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A New Invasion of Spain Demands a New Reconquista


Francisco Pradilla Ortiz, Surrender of Granada (1882)

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While in 1998 immigrants accounted for 1.6% of Spain’s population (637,000, to be added to another half a million gypsies holding Spanish passports), only 11 years later, in 2009, they already accounted for 12.1% — a figure that does not include those who became naturalized in the meantime. Since race is not registered in the census, once they are given citizenship the non-white aliens are no longer counted as immigrants in the statistics.

But taking into account that we Spaniards numbered 40 million by the year 2000, and that our population was already slightly decreasing back then and abortion has become even more attainable since, it is evident that the millions of inhabitants who exceed that number today must necessarily be foreigners, many of them naturalized. This means that foreigners have become around 20% of Spain’s population in only 25 years.

How was this possible?

In 1996 the first Right-wing government since the Spanish Transition came to office, and it was this government that began to bring in and regularize huge masses of non-white aliens. We were told that we needed workers in a country which, since the end of Franco’s regime, had rapidly gone from full employment to having one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe!

We were also told that it would be very unsupportive on our part to prevent the entry of invaders since “we were also migrants,” which is equivalent to equating the legal emigration of Spaniards to other white countries in Central Europe after the Second World War – which happened because those countries needed manpower after many of their men had died in the war — with the current invasion of racially and culturally alien beings who break our immigration laws, frequently assault border guards, and whose presence is anything but necessary. Despite all of this, our governments end up rewarding them with citizenship documents after a few years.

All in all, until the 2008 crisis the Spanish economy was still apparently doing well and, as our population was aging, the regime chose to use that as an excuse so that the native people would not oppose their arrival; they were going to pay the pensions of our elders by increasing the number of workers and other contributors with respect to that of pensioners.

What happened afterwards was exactly the opposite, of course. Those foreigners, instead of paying for anyone’s retirement, have dedicated themselves to suckling from the state’s coffers, forming a privileged parasitic caste very prone to living on social benefits, enjoying preference when it comes to being considered for subsidies and who receive them in an amount generally much higher than the pensions of the native people, who have been paying taxes all their lives. Today, many people ironically call the invaders “pension-payers” in memory of that propaganda lie.

First signs of popular opposition

Nevertheless, there were isolated signs of resistance from the very beginning. In El Ejido in February 2000, the native population revolted against the criminality of the alien invaders, who had turned their peaceful town of 50,000 inhabitants into a hotbed of citizen insecurity. It was triggered when foreigners in the town — mainly Moroccan Arabs — committed, within a single week, three murders (of two farmers and a 26-year-old girl). The people erected barricades and began patrolling the streets themselves while the government deputy, Fernando Hermoso, who showed up there ended up having to flee from an angry crowd that chased and beat him until he jumped into his car. The government sent hundreds of police officers from other towns and 55 people were arrested because of the protest.

Since then there have been a dozen similar events all over Spain. It is funny to see how racial differences also stand out in the riots organized by each race. All the riots carried out by blacks, gypsies, or Arabs have occurred because the police have allegedly treated some offender too harshly, who is invariably a member of their own race, or they simply engage in burning cars for fun, as they do in the most invaded neighborhoods of France and other European countries. For their part, whites only start race riots as protests against the unbearable crime brought by other races.

Although it is a reality that is increasingly difficult to hide, the media have long since ceased to mention the origin or nationality of the offenders and are redoubling their efforts not to lose control over the narrative and over the minds of the people; this is similar to what the social networks, internet search engines, and so on have been doing. We are well aware of the media empire’s persuasive power and that many lemmings succumb to white self-hatred and race-mixing propaganda because they have been convinced that this will make them socially acceptable and because there are still not enough people who publicly question the racial-masochist narrative. This is how they generate the phenomenon of the “silent majority,” trapped in a vicious circle from which, in order to get out of it, it is enough for a few brave people to dare to break taboos.

The US & Spain: Different cases, same accusations

The comparative history of the various white peoples allows us to study how the System manipulates us with totally different and incompatible narratives depending on the specific case of the white country concerned in order to achieve the same result.

History is irrelevant; the white man is always guilty, and does wrong whether he acts one way or the other. If a white people has invaded others’ territory in the past, the present foreign invasion is justified because it is “a fair punishment for the wickedness of the white race.” If a white people has been invaded by others in the past, the present foreign invasion is justified because “we are equal” and we would be wicked if we didn’t let them in.


