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The Worst Week Yet:
April 24-30, 2022

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South African Hunter Mistakes Black Woman for Hippo, Shoots It

If you search the name “Ramokone Linah” on Google Images, you’ll see several pictures of hippopotami but zero snapshots of the black South African woman named Ramokone Linah, who was shot by a white Afrikaner because he mistook her for a hippopotamus.

Linah, 38, suffered gunshot wounds in one arm. Her male companion allegedly hid until he was able to notify police and an ambulance.

White South African farm owner Paul Hendrik Van Zyl, 77, was arrested last Tuesday and charged with attempted murder for “firing shots in the direction of the woman,” who’d been fishing with her male partner in a river in the northern section of Limpopo province. Police raided Van Zyl’s farm and seized several firearms during the arrest. Witnesses say they heard Van Zyl tell cops that when he saw Lina and her partner wading through the river, he “mistook them for hippos and monkeys.”

According to a police spokesperson whose African name is so long and unpronounceable you should cut me some slack for not even attempting to type it, “The arrested suspect alleged that he was shooting at the animals.”

Van Zyl was released on a bond of 1,000 rand (about $62) and won’t have to appear in court until May 18. Apparently the life of a black woman who resembles a hippopotamus is a very cheap thing in South Africa.

Sadly — or amusingly, take your pick –, this is not the first time something like this has happened in South Africa. In March of 2017 [2], a farmer in Limpopo province shot and wounded a farmhand with a pellet gun after allegedly mistaking him for a monkey. The same week [3] that shooting occurred, an 87-year-old South African man shot and killed a 12-year-old boy he’d mistaken for a monkey who was climbing his guava tree. A month earlier, a 25-year-old South African man was shot and killed by a white hunter who mistook him for a warthog [4].

As is always the case in such stories, no one ever asks the monkeys, hippos, or warthogs how they feel about being compared to black Africans.

Death of the Italian Patriarchy: Court Rules that Children Should Get Both Parents’ Surnames

You know you’re living in a right good ripping patriarchy when a man’s spouse and children are both forced, by either tradition or law, to adopt his surname. I’m unaware of any societies that are so patriarchal that they force the wife to retain her hubby’s surname even after divorce or, even more patriarchally, after death, but it’s an intriguing thought.

Until recently, Italian society, despite all its machismo and groping of women in public places, was a wishy-washy patriarchy in the sense that when a couple got married, the wife retained what’s known in the Anglosphere as her “maiden” name, while any children would take papà’s name. This is also apparently the way they do things in South Korea.

But on Wednesday in Rome, Italy’s Constitutional Court ruled that the tradition of naming newborns after their father is “discriminatory and harmful to the [child’s] identity.” The ruling decreed that henceforth, babies should legally take both parents’ surnames, with mamma e papa deciding in what order the surnames appear. This is similar to how surnames are determined in Mexico, where the father’s surname appears before the mother’s.

Italy’s Family Minister Elena Bonetti [5] — not gonna lie, she looks like she’s on crack — said the ruling was “another fundamental step in achieving equal rights between the women and men of our country.”

Italian lawmaker Cecilia D’Elia [6] — who has the sort of face that sends a woman running into feminism’s warm bosom — said that the current naming tradition, where the kids get the father’s surname, was “the last patriarchal sign of family law” and that the new law would give the mother “the same dignity as that of the father.”

Personally, I think Italian names are already complicated enough. Not only was Gina Lollobrigida [7] an eyeful, her name was a mouthful. Would she be any less beautiful as Gina Lollobrigida Pappalardo, or would her beauty begin to dim by the time you started enunciating that syllable-clotted second surname? Would Alessandra Mussolini [8] be any less alluring as Allesandra Mussolini Scatareggia? Yes, she would. Even thinking about such an obstreperous name is a turnoff.

Far more significant is the fact that the cold, sharp scissors of Italian jurisprudence have just snipped off the coglioni of its nation’s men. It’s no longer a patriarchy if the kids get to keep mom’s name, too.

Black NYC Tranny Accused of Clubbing Asian Man with Hammer is Indicted for Hate Crime

Violent black trannies are going absolutely bonkers in New York City. (I was going to say “apeshit” instead of “bonkers” before deciding it was insensitive.) The week before last, 83-year-old Harvey Marcelin [9] — who shot and killed his girlfriend in 1963 and hacked another girlfriend to pieces in 1985 — is now claiming that he’s a woman named “Marcelline Harvey [10]” while he faces charges for the murder/mutilation [9] of a 68-year-old woman in early March. If convicted, he will be a serial killer of three women who in all likelihood will claim that his gender identity mandates that he be sent to a woman’s prison.

