The Counter-Currents 2022 Fundraiser
Earth Day $1,500 Match!

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The 2022 Counter-Currents annual fundraiser is off to a tremendous start. Since March 10th, we’ve raised $57,207.62!

To keep the momentum going, a generous supporter has come forward with a $1,500 matching grant in honor of the birth of his fourth child [2] and the most important conservation project of our time: saving white people.

Stopping and reversing white genocide is as much of an ecological imperative as saving the spotted owl. But halting white genocide is even more important, because saving other species is primarily a white thing.

The great conservationists such as Madison Grant, founder of Glacier National Parks and Joseph Le Conte, founder of Sierra Club with John Muir, were not only men of the right [3], but they were also race realists [4].

If we perish, so will the whales, so will the condors, so will the tigers, so will the rainforests.

Please give generously today, not just to save whites, but to save the world.

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Thank you,

Greg Johnson

Editor in Chief