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Mother’s Day Special


Proud mom and Deputy Leader of Patriotic Alternative, Laura Towler, pictured here with her family

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Happy Mother’s Day to all our Counter-Currents readers, supporters, their mothers, and those readers and supporters who are mothers.

In his essay, “Sylvia Plath: Stasis in Darkness [2],” literary critic Vic Olvir remembers how, In her diary, poet Sylvia Plath commented on the unique importance of motherhood in a woman’s life:

It is not when I have a baby, but that I have one, and more, which is of supreme importance to me. I have always been extremely fond of the definition of Death which says it is: Inaccessibility to Experience, a Jamesian view, but so good. And for a woman to be deprived of the Great Experience her body is formed to partake of, to nourish, is a great and wasting Death. After all, a man need physically do no more than have the usual intercourse to become a father. A woman has 9 months of becoming something other than herself, of separating from this otherness, of feeding it and being a source of milk and honey to it. To be deprived of this is a death indeed. And to consummate love by bearing the child of the loved one is far profounder than any orgasm or intellectual rapport.

Below is a collection of essays from Counter-Currents that honor moms of the Right such as the iconic Phyllis Schlafly, and modern-day mom Laura Towler, Deputy Leader of Patriotic Alternative.