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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 440
John Morgan & the Best Month Ever on The Writers’ Bloc


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John Morgan [2] was host Nick Jeelvy‘s guest on the latest broadcast of The Writers’ Bloc, where they discussed a selection of the best Counter-Currents articles from April, particularly John’s own articles on this month’s white-pilling national election in Hungary, and it is now available for download and online listening.

Topics discussed include:

00:04:30 Who is John Morgan?
00:07:00 John Morgan, “Hungary’s National Election on Sunday is a Microcosm of Global Politics [3]” & “So Much Winning in Hungary [4]
00:15:27 Are there equivalent political parties to Mi Hazánk in the West?
00:16:20 On Hungarian relations with gypsies
00:19:44 Mi Hazánk speaks about the issues that Fidesz doesn’t want to
00:25:27 The lines that Right-wing Hungarian parties won’t cross
00:30:09 On the “Western propaganda devices” in our pockets
00:35:42 On Jobbik’s 180 [5]
00:46:22 “Implications of the Fall of Communism in Europe [6]” by Dominique Venner
00:58:59 George Grant’s Lament for a Nation and the unequal integration of Eastern and Western European economies
01:08:34 Understanding how Hungarian policy isn’t ideological
01:13:12 Asier Abadroa’s “A New Invasion of Spain Demands a New Reconquista [7]
01:25:56 “The Closing of the Muslim Mind [8]” reviewed by Mark Gullick
01:37:59 James O’Meara’s interview with Robert Price [9]
01:53:59 Closing remarks

To listen in a player, click here [10]. To download, right-click the link and click “save as.”

https://counter-currents.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Best-Month-Ever-with-John-Morgan.mp3 [10]

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