senior, but light years more mature. That girl mesmerized my daughter with her edginess or magnanimous personality.

The older girl went by “they.” After their meeting, my daughter got a boy’s haircut, stopped shaving, and asked for boys’ underwear. My daughter parroted everything about the older teen.

She started making gross TikTok videos, her language became vulgar, and she redecorated her room to look like a cave. She self-pierced her nose with one of those bull rings. She broke every family rule. She was morphing into an emo-Goth-vampirelike creature. She was unrecognizable. Her personality descended into anger and rudeness.

The summer before ninth grade, she announced that she was transgender. Post-announcement, she began to threaten suicide. She sunk into deep depression.

I managed to get all of her passwords to all of her social media accounts. What I saw was jaw-dropping.

Almost everyone that she was conversing with was a stranger, except for the SacAnime friend, who sent her a self-made masturbation video. The discussions on the Discord platform online involved fetishistic sexual conversations. Kids were sending each other erotica, including involving incest and pedophilia.

Older girls were instructing younger girls how to sell nude photos of themselves to men for money.

Girls bragged about their different mental illnesses. They talked about which drugs do what. They talked about how they are really boys, not girls. They discussed “top surgery” (that is, having their breasts removed) and “packers” that create a bulge in one’s pants to imply the presence of a penis.

My daughter’s electronic devices were filled with TikTok videos and YouTubers talking about how great they feel now that they had “transitioned.”

There were messages in which strangers told her to kick my head in because I was a “transphobe” for refusing to call her a male name.

Polling indicates that between 20 and 40% of Generation Z, born from 1997 to 2003, self-identifies as LGBT, along with around ten to 30% of millennials. This is a metastasizing virus, one that shows no signs of deceleration anytime soon. Teachers in some schools have self-reported that upwards of 60% of their elementary-aged students identify as LGBT.

Clearly, the LGBT movement — as I call it, the LGBTP movement, with the “P” referencing the lobby’s ultimate goal of the legalization of pedophilia — is singly focused on the conversion of children.

Children’s entertainment programming is noxiously perverse, with even television shows like Blue’s Clues and Sesame Street, aimed at the youngest of children, promoting drag queens and other monstrosities. Last year, video surfaced of the “San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus,” a group rife with convicted pedophiles, gleefully singing, “We’re coming for your children.” Take them at their word.

Second, we have the anti-father, anti-family “family court” system, an extraconstitutional network of star chambers in which the Bill of Rights ceases to apply to men. These “family” courts have wrought misery in American families for decades, but they now serve as the enforcers of transgenderism.

In one recent case, a California mother noticed that her daughter was showing symptoms of depression. She asked her daughter’s school to keep an eye on her. They did.

The school brainwashed the girl into believing she was transgendered, and her mother insisted that she see a mental health professional. The school reported this poor mother to social services, who then declared her an unfit mother and took her daughter away. The State of California promised the girl it would pay for her “transition.”

This mother was restricted to visiting her daughter once a month, under state supervision. During these visits, she was prohibited from making any references to God. Her daughter eventually committed suicide by throwing herself in front of a train.

Just as Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice labeled white parents “domestic terrorists” for attending school board meetings to protest genocidal anti-white hate propaganda, there is a concerted effort to apply the same label to anyone who opposes the sexualization and mutilation of children. Prominent self-described “sex educator” Cory Silverberg recently referred to opponents of child sex grooming as members of “organized white supremacist groups.”

We can cite innumerable examples proving that transgenderism is a state-enforced ideology.

Spokane, Washington, for example, deployed a SWAT team and snipers to prevent parents from interfering with a Drag Queen Story Hour event at the children’s library. The Department of Health and Human Services flew the transgender flag this year. The White House has declared that “early” transgender surgeries, hormone treatment, and “affirmations” are “crucial” for the “health” of transgender-identifying children. Palm Springs, California has launched a Universal Basic Income program for “transgender and non-binary residents.”

Third, we have the pernicious ideology of corporate feminism. From their earliest days, young women are indoctrinated against the traditional family and the very idea of motherhood. Our society gives young girls disgusting whores to look up to as their role models, placing in them the idea that sexual profligacy is the key to liberation.

