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Black Rage on the Brooklyn Subway


Frank R. James

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Early Wednesday afternoon — nearly 30 hours after he allegedly detonated a pair of smoke bombs on a Manhattan-bound Brooklyn subway car before blindly firing an estimated 33 rounds from a Glock pistol at passengers, hitting ten but killing no one — a fat little frog-faced black man named Frank R. James [2] was finally taken into custody [3]. Federal prosecutors have already slammed him with a charge of committing terrorist attacks, which could send him to prison for life.

Before his arrest, investigators uncovered a long list of comments about race that may suggest a motive — or even, considering modern prejudices, an alibi.

Nearly 30 years ago, a Jamaican-born black immigrant named Colin Ferguson [4] killed six passengers and wounded 19 others with a Ruger P89 semiautomatic pistol on the Long Island Railroad. He’d left a long paper trail of anti-white comments; police found a note scribbled in his pocket that was titled REASONS FOR THIS. Among the reasons were “racism by Caucasians and Uncle Tom Negroes” and “the false allegations against me by the filthy female Caucasian racist on the #1 [rail] line.” While attending college at Adelphi University, Ferguson interrupted a symposium about South African apartheid by screaming, “We should be talking about the revolution in South Africa and how to get rid of the white people! Kill everybody white!”

Celebrity lawyers William Kunstler and Ron Kuby, who took up Ferguson’s case pro bono, angled for a “black rage [5]” defense, claiming their client had been so mentally bludgeoned by America’s unending racism that he bore no criminal responsibility for eventually snapping.

Ferguson rejected the “black rage” defense, kicked Kunstler and Kuby to the kurb, and represented himself in court [6], which led to several surreal moments such as when he asked his female shooting survivor to identify the person who shot her.

Ferguson was found guilty, perhaps for being stupid enough to represent himself more than being a mass murderer. But the 1990s — as infused with Spike Lee movies, Malcolm X baseball caps, and Rodney King riots as they were — were a different time. It seemed as if most Americans still wouldn’t have been comfortable with a “black rage” defense.

In the intervening decades, but especially the past couple of years, Americans have been so terrorized into worshipping all things black and demonizing all things white, Frank R. James would be wise to hire some lawyers to plead Not Guilty By Reason of Black Rage.

Besides Wednesday morning’s Brooklyn shooting and Colin Ferguson’s 1993 Long Island Railroad massacre, the only other high-profile NYC-area train shooting that springs to mind is the little encounter between Bernhard Goetz [7] and four underprivileged urban yoofs in Downtown Manhattan three days before Christmas in 1984. But according to every account of the Long Island and Brooklyn shootings, they were entirely unprovoked — at least by the passengers. In Goetz’s case, he was able to plead self-defense and spent only eight months in jail. Some suspect that he became a vigilante hero due to seething collective white rage against black crime that even back then — we’re talking nearly 40 years ago — was not permissible to openly articulate in public.

Before James’s YouTube channel — where he posted under the alias “prophet of truth88” — was taken down [8] on Wednesday, I was able to view a couple of his videos and transcribe certain extra-juicy passages.

As far as I’m able to piece together, and this is all speculative, James had left his home in Milwaukee sometime in March with the intent of driving to Philadelphia, and then possibly New York City.

In the first of the two videos I watched, uploaded March 20, titled FIRST STOP COMPLETE and clocking in at 26:52, a sullen and self-pitying Mr. James revealed that he had currently stopped in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which was full of “white racist motherfuckers” and where he was personally disrespected by some “white bitch” whom he felt gave him a funny look.

In his videos, James tends to make clear very quickly that he isn’t very fond of whites or blacks. He lamented that Milwaukee was a “motherfucking ghetto” and that he was headed to Philly to “be around a bunch of motherfucking niggas I don’t want to be around . . . that’s all niggers are at the end of the day — a bunch of turds in the toilet.”