This past Thursday, Christian Jeffers [11] — a 48-year-old black man who identifies as a woman and bears a passing resemblance to black comedian Flip Wilson’s 1960s drag character “Geraldine [12]” — was indicted on hate-crime charges [13] related to the March 8 attack on an unnamed 28-year-old Asian man at Union Square Station. According to police, Jeffers and the Asian man bumped into one another, at which point Jeffers epicanthic-fold-shamed the man by saying, “You can’t see me? You don’t have eyes?” Jeffers, who was described [14] as “carrying a tote bag and wearing a wig, purple lipstick, a red and white jacket, blue jeans and red and white sneakers,” proceeded to smash the Asian male in the head with a hammer.

The criminal complaint also alleges that when Jeffers was arrested the day after the incident, he spat racial slurs at a Hispanic and an Asian cop, threatening, “By the time I get out of prison, first thing I’m going to do is get a gun and try to kill as many of you as possible.” Before being arrested on March 9, the dusky drag queen had been arrested 56 times.

I realize it’s not a popular thing to say, but a lot of these trannies seem unstable.

Iranian Paper: Hitler was “Smarter and More Courageous” than Europe’s Current Leaders


You can buy Jim Goad’s The Redneck Manifesto here. [16]

This past January, when the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution promising to combat “Holocaust denial,” 114 countries co-sponsored it. The sole nation on Earth to oppose it was Iran, which issued a statement alleging that the resolution was an Israeli ploy to “exploit the suffering of Jewish people in the past as cover for the crimes it has perpetrated over the past seven decades against regional countries.”

In 2006 and 2016, the Iranian newspaper Hamshahri famously held an “International Holocaust Cartoon Competition [17].”

On April 22 of this year — the same day that Iran celebrated Quds Day and Israel commemorated Holocaust Remembrance Day — the state-affiliated Iranian newspaper Kayhan [18] published an article [19] called “Maybe Without War” in which author Mohammad Hadi Sahraei alleged that Hitler was one smart cookie for telling the Jews to get the heck out of his country:

The logic that Hitler showed by expelling them from Germany is that he is smarter and more courageous than all current European leaders. . . . Hitler expelled [the Jews], and European countries live by ransom and confirm the myth of the Holocaust, they look for an excuse for their cowardice and humiliation, otherwise if they knew the Jews as the Ukrainian blue-eyed immigrants, even in words and slogans, they would keep them among themselves and free them from this misery and anxiety.

I was following along — this is a public forum, so I won’t reveal whether or not I was also nodding along in agreement — until the whole part about the “Ukrainian blue-eyed immigrants” and everything after that, so if we have any learned scholars of Persian anti-Semitism reading this, I’d welcome your interpretation of that passage.

Sahraei, who describes Jews as “a people who are known for their stubbornness, objections and excuses,” claims that most modern Jews “belong to the Zionist ideology that our world today understands with its flesh and blood” and says that Zionists are “the most insidious, deceitful, and harmful creatures discovered by the human species” — so much so that they “are even despised by the Jews and Jews of the world.”

Again, I’m thrown for a loop. Zionists are hated by “the Jews and the Jews of the world”? The plain “Jews” are not of the world? Are they extraterrestrial? Subterranean? Deep-sea Jews? I think this guy needs a better translator.

From Chukwu to Chabad: Nigeria’s “Lost Jews” Can’t Get No Damn Respect from Israel

As if it’s not bad enough being a regular, everyday, deep-sea-diving Jew getting dissed by some swarthy Iranian scribe, the Jews in the magical country of Nigeria [20] — where phone calls can kill you, your penis can suddenly disappear, and car thieves are able to transform into goats at will — can’t even get the Official Jews in Israel to recognize them as Jews [21].

For all you hear about how being Jewish is a life of unending pain, non-Jewish groups across the world have a fondness for insisting that they’re the “real Jews” with the same passion that a lonely young white kid in Nebraska during the 1980s would claim his band represented “real metal.” The Black Israelites [22] claim that they’re the “real Jews.” So do the white Christian Identity [23] folks.

In his 2012 book Jews of Nigeria: An Afro-Judaic Odyssey, author William Miles writes about the phenomenon of do-it-yourself, self-taught Judaism among Nigeria’s Igbo people, who represent the country’s third-largest ethnic group and are largely clustered in the nation’s south, where for a brief flash from 1967-1970 Igbo nationalists had their own nation called Biafra. After losing it, many Igbo identitarians have compared their struggle in retaking their homeland to Zionism.

Even generous estimates place the total number of self-proclaimed Nigerian Jews [24] at around 30,000 in a country of nearly 220 million. But an estimated nine out of every ten Nigerian Jews are Igbo. The Igbo people’s traditional god was named Chukwu [25], an unseen and emotionally uninvolved deity that created the universe.

But according to the self-proclaimed Nigerian Jews’ oral tradition, the Igbo are the descendants of the biblical Gad, one of Jacob’s sons and a leader of one of Israel’s ten lost tribes. They cite the 1789 memoir of freed Igbo slave Olaudah Equiano, who after relocating to London and observing Jews running around doing that joodoo that they do, he noticed “the strong analogy which . . . appears to prevail in the manners and customs of my countrymen and those of the Jews. We had our circumcision . . . we had also our sacrifices and burnt offerings, our washings and purifications, on the same occasions as they had.”

