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The Worst Week Yet:
April 10-16, 2022


Nice Tennessee State Senator Frank Niceley advised the homeless to model themselves after Adolf Hitler.

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Just in Time for Riot Season, Another Black Criminal Suspect Dies after Vibrantly Resisting Arrest

As the days grow longer and the calla lilies are in bloom again and a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love, a restless American nation-within-a-nation of 47 million perpetually disgruntled ex-Africans yearns for an excuse to burn down cities until winter comes again and even the glowing embers of once-great metropolises make it too damned cold to comfortably riot.

Grand Rapids, Michigan is a dismal little half-metropolis roughly equidistant between the terrifying black-run Midwestern hellscapes of Chicago and Detroit. As such, it may be perfectly situated to become the flashpoint to ignite another country-wide Summer of Racial Overreaction to yet another tedious story of yet another black criminal suspect who was either so stupid or so suicidal that he thought it was a good idea to run away from, and then wrestle with, a white cop who was merely asking him for identification because the plates on his vehicle were traced to another car.

Patrick Lyoya is the young Congo-born gent’s name. He has posed for photos looking what one might call Ghetto Dapper [2], but on the rainy morning of April 4 in Grand Rapids, as a white cop pulled him over claiming that he was driving with the wrong plates, he looked scruffy and dazed.

Last week, Grand Rapids police released a compilation video [3] of the minutes leading up to and following the moment when an unidentified white cop shot Lyoya in the back of the head, killing him instantly. The video reveals camera angles from the police car, from the policeman’s body camera (which for some reason shut off moments before the shooting), and from a passenger in Lyoya’s vehicle.

From the moment he attempts to engage with Lyoya, the white cop — who, it must be noted, is gallopingly effeminate both in his vocal inflection and swishy hand movements — faces a suspect who ignores commands to produce his license, who walks away from the car, who struggles with the cop the minute he tries to place cuffs on him, who runs away, who is tackled to the ground, who continues grappling with the cop and refuses to place his hands behind his back for several minutes as the wrestling match drags from one front lawn to the next, who visibly grabs the cop’s Taser as the cop yells at him to let go of it, and who is finally shot to death after nearly four full minutes of resisting arrest.

Almost like a litigious genie summoned out of a Hate Lamp, lawyer Benjamin Crump [4] — a racial ambulance-chaser who garnered a net worth of $180 million by exploiting the cases of other dead black arrest-resisters such as Mike Brown and George Floyd — magically appeared claiming that “unnecessary, excessive used [sic] of force was used” and that the officer should be fired and investigated. Bored blacks and lonely white hipsters congregated in downtown Grand Rapids chanting about how black lives are important and that no one should expect peace until the white cop is burned at the stake and his charred flesh is ceremonially eaten by self-proclaimed black victims of white police brutality.

It’s stupid to resist arrest. Just shut your mouth and get a lawyer. This endlessly churning frothy-red violent cycle of retarded imaginary racial hatred that’s being used to justify retarded actual racial hatred can only be stopped in one of two ways: Either black people need to stop resisting arrest, or it should be legal to shoot anyone in the head if they resist arrest. Pick one. I don’t think the country has the patience to deal with another round of riots over this nonsense.

Study: Media Much More Likely to Mention a Murderer’s Race if He’s White

In the category of “things you suspected to be true but didn’t have the statistical proof to substantiate” comes a study from the Washington Free Beacon [5] examining 1,100 articles published between 2019 and 2021 in six major newspapers — Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, San Francisco Chronicle, and Minneapolis’s Star-Tribune. The study found that:

. . . papers are far quicker to mention the race of white murderers than black. . . . Half of articles about a white offender mention his race within the first 15 percent of the article. In articles about black offenders, by contrast, mentions come overwhelmingly toward the end of the piece. Half of the articles that mention a black offender’s race do not do so until at least 60 percent of the way through, and more than 20 percent save it until the last fifth of the article. . . . White offenders’ race was mentioned in roughly 1 out of every 4 articles, compared with 1 in 17 articles about a black offender and 1 in 33 articles about a Hispanic offender.

The study also concluded that the disparity widened after George Floyd’s death:

Before May of 2020, papers were roughly twice as likely to mention the race of a white (13 percent of stories) versus a black perpetrator (7 percent). After May of 2020, the numbers were 28 percent and 4 percent, a ratio of seven to one.

This will not end well, but I doubt it was ever intended to end well.