Starting around 14:17 of ONE STOP COMPLETE, Frank R. James offers a harsh moral condemnation of black Americans:

This is what you get for being a vicious black no-good stinkin’ piece of shit. . . . There are people, white people in this country, ‘cos I’m gettin’ tired of you. And I’m black. And I’m a fuckin’ nigga. I’m gettin’ tired of lookin’ at a fuckin’ stinkin’ nigga. Gittin’ worse and worse, and there’s bitches just shittin’ fucking babies out that have no sense of shit.


You can buy Jim Goad’s Whiteness: The Original Sin here [10].

James seemed to believe that Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine would set off World War III and the eventual extermination of the black race; after all, if whites have no trouble killing other whites, they’ll eagerly dispose of blacks like so much soiled toilet tissue. At around 15:15, he claims that “they’re” getting ready to wipe out American blacks . . .

. . . just like those German Jews, them European Jews were gotten rid of in Europe. . . . Hitler had no right to do what he did to them Jews. White motherfucker here has every right to kill you. Has every right to kill you. Why? ‘Cause he created you. Like Dr. Frankenstein created the Frankenstein monster. You’re his fuckin’ creation! You’re not an African, you’re not a motherfuckin’ European, you’re some cross between the motherfuckers, which makes you a human mule! Which makes you a fuckin’ human mule. There’s no such thing as a black European, but that’s what you fuckin’ are!

At 17:15, without going into detail regarding exactly what sort of violent revolutionary shenanigan he’s about to pull that will lead to his death, he says:

I’m-a die with a smile on my face and a song in my fuckin’ heart. ‘Cos that’s exactly what the fuck should happen. . . . America, the United States, is a criminal fuckin’ act from beginning to end. It was started from a crime. Genocide of the indigenous people. The enslavement of the African people. How the fuck can you have anything lasting and decent out of that?

On April 11 — the day before the Brooklyn subway shooting — James uploaded a nearly 80-minute video he titled DOMESTICATED AVERAGES that starts with a movie clip of black prison inmates where one of them gleefully says, “The time for whitey is almost up!” At around 14:04 of the video, apparently filming himself inside a motel room, James says: 

You cannot be un-raped. You cannot be un-fucked. You cannot be un-enslaved. You cannot be un-bred like a pig and a dog and a cat. You can’t undo that, nigga! . . . We are like the Frankenstein monster, we are the creations of mad scientists. Not in a laboratory, but on a plantation . . . the plantation was our fuckin laboratory where they experimented on ways to control you.

The next morning, according to eyewitnesses, a stocky black male about 5’5” tall who was wearing an orange-and-green construction-style vest on a Manhattan-bound Brooklyn N train donned a gas mask, told everyone to “start running,” said “oops — my bad!” after setting off a smoke bomb, and fired 33 rounds from his Glock pistol into the murky chaos. Footage [11] from an adjacent car shows terrified subway riders, along with smoke, pouring out of the doors as they finally open at the Sunset Park station. Smartphones [12] recorded the immediate aftermath, as the surveillance cameras at the subway station happened to be malfunctioning at the time.

Either Frank R. James is some kind of Negroidal Houdini or the NYPD is simply that inept these days, but he was able to tra-la-la merrily through the Big Apple for more than a day before finally being arrested.

My sense is that this story — with the inconvenient suspected black terrorist who left a long trail of inconvenient comments about white people — will be memory-holed as quickly as last year’s Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre [13] was scrubbed from the public consciousness. Even six months ago, it didn’t seem as if prosecutors were willing to test the “black rage” defense on a jury.

But Frank R. James, who blames all white people including Vladimir Putin for his unhappiness, may have been blessed by historical circumstances. According to James’ tortured logic, Putin started a brother war among whites as a sneaky, backhanded way of fulfilling the long-term pan-Caucasian goal of global black extermination.

If he gets a jury in either Manhattan or Brooklyn, it may be stuffed with so many guilty whites and vengeful non-whites who’d leap at the chance to simultaneously shame Vladimir Putin and prevent global black extermination, they will not only acquit Frank R. James, they’ll take him out for ice cream and beg him for his autograph.

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