In Jews of Nigeria, William Miles speculates that there is no ancestral connection between the Igbo people and the ancient Israelites. Referring to them as the world’s first “internet Jews,” he suspects they picked up Judaism by imitation. Sometimes they’ll need an outsider to inform them that Jews stopped offering ritual sacrifices thousands of years ago, so there’s no need to place two doves under the altar every time a woman in the village pops out another a baby. Or they may need a YouTube video to learn how to properly pronounce certain Hebrew words. In an article called “The Lost Jews of Nigeria [21],” Sumanth Subramanian writes about attending a “synagogue” service where a Hebrew prayer was sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells” while the young African cantors made rhythmic beatboxing noises with their mouths and the congregation’s women shook their asses in time.

The state of Israel, though, refuses to recognize these Nigerian Jews as a legitimate Jewish population. This means that a Nigerian who practices Orthodox Judaism does not enjoy the right to repatriate to Israel as a full citizen, whereas a conservative American Jew does. The Guardian also cites a 2017 test in which 124 of these Igbo Jews provided DNA samples, none of which were determined to contain “Jewish roots.”

If it’s difficult to be a Nigerian and it’s agonizing to be Jew, you don’t even want to know how hard it is out there for a Nigerian Jew.

Lewontin’s Labrador: Study Attempts to Prove Dog Breeds are Only a Social Construct

Even if you’re not familiar with the term “Lewontin’s fallacy [26],” which is named after evolutionary biologist Richard Lewontin, you’ve probably heard its general sentiment expressed something along the lines of “Differences within a group are greater than differences between a group” —  a statement which, like all propaganda intended to deceive, is true on the surface but highly misleading. We are instructed to believe, without questioning, that since differences within groups are bigger than those between them, your average white person has more in common genetically with black people than he does with other whites.

Here’s why it’s highly misleading. Let’s say that the bloated choco-pig Oprah Winfrey makes $10 billion a year, while the poorest black homeless man in America takes in only one dollar.

And then let’s say that the average black yearly per-capita income in America is $20,000, while the average white per-capita income is $40,000.

That means that on average, whites make $20,000 more than blacks.

But hey, the difference between Oprah Winfrey’s income and the poorest black bum’s income is $9,999,999,999! So the difference in income among blacks is much larger than the difference in income between blacks and whites — but only an idiot would think that on average, whites don’t make twice as much money as blacks.

Part of the Grand Leftist Project is the endless quest to convince everyone that there is absolutely no difference between anyone, and if they happen to spot any differences, it’s the result of institutional inequities. This is why they keep trying to convince you that even the idea of race is a relatively recent concept, but one that is so dangerous, it mysteriously creates all racial disparities.

It’s often occurred to me that no one thinks it’s “racist” if you note that Chihuahuas tend to be moody, pit bulls tend to be violent, Dalmatians tend to be insane, and Cocker Spaniels tend to have explosive bursts of rage, but they won’t allow you to make the same sort of generalizations about human groups.

There’s a new study that attempts to use Lewontin’s illogic to claim that there are no demonstrable differences in temperament between dog breeds, and even the “concept” of dog breeds is a relatively new construct.

In a paper for Science [27] called “Ancestry-inclusive dog genomics challenges popular breed stereotypes,” a panoply of researchers claims incorrectly [28] that “Modern domestic dog breeds are only ~160 years old” and that a dog’s breed is a poor predictor of its behavior: “Modern breeds are commonly ascribed characteristic temperaments (e.g., bold, affectionate, or trainable) . . .”

“Commonly ascribed characteristic temperaments” sure sounds like “gender assigned at birth” to me. In my experience, I’ve always noticed when a dog was friendly; I never assigned friendliness to a dog.

. . . By extension, the breed ancestry of an individual dog is assumed to be predictive of temperament and behavior, with dog DNA tests marketed as tools for learning about a dog’s personality and training needs. Studies, however, found that within-breed behavioral variation approaches levels similar to the variation between breeds, suggesting that such predictions are error prone even in purebred dogs.

Ah, so despite the fact that they based their “study” on the highly unscientific self-reports of dog owners, they still couldn’t go Full Lewontin and say, “Temperaments within dog breeds vary more than between dog breeds.” Even in their study, breeds tended to lean toward their own behavioral stereotypes.

Otherwise, they’d try to have us believe that pit bulls, mixed breeds, and German Shepherds are the most violent [29] breeds due to single-parent households and the lack of community centers in their neighborhoods.

They’d have us believe that meta-studies among dog-show judges [30] conclude that Border Collies are the most intelligent breed and Afghan Hounds are the dumbest only because these judges were raised in a stifling climate of Systemic Border Collie Supremacy.

I can only hope that liars of this magnitude get eaten alive by rabid dingoes who insist on being addressed as Pomeranians.

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