Simultaneously, corporate and government bureaucracy is presented as the highest calling a woman can aspire to. Motherhood is demonized, and women thus forsake natural self-actualization for chains of bondage which they mistake for freedom.

Feminism, in tandem with other Leftist causes célèbre such as climate millenarianism, is an affliction which primarily affects white women, convincing them not to marry and not to have children. Corporate slavery in the guise of careerism thus becomes one of the innumerable incentives the System provides for infanticide.

The pro-life industry’s favorite talking point is about how Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood was a eugenicist who didn’t like blacks. They love to talk about how abortion affects “the black community.” But let’s be real: While the number of abortions for whites and blacks have grown to be relatively equalized in recent years, abortion has historically claimed a dramatically higher number of white babies than babies of any other race.

Contraception is yet another dysgenic attack on white America, with white men and women far likelier to use contraceptives than non-whites.

Finally, we have the COVID-19 injection agenda. White Americans came under an immense amount of pressure from the State to get vaxxed, while illegal aliens faced no such mandates or other pressures. We will not know the long-term effects of these injections for years, but the data that we do have is frankly terrifying.

Professional athletes worldwide are dropping dead with all sorts of heart issues. Healthy people are developing and dying from debilitating blood clots. At least one study has found that these injection-induced blood clots disproportionately affect whites. Credible data also suggests that these injections might cause prion diseases. The deadly spike proteins created and metastasized by these injections are known to destroy the immune system. We could go on for another several hours about all of these issues.

Millennials experienced an 84% increase in excess mortality in the last quarter of 2021, over 61,000 deaths, surpassing our fatalities in the ten years of the Vietnam War. This is likely the worst excess mortality rate in history, and there’s only one explanation for it: the COVID-19 shots.

Even more disturbing is the fact that large numbers of young women who got their injections are reporting fertility problems, including genital ulcers, premature birth, miscarriage, and fetal death. Indeed, a watchdog group obtained data from Pfizer’s own clinical trials showing that every single pregnant mother injected with Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot miscarried. Needless to say, this data was suppressed.

White fertility is in the midst of an unprecedented decline, for reasons not well understood. Shanna Swan, an epidemiologist at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, has found that over the last four decades, sperm counts in Western countries had collapsed by more than 50%. Swan predicts that, by 2045, most men may no longer be able to reproduce. She believes that microplastic pollution might be to blame.

Though results are preliminary, a recent study suggests that 80% of the world’s population have plastic particles in their blood. Researchers have also found that most humans consume about five grams of plastic per week, which is roughly the weight of a credit card. Plastics have a well-established estrogenic effect, releasing chemicals into the body which mimic or increase the effects of estrogen.

The mass contamination of our water supply with psychopharmaceuticals like antidepressants and antipsychotics certainly can’t help matters, either.

The American population, particularly women, are medicated at increasingly enormous rates. The average American is ingesting around ten different prescription drugs every year. With something like a quarter of American women on serious, mind-altering drugs, a grave issue in and of itself, detectable levels of these drugs are polluting the water supply and the fish in our waters.

The anthropologist Joseph Masco notes that “laboratory studies have shown that small amounts of Prozac cause striped bass to stop eating and float vertically in their tanks, completely dissociated from their environment. Swedish researchers have shown that the anti-anxiety medication Oxazepam makes perch less social, more aggressive, and ravenous, even in minute quantities.”

With hormonal drug consumption on the rise, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone have all been found in our rivers and lakes, with effects on fish that include feminizing male fish, altering female-to-male ratios, and creating intersex fish — fish with both male and female sex characteristics. What kind of effect is this having on humans and human fertility?

Adding insult to injury is the fact that, as white fertility is debased through a coordinated series of attacks, including pornography, extreme climate alarmism, the Transgender-Industrial Complex, corporate feminism, and direct poisoning, the anti-white state has the gall to push for higher levels of immigration in order to combat infertility and native population decline.

In other words, they persuade us not to have children, prevent us from having children, and then tell us that we need more immigrants to make up for the children we aren’t having.