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Jewish “anti-racist” organizations use the indigenist argument in the United States to justify the invasion of that country. Despite the fact that the white race is incontestably the indigenous people of the European continent, in Europe these same groups make use of a very different version of the narrative which states that being the indigenous race does not give us any kind of special right over our land since “races do not exist” and, in fact, we were intolerant and wrong to expel the North African invaders instead of assimilating with them, because they were “culturally enriching.” There is no crazy enough story that the general public cannot come to believe if there is no alternative media to contradict it. (Needless to say, these same Jewish media and organizations which spread these narratives in the US, in Spain, and all over the white world support a totally different version of the story with regard to their own Jewish ethnostate in Israel, from which 800,000 Palestinians were expelled during the Nakba and still cannot return to the homes where they were born. Many of them now live in overcrowded conditions in Gaza, one of the very few colonies that still exists in the world today — and you are an anti-Semite if you mention these Jewish crimes.)

There are also lots of examples of selective racial existence or non-existence in the systemic propaganda, even within the same country. We whites only exist as a race if it is necessary for us to be blamed for alleged original sins from centuries ago, but when it comes to our achievements and accomplishments, they become “achievements of mankind” and it is absurd for whites to take credit for them because races do not exist. It would take too long to list all the contradictory arguments of the anti-whites that inflict cognitive dissonance, but it can be summed up by saying that races only exist when it is needed to say that whites are the worst of them.

Whites in the US are supposed to allow themselves to be overrun as a form of “atonement” for their ancestors conquering the land of other peoples; all of South America and in fact the entire world is now entitled to take over their land. Nevertheless, the fact that we Spaniards were invaded and oppressed by the Muslims of North Africa does not justify our subsequent colonization of northern Morocco, the western Sahara, and so on.

No biological group is innocent of having made war against other groups. In the case of the Amerindians, their ethnic groups massacred and enslaved each other before Europeans arrived; hence, if they did so with their racial brethren, it is obvious that they would have had no qualms about doing the same to other races had they not been technologically backward and geographically isolated from other continents. Let us not forget that, supermen as they were, Hernán Cortés and his hundreds of men who arrived in only a few ships could never have conquered an empire of seven million inhabitants if it wasn’t for the collaboration of numerous indigenous peoples who were being oppressed and slaughtered by the Aztecs. Thus it was that in 1521 Hernán Cortés conquered Tenochtitlán, the Aztec capital, with an army of 900 Spaniards and 150,000 Indians who saw in him a liberator. Such was the hatred that these peoples felt for the sadistic Aztec imperialists that the Spaniards had to restrain their indigenous allies’ cruelty towards the defeated after the battle. This is never taken into account, of course.

Unlike that of Spain, the character of the United States as a colony that gained independence from Britain, as well as its former isolationist policies, has meant that throughout most of its history it has been more closely identified with the colonized countries than with the colonizers. Moreover, it has been the country that did the most in the last century to help colonies to gain independence from both European and non-European imperial powers. In fact, precisely because of this the United States was well-regarded in the Arab world — at least, until its submission to the new State of Israel radically changed its international public image. None of that matters anymore, however; now America is only viewed as an oppressor, even by many of its own people.

On the other hand, we can find examples of white countries that have never had colonies and which have inhabited their homelands for centuries, or even millennia. The Scandinavians are one such example. Nevertheless, none of this affects the narrative. No matter how different the history of each white people may be, and no matter how much right they have to the land where they live, the media will always invent incompatible pretexts and adapt their discourse to each case in order to justify white dispossession and genocide everywhere.

Not even two generations of something as insane as the masochistic self-discrimination called “affirmative action,” which is as unfair as it is useless, changes one iota of their hatred for us, which has been instigated by the tribe that dominates the media in the United States. Nothing will ever be enough.

The inevitable conclusion

In the face of this anti-white offensive, it is inevitable that our race will end up uniting around the defense of its rights as a racial group, starting with the right to exist (which implies self-government and an exclusive territory for its own kind). This white racial awareness cannot be anything but global — not only within each country, since in this conflict all the world’s whites are in the same boat, even if in some regions of the world the replacement genocide has advanced further than in others (or where violent genocide has begun, such as that suffered by the white minority in southern Africa).

The term Reconquista — which, ridiculously, non-white invaders whose ancestors did not even live in the territory of today’s US claim for themselves — is a word which hardly anyone has more of a right to than our race. The Spanish Reconquista was but one of several reconquests that the white race had to undertake against non-white invaders. In addition to recapturing the continent’s southwest, the Europeans also had to reconquer the southeast by fighting against the Ottoman invaders, as well as in the east against the Mongol invaders, and before them the Huns. This is not to mention all the invasion attempts that failed, such as those perpetrated by the then multi-racial Persian empire, which tried to invade the continent through Greece. If anyone is entitled to reparations for suffering imperialism by other races, it is us. No other race is more guiltless.

It is time to reconquer our homelands for our posterity.

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