Jew-Hating Jersey Jigaboo Warns of “Bloodbath,” then Stabs Hasid And Runs Over Two Others

For all of the negative things that are said about blacks and Jews, one could make a case that for some people, neither being black nor Jewish is worse than being from New Jersey.

Dion Marsh [6] is a 27-year-old hi-yella black male from Manchester, New Jersey who on Friday, April 8 reportedly warned [7] his family that he was going to be responsible for a “bloodbath.” Being a man of his word, he then allegedly went on a ten-hour spree of unbridled primate violence, stabbing one Orthodox Jew and then running over two other men in separate incidents. None of his victims have yet died, but two — including at least that one Jew — are in critical condition.

Police arrested the alleged Jew-stabber at his home, where he was reportedly reclining with a machete on his chest. He allegedly confessed to the rampage, telling cops “it had to be done” since Jews are “the real devils.”

If the knife-wielding Heeb-hater had any idea how the law really worked, he would have expressed the exact same sentiment to the police through his high-priced Jew lawyers.

Elderly White Woman Forced to Sell Home after Calling Asian Neighbor a “Slant Eye”

It is, alas, true that even in the current year, after all we’ve been through and all the blood we’ve spilled to make sure that no more blood ever gets spilled, that some Asian women still risk being called a “Chinky chinky China lady [8]” or a “slant eye [9]” by cranky old white women whose ovaries turned to stone back when these young slope ladies were still in diapers.

But is a simple racial slur worse than being forced to sell your home and pay the offended gook $45,000 — not a penny of which, you can be assured, will be spent to fix her eyelids?


You can buy Jim Goad’s The Redneck Manifesto here. [11]

Last Thursday, a 72-year-old bloated turnip named Jan Myers [12] of Shoreline, Washington agreed to a civil settlement [13] for harassing her nubile young Vietnamese neighbor, Thi Pham [14], in April of 2021. Cellphone video captures Myers calling Pham “slant eye” and shouting, “Hey, Miss Vietnam . . . you’re not going to live very long.” It also allegedly shows the washed-up chunk of rotted cabbage exposing her naughty bits to Pham and her child, which immediately makes her racial slurs less enjoyable and the loss of her house seem justified.

Then again, if you can name a single case in America over the last generation where an elderly Asian was forced to sell their house for lobbing a racial slur at a white person, I’m all ears.

Rapper Says He Pretends He’s a Runaway Slave During Foreplay with White Women

Maino [15] is a rapper from Brooklyn whom I’d never heard of until this week and whose name I don’t know how to pronounce, nor do I even care to learn how to pronounce it for fear of offending him lest I mispronounce it. Simply looking at his picture leads me to suspect that he enjoys raping women and telling fart jokes, often at the same time.

On a podcast last Tuesday, Maino revealed [15] before the entire world that during moments of intimacy with white women, he enjoys pretending he’s a runaway slave:

I like to play like a disobedient slave with a white woman. It’s two of them. It’s like me getting whooped, right? Most of them don’t want to play like that, they say “This nigga’s nuts.” It’s like, “Listen, you’re going to act like, you’re master’s wife, and I just got whooped by master for eyeballing you. But the whole time, you’ve been really, you know, you liked it. You’ve been eyeballing me.” It’s some freaky shit. Then I’m going to come out, all sweaty, just finished getting whooped, and then you’re going to say, “No, Billy Joe, no. No, Billy Joe, no. Master’s not going to like it. He’s not going to like it.” And I’ll say, “You know you want it, lady.” This is a whole script.

It’s a script he’s apparently been following for quite a while, seeing as he recorded a song in 2009 called “Runaway Slave [16].” It has not been verified at press time whether Maino’s fantasy extends to its logical conclusion, in which the master discovers what he’s done and hangs him from a tree.

From Incel to In Cell: Stalker Gets Prison Time for Threatening Women

Apparently some self-identified members of the involuntarily celibate community can be as touchy as Jewish trannies, so it behooves me to clarify why I mock their flailing, doomed-from-the-start attempts to soothe the romantic pain that forms the core of their bottomless unhappiness.

If you’re voluntarily celibate, that’s one thing. That’s weird and inscrutable to me, but at least there’s some choice involved there. But the “involuntary” part of the portmanteau “incel” implies, by definition, that you do not want to be celibate, that you crave sex and affection, and that you are, on rare occurrences, driven to absolute full-blown mass-murdering bloodbaths due to the bottomless agony of never having this very basic human need met.