The ninth stage of genocide is extermination. Though white America is indeed in the process of being extinguished in a sophisticated, multi-pronged assault, and thousands of whites are quite literally being murdered each year, we have not yet reached this stage. But the table is set.

To reiterate: Every person in the United States is bombarded, from cradle to grave, with an all-encompassing, pervasive regimen of anti-white hate propaganda. The regime’s criminal justice system is engaged in a clear pattern pointing towards the de facto legalization of murdering white Americans. The state, through anarcho-tyranny, is increasingly signaling that it is open season on white men, women, and children. Feral, non-white thugs are noticeably emboldened; During the 2020 BLM riots, we saw several incursions into the white suburbs, previously safe areas of racial demarcation.

Every prerequisite for the endgame of white genocide is already here.


The tenth and final stage of genocide is denial; here, the state denies that it ever happened. This occurs throughout the genocide and lasts for years thereafter. In the case of anti-white hate crime, the news media simply refuses to report on it and suppresses any mention of it. Is this not a form of denial?

67 years later, we are still being beaten over the head with atrocity propaganda about Emmett Till — whose father, Louis Till, was himself a serial rapist executed for the murder of at least one white woman.

In contrast, all of the names I read to you here have already been forgotten among all but those who knew them. We cannot allow ourselves to ever forget. If Cannon Hinnant had been black, if his killer had been white, he would be a household name. What if the races were reversed in the Knoxville Horror? We would see a cottage industry of books, movies, and history courses about it. It would never be forgotten.

In the case of the Great Replacement, the regime tells us that it is an anti-Semitic white supremacist conspiracy theory and that it’s not happening. Meanwhile, New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg writes pieces entitled, “We Can Replace Them [6].” Illinois Senator Dick Durban celebrates on the Senate floor that “the demographics of America are not on the side of the Republican Party.” Joe Biden applauds the “unrelenting stream of immigration.”

Las year, when census data revealed that the number of white Americans had declined for the first time ever, Leftist propagandist Michael Moore called it “the best day ever in US history.” When comedian Jimmy Fallon read that news, his audience spontaneously erupted in wild applause. Mark Potok, a former SPLC executive, kept a graph paper chart on his wall tracking white demographic decline.

Michael Anton calls this the Celebration Parallax; in other words, “It isn’t happening and it’s good that it is.” Again, this logic is a hallmark of genocide.

The Decline and Fall of White America

By this point, we have established that white genocide is real, that white genocide is happening, and that white genocide is rapidly accelerating towards its conclusion. If we understand this, then we also have to understand how we got here; in other words, we have to trace the decline and fall of white America, the history of white dispossession in our country.

It’s hard to know exactly where to begin; this process was set in motion long ago, and we can point to any number of events as contributing to or even precipitating our present condition, going back centuries.

For our purposes, I’ll start at the fall of the Confederacy, with the Reconstruction period, with the obvious caveat that our troubles were initiated in embryo long before this time.

Throughout the War for Southern Independence, the North had engaged in a policy of total warfare upon Southern civilians, laying waste to the land and committing wanton acts of barbarism upon the people. At war’s end, the South was in the death grip of forced famine and pestilence.

White Southerners were wholly disenfranchised, with corrupt, spiteful Yankee soldiers the only white legal authority across the South. Black gangs of freedmen roamed the land, and rape became a common feature of life for Southern women. This was the original anarcho-tyranny, and this is what precipitated the birth of the Ku Klux Klan as the only means of collective self-defense left to the white South. I point you to my Confederate Memorial Day address from last year, “Reconstruction in Arkansas [7],” for more information.

It was during Reconstruction that we got the Fourteenth Amendment. I could spend hours describing all of the issues associated with the Fourteenth Amendment. I’ve written about it at great length elsewhere. For our purposes, though, it’s enough to simply understand that the Fourteenth Amendment cannot actually be said to have been adopted into our Constitution, as it was neither constitutionally proposed and submitted to the states nor constitutionally ratified.

Furthermore, even if we were we to push all of that aside and concede that the amendment is constitutional, the past 75 years of jurisprudence has deliberately obfuscated the intended restrictive meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment by investing its specifically limited terms of art — “privileges or immunities,” “due process of law,” and “equal protection of the laws” — with infinitely expanding meanings to fit the policy goals of the anti-white regime.

