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The Counter-Currents 2022 Fundraiser
Now You Can Make Monthly Donations with E-Checks!


Franz von Stuck, The Spirit of Victory

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This year, Counter-Currents aims to raise $300,000 to sustain and improve our work. Since our last update, we have received just over $4,200. That puts our grand total at $86,518.75. We are now more than 28% of the way to our goal, and we only started on March 10th, just under two months ago. Thank you to all our generous supporters!

One of the best things about PayPal was that it allowed supporters to sign up for recurring donations. Recurring donations are great for us, since they allow us to plan on a regular monthly baseline income. They are great for our donors, because they are so convenient. You can just sign up and forget it.

Convenience is a huge factor. We are all suffering from information overload. We are constantly bombarded with new products, new technology, new outrages to react to, new crises to fear. Thus even with something as important as racial self-preservation, convenience is one factor in determining support.

When we were deplatformed from Paypal, we saw just how important convenience was, because many of our monthly donors never came back, even after we reinstituted monthly donations with Stripe. Some, I am sure, had changes in their incomes and priorities. But many just never came back because PayPal was convenient. So instead of supporting Counter-Currents, they decided to use PayPal to buy things on Ebay instead.

Slowly but surely, however, we built up a new group of monthly donors on Stripe, only to be deplatformed from them a few years later. After that, we went through a succession of new processors until we were finally blacklisted by the global credit card industry. With each move, we lost more and more monthly donors, until only the most committed remained. That’s why they do this to us: it works.

Now we have a new way to take monthly donations: through E-checks. E-checks are not processed by the credit card industry, so their blacklists do not apply. Our E-check provider is committed to free speech, so we are not going to be deplatformed. We have been with them for years now and have a good relationship.

As many of you know, E-checks are easy to use. All you need is your checkbook. The convenience of monthly donations is back at Counter-Currents.

Thank you for your continued support.

Greg Johnson

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