Where I feel that you types entirely lose the plot and wander off the plantation like zombie virgins is that you seem convinced that the only way to find a woman willing to spend more than 15 seconds alone with you in a motel room is by whispering sweet nothings into her ear about hypergamous sluts and the 80/20 principle and the singles epidemic and how arranged marriages need to come back and how the ideal mate is some unfuckable shrew who doesn’t know what to do with your dick because she’s never even seen a dick before.

And then you wonder why she left the motel room before you even got to the phase “the singles epidemic.”

David Kaufman of Peekskill, New York is a self-identified incel who also went by the online aliases “David Khalifa,” “John Morray,” and “Big Man.” He was recently sentenced [17] to 30 months in federal prison for “stalking multiple victims between October 2019 and August 2020.” He apparently focused his lust/rage on two unidentified victims, sending them messages about how he’ll nail one of them to ten trees if they don’t have sex with him, how he hopes they don’t suffer the same fate as the woman Elliot Rodger stabbed to death, about how women have only spit in his face and he’ll have to get a gun and maybe one day they’ll all be together in heaven laughing — in short, everything that anyone who knows anything about bedding women knows not to say.

It’s like rubbing yourself in shit and demanding that people say you smell good. All I’ve ever said to you lonely little fools is that you’re going about it all wrong.

Kaufman, now 28, will not be released until he turns 30 and, with this big stain on his record, will be even less desirable to women than ever.

Flat-Chested Colored Woman Apologizes to Trannies before Confessing to the World that She Loves Being a Bisexual Slut

This is Kailana Dejoie [18], a bisexual woman of color who says that she endured lingering trauma in her teen years due to her flat chest. The camera in that short clip approaches her chest from different angles to confirm that she was not lying when she said that her breasts aren’t even big enough to feed the pet rat that’s crawling all over her.

The titless carpet-muncher recently penned an essay called “i love being a slut [19]” for the University of Michigan’s school paper. The article doesn’t seem to spend any time describing what she does that’s slutty beyond wearing the occasional thong. Instead, she mostly bitches about men and how they don’t like her tiny tits and how they’re brainwashed by the patriarchy into not desiring her:

If you are a woman, have you ever not gone out because your legs weren’t shaved? Patriarchy. Have you ever been afraid of being desired by men? Patriarchy. Ever felt like it was gross to talk about your period in public? Patriarchy. Have you ever not worn something to a certain event because it was “too much”? Patriarchy. Have you ever lowered your voice in a room full of men even when you really wanted to say something? Patriarchy. Have you ever felt like it was your fault when a man came onto you unwarrantedly? You guessed it . . . patriarchy!!!

“You guessed it . . . patriarchy!!!” is the bisexual feminist’s version of the male incel’s “You guessed it . . . feminism!!!”

She is the mirror image of the male incel: incensed by the opposite sex’s lack of interest in her, but also oblivious to the fact that her rancid personality is far more of a deal-breaker than the flea bites that pass for her mammary glands.

What I found most amusing about her nakedly unashamed cluelessness is that she starts her whole dizzy rant with a preemptive apology to the “gender-nonconforming community,” explaining that within the purview of her essay, when she says “men” she means “men,” just as she means “women” when she says “women.” For all that she boasts about how she loves being a slut and even a “distasteful whore,” she is still a prude at heart who is careful not to offend the most easily offended group of old biddies on the planet.

Tennessee State Senator Tells Homeless to Model Themselves after Adolf Hitler

Tennessee State Senator Frank Niceley [20] looks exactly like the sort of well-meaning politician who’d say something positive about Hitler and then act confused about why people complained.

In debating a bill that would criminalize camping on public property, Mr. Niceley very nicely — or so he thought — tried to rouse the homeless rabble by assuring them that if Hitler could spend a couple of years homeless and then almost conquer the world, then they had no excuse:

I haven’t given you all a history lesson in a while, and I wanted to give you a little history on homelessness. 19 and 10, Hitler decided to live on the streets for a while. So for two years, Hitler lived on the streets and practiced his oratory and his body language and how to connect with masses and then went on to lead a life that got him in the history books.

Bryan Goldberg [21] of the Knoxville Jewish Alliance nearly choked on his bagel before elucidating his disgust for Niceley’s comments, saying that it is insulting to compare the homeless — who merely suffer from mental illness — to a “complete sociopath” such as Adolf Hitler.

Isn’t sociopathy a form of mental illness? And did anyone ask Hitler how he felt about being compared to the homeless bums of Tennessee?

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