In other words, even if we were to grant that the Fourteenth Amendment was constitutionally proposed, submitted to the states, and ratified — which it emphatically was not — it has been willfully bastardized by results-oriented activist jurisprudence to be put to diabolical uses which would have its framers turning in their graves.

The Fourteenth Amendment is the regime’s indispensable amendment, having been used as the foundation for a dizzying array of its multifaceted assault on the Historic American Nation. For our purposes, though, we’ll focus on just two: Shelley v. Kraemer and Brown v. Board of Education.

Shelley v. Kraemer, in 1948, was the opening salvo of the war against the freedom of association, specifically the assault on white Americans’ right to freely associate with or dissociate from whomever we please.

This is the case that declared racially-restrictive housing covenants to be “unconstitutional,” thus paving the way to the racial nightmare we currently inhabit, a world in which working-class white families are forced to live in neighborhoods with violent non-white predators fed a steady diet of anti-white hate propaganda. Shelley was codified and expanded in the Civil Rights Act of 1968, also known as the Fair Housing Act.

Because the right of white Americans to choose their neighbors — a right which all people from time immemorial have enjoyed — was stripped away, whites incur massive costs to ensure that they are able to live in white communities. Why do you think suburbs became so popular after the so-called “civil rights movement”? Poor whites, of course, often cannot afford to escape.

But guess what? Escape might not be possible much longer for any but the most fabulously wealthy. Even if you are able to find a white neighborhood, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is hell-bent on making sure it doesn’t stay that way.

The regime is presently using HUD to annihilate white suburbs and transform them into rancid slums by eliminating exclusionary zoning, which made the suburbs possible by permitting only single-family dwellings within these areas. The plan is to build government housing projects in every suburban neighborhood, with all of the violence that accompanies them.

Another facet of this attack on the white suburbs is the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda, a major goal of which appears to be the elimination of private homeownership itself.

Artificially-created hyperinflation has driven home prices out of the reach of most Americans, with the average price of a new home rising from $274,000 in 2012 to $511,000 in 2022. In my hometown, Bentonville, the average price of a new home is $676,000.

When the assessed value of your home rises, so too will your property taxes; millions of Americans will be forced to sell their homes because they can’t afford the tax burden. Alarmingly, the “Biden” Administration has also floated the idea of modifying the inheritance tax by applying the capital gains tax to the increased value of an asset during the deceased’s lifetime.

Meanwhile, BlackRock has been quietly acquiring massive numbers of single-family homes — entire neighborhoods, nationwide. So, we are witnessing the abolition of private homeownership, and with it the last vestige of freedom of association that still remains. We already lost the ability to choose our neighbors; now, we will lose our ability to choose where we live at all.

In 1954, the Supreme Court handed down its illegal, unconstitutional, and revolutionary Brown v. Board of Education diktat, one of the gravest atrocities ever inflicted upon our nation. With Brown, unelected activists completely overturned Southern society, and America writ large.

This remains the most destructive end-run around the Constitution ever achieved, the worst example to date of the powers-that-be using the judiciary to unilaterally impose a social transformation that not only had no popular mandate, but which was in fact wildly unpopular.

When Brown was originally argued, Justice Felix Frankfurter charged Alexander Bickel with investigating the legislative history of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Much to their mutual chagrin, Bickel came to the only conclusion possible: based on the clear, explicit language of its framers, the Fourteenth Amendment was never supposed to touch segregation.

Plessy v. Ferguson and its doctrine of separate but equal facilities for the two races was plainly constitutional; indeed, Plessy is a brilliant opinion which should have been unassailable.

Brown was first argued before the Vinson Court. The oral arguments had gone horribly for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); its attorney, future affirmative action Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, did not even attempt to make a legal argument. He knew there wasn’t one to be made. His case rested on the “harms and benefits” theory that segregation caused blacks to have psychological feelings of inferiority, relying on the ludicrous doll studies of Kenneth Clark.

During these arguments, Justice Frankfurter was engaged in highly unethical collusion with two of his former clerks: William Coleman, the NAACP’s research coordinator; and Philip Elman, at the Solicitor General’s office in the Department of Justice. Frankfurter fed the NAACP inside information on the other justices so that specifically tailored arguments could be made. They spoke in code, with Frankfurter referring to Justice Reed as chamer, which means “dolt” or “mule” in Hebrew.

Frankfurter knew that Chief Justice Vinson, along with justices Jackson, Reed, and Clark, would likely dissent. For Brown to have any power, any perceived legitimacy, Frankfurter knew that it would have to be unanimous. So, he used Bickel’s investigation to stall for time, pushing the case to the next term.

Frankfurter’s gambit paid off, for Chief Justice Vinson suddenly and unexpectedly died just before reargument commenced. With glee, Frankfurter wrote that “this is the first indication I have ever had that there is a God.” President Eisenhower appointed Earl Warren, the ambitious Governor of California, as the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Are you seeing it yet? The fix was in.

During Brown’s reargument, Chief Justice Warren pressured the probable dissenters behind the scenes; justices Reed and Jackson were the final holdouts. Another curious deus ex machina occurred when Justice Jackson suffered a debilitating heart attack.

In the hospital, Warren persuaded Jackson to sign on to the decision, and then cornered Reed, telling him that he would be seen as the lone holdout against desegregation. Reluctantly, Reed signed on.

The Brown ruling was seen in the South for exactly what it was, and the era of Massive Resistance began. The mass of the Southern people actively opposed forced desegregation for years, even into the 1970s.

In my view, though, the war against Brown was surrendered in 1957. That year, Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus refused to desegregate Little Rock Central High School. Faubus was a true champion of his people, who were overwhelmingly opposed to the Supreme Court’s illegal attempt to overthrow the entire basis of Southern society.

In response, President Eisenhower ordered the 101st Airborne Division of the US Army to invade Little Rock — to invade the sovereign State of Arkansas and force white men, women, and children at gunpoint, at bayonet-point, to associate with blacks. Eisenhower also federalized the Arkansas National Guard and sent in a phalanx of FBI agents.

This is how great the anti-white cabal’s commitment to destroying our freedom of association was, 65 years ago.

Interestingly, the pro-life movement was created at around the same time that Massive Resistance petered out in the early 1970s, leading some commentators to suggest that the pro-life industry was created with the express purpose of redirecting white anger away from integration.

In any case, we would be remiss not to emphasize the fact that, on every single point, the segregationists were correct. All of the white parents who opposed Brown were right. All of their worst nightmares have been realized, and worse.

By every metric, Brown destroyed the American public school system and, by extension, the entire American education system.

White children are not only psychologically abused at school. They are also routinely attacked, beaten, and menaced, preyed upon by their non-white classmates.

It should also be noted that Brown served another purpose: By targeting schools as the first victims of forced desegregation, our enemies were really targeting the children in them. By indoctrinating white children into the anti-white, anti-national edicts of racial egalitarianism, much of the process of deracination would be completed within two generations, a pace far quicker than any plan not involving compulsory public education would have guaranteed.

Premised as it was upon the Fourteenth Amendment, Brown could not touch private individuals or businesses; the Fourteenth Amendment could only be used to target state action.

In order to introduce into the private sector the false notion that separation was prima facie evidence of inequality, they came up with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, our next destination in the history of white dispossession in America.

What was the Civil Rights Act really about? Far from its façade of “colorblindness” and “equality,” it did not in fact abolish a racial hierarchy; it created a new one, with whites at the bottom.

In order to effectuate itself, the Civil Rights Act necessarily spawned the totalitarian enforcement mechanisms that put the final nail in the coffin of our freedom of association. What greater tyranny is there than to force people to live and transact with those whom they desire no communion with?

The Civil Rights Act was sold as a utopian racial disarmament, as America’s grand entry into a new egalitarian world order in which racial identity would no longer play a role. Of course, only whites — aside, of course, from Southern whites — believed this. So, the Civil Rights Act was in fact a unilateral racial disarmament in which whites, and only Whites, were supposed to shed both our identity and our innate ethnocentrism.

Meanwhile, the same legislation systematically fed the ethnocentrism of every other racial group, by design reordering society to fit this new, anti-white paradigm, a new ideology in which whites were eternal oppressors and non-whites their eternal victims — a fundamentally prophetic, millenarian ideology in which non-whites were anointed as the inevitable successors and inheritors of this new America.

This Civil Rights Act of 1964, and all of those which followed, is ostensibly premised upon Congress’ commerce power, derived from the Commerce Clause of Article I, giving Congress the power to regulate interstate commerce.

Starting with the New Deal, though, the Supreme Court embarked upon a series of decisions which bastardized this commerce power into something far more expansive than the framers had ever imagined. In the circular logic of unlimited power, “commerce” came to be redefined as anything that Congress said it did. At ever-increasing levels of abstraction, you see, everything affects the economy; all activities may be held to be “economic.”

Essentially, the argument holds that all intrastate activity may be subjected to any kind of national regulation merely because some formal crossing of an interstate boundary once took place. To reiterate, the Court believes that if our lives involve anything that has ever left our state, it is regulable.

With the obtuse argument that “discrimination hurts the economy,” a claim for which no real evidence was ever provided, the Commerce Clause was used in case after case to legitimize the Civil Rights Act — again, an unconstitutional, illegal, and tyrannical order which vitiated our freedom of association, the fundamental right of every human from Adam onwards until 1964.

Republicans love to appeal to the Communist sex fiend Martin Luther King, Jr., and sing paeans to “colorblindness.” They behave as if the present anti-white state — which they refer to only in raceless terms like “woke” — is some sort of deviation from our great egalitarian trajectory, some mutation of King’s “dream.” It isn’t.

Everything we see today is the logical, necessary, and inevitable conclusion, by design, of the Civil Rights Act. King’s dream was white genocide.

Our next stop in the death of white America was perhaps the single most destructive attack on our national sovereignty in our history: This, of course, was the 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act, the product of a 40-year effort by the Usual Suspects to destroy the 1924 Immigration Act.

With the 1965 Immigration Act, America was brutally thrust open to the Third World. We are now witnessing its final fruits.

In 1960, the census showed that the United States was just under 90% white. As of 2020, whites are just over 60% of the population. Depending on the estimate, whites barely make up 10% of the global population. I believe that the picture is actually worse, again because we simply do not know how many illegal aliens are in our country.

But, just going on the official numbers, our situation is dire. Using 2018 data, the census projects that whites will become an absolute minority in America by 2045, in just over 20 years. With the exponential acceleration of the invasion on our Southern border, that day may come even sooner.

Whites are already minorities in Hawaii, DC, California, New Mexico, Texas, and Nevada. States like Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, and Mississippi are teetering on the brink.

In 2013, the majority of newborn babies were non-white. In 2014, the majority of public school students were non-white. What kind of a world are we leaving our children to survive in? Look at how non-whites treat each other, both in their home countries and in their enclaves in our country. How do you think they’ll treat whites when we are the minority? Hell, look at how they treat us now, while we are still a nominal majority?

Finally, we have to note that the entire foundation of the white genocide agenda is built upon the Second World War and Holocaust mythology. It is this mythology that, during and after the war, was weaponized against the very concept of white identity.

Holocaust propaganda didn’t really enter the mainstream of American life until the 1970s, but we saw a conscious effort on the part of the Nuremberg prosecutors and Frankfurt School academics like Theodor Adorno to conflate white racialism with the atrocities allegedly perpetrated by National Socialist Germany.

White identity was tarred and feathered as some perverse, deviant ideology as a direct result of this effort. In its post-war crusade against “fascism,” the West constructed a globalist, anti-nationalist, anti-white edifice to fundamentally transform society away from traditional, Christian, white patriotism and towards a deracinated, historically unprecedented secular theocracy premised upon egalitarian utopianism. In other words, the state was consciously turned against the nation.

Neil Robinson Kumar is a candidate for United States Congress representing Arkansas’ Third Congressional District. He may be reached at neilforarkansas.com [8], on Gab [9], and at PO Box 652, Bentonville AR 72712.

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