Woodstock on Wheels

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The various trucker convoys being launched across America are both a beginning and an end. Regardless of their outcome, they are a major milestone in the collapse of the United States. If we are lucky, they will not just deliver a heavy blow to the regime but also to the perennial problems of insincere grifting, controlled opposition, and failed milquetoast conservatism.

As I drove to the stadium in the early morning, I passed through a scenic gap between mountain ranges mystically obscured by dark clouds. After that I was on the high desert, bathed in dawn’s light and sprinkled with a light dusting of snow. This collision of alpine and desert biomes created a tranquil synthesis — in contrast to the drama to come.

Once we arrived, we found the few patriots who had stayed overnight and joined a steady trickle of newcomers. I walked around, enjoying the brisk air and various patriotic vehicle decorations. I spotted a table next to the stadium gates which was run by the “Feds for Medical Freedom,” an odd name given the negative connotations of “fed” within the movement, but I simply chalked it up to normie naïveté.



When the time came for the pre-launch speeches, the crowd had swollen to at least 500. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of young or middle-aged people in the crowd. While they were outnumbered, their turnout was good, especially for a weekday morning given that most conservatives are gainfully employed. Almost everyone had a healthy physiognomy, too. The speeches were quite a let-down, however, the first sign that something was amiss.

Grift has always plagued conservative politics. After January 6, it has rapidly intensified. Too many sincere patriots and men of action were taken prisoner, and the resulting chilling effect on public participation left a power vacuum that parasitic opportunists rushed to fill. The rank-and-file activists, shell-shocked and desperate for someone or something to cling to, found themselves led by people unworthy for the task. I strongly suspect that there was a concerted effort from above to prevent effective resistance via a two-pronged strategy of heavy-handed persecution by the government and the promotion of incompetent or compromised figures as dissident “leaders.” I have recently attended several local normie events out of both curiosity and a sense of duty, only to find them dominated by boomer women, long-winded preachers, and self-admitted recent converts to conservatism singing “Kumbaya” instead of voicing righteous indignation. I suspect that some of these cucks may be actively working for the regime, while others are propped up without them even knowing it.

These particular pre-Convoy speeches were more of the same uninspiring and harmless drivel we’ve heard from the political establishment for decades. The most frustrating part was that I sensed the angry truckers and patriots who made this event possible did not identify with the decidedly liberal and feminine messaging of the “leadership.” They had seen the disruption and chaos the Canadian trucker convoys wrought and had pledged to drive almost 2,700 miles to do the same in Washington, DC. However, without strong leaders they could not stop the wet blanket being cast over the sparks of their revolutionary sentiment.


A female speaker mentioned being descended from “Eastern European immigrants” (who I doubt were European) before waxing poetic about how the convoy was for “everyone,” making sure to check several diversity boxes, even specifically welcoming Democrats. I found this laughable, as I’m pretty sure the only Democrat voter in attendance was the obese Mexican antifa “journalist” from Left Coast Right Watch who was hiding in his car as he tweeted.

Leigh Dundas, the Scientologist leading The People’s Convoy, distanced herself from the Freedom Convoy, whose more aggressive leader had stated they hoped to be “a giant Boa constrictor that squeezes, chokes, and swallows” DC. She then declared that “we are not radical.” This I could not dispute, as it was clear to me that no matter what the people wanted, the organizers were intent on rendering the convoy harmless. I understand that the post-January 6 crackdowns have left everyone walking on eggshells, but these “organizers” made a point of going well beyond what was necessary to ensure that the convoy was safe. They turned what was supposed to be a revolutionary act into a motorized dance party. They had created Woodstock on wheels.

While the convoy’s departure was not as massive as anticipated, it was still inspiring and beautiful. About 25 trucks departed, followed by a miles-long line of cars, several of which would follow them all the way to DC. The roads were lined with supporters waving flags and cheering. That so many Californians would brave near-freezing temperatures to support them is a testament to the still-smoldering spirit of resistance in our country.


Culture War Criminal

When I returned home, my Telegram feed was filled with pictures and videos of the convoy, which had rapidly swelled in strength to about 50 trucks after it hit the I-40. A local dissident activist from my region, Ryan Sanchez (also known as Culture War Criminal), who describes himself as “the voice of revolutionary conservatism,” made several posts that day and the next showing massive support for the convoy from locals in the desert towns it passed through, gathering on freeway overpasses. Some examples are available here [6], here [7], and here [8]. Sanchez hoped to report on the convoy from an authentic Right-wing angle, as Tyler Russell of the Canada First movement had done for the Ottawa protests. I was glad that one of “our guys” was going. We need more real-life activism in general, especially activism with the potential to bridge the divide between “normies” and dissidents. The chaos the Biden regime has created is the perfect climate for such outreach. Our enemies in the System know this even better than we do, so it was no surprise that drama for this young activist from the OC soon erupted.


The aforementioned antifa journalist had pearl-clutched (taco-clutched?) on Twitter about how Sanchez had held Convoy planning meetings with more than 60 activists in Huntington Beach, and was traveling with a team of young nationalists to document and support the event. Given that the regime and its lapdogs fear the mixing of “normies” and dissidents, this was expected. This soon eescalated into an aggressive but sloppy campaign by antifa and The People’s Convoy itself to accuse Ryan Sanchez of being a bad actor, however, with the intention of preventing him from participating, even as a friendly observer. As I watched this unfold on Telegram, it revealed several truths. While Sanchez’s decision to leave The People’s Convoy may seem like a defeat, I see it as a teachable moment that illuminates the true extent of subversion in Right-wing movements as well as some possible ways forward.

In trying to discredit Sanchez, the organizers only discredited themselves. The convoy’s Telegram chat group banned anyone who even questioned their decision to denounce Sanchez. Additionally, one of the organizers, Leigh Dundas, is a Scientologist. These cultists are prima facie unfit for Right-wing politics, especially for leadership positions, as their “religion” resembles a grift more than a faith.


You can buy Greg Johnson’s The Year America Died here. [11]

Another organizer, Erik Rohde, began a series of unhinged attacks [12] on Sanchez, accusing him of being a federal agent intent on undermining the Convoy. By attacking Sanchez in such a manner, Rohde actually gave more reasons to doubt his own intentions rather than Sanchez’s (Ryan Sanchez’s humorous video rebuttal can be found here [13]). Rohde proudly declared that he is part of the “Three Percenter” militia, which is widely believed to be heavily infiltrated, and brazenly mentioned his Jewish ancestry several times. He even ended his video message with “shabbat shalom.” He was careful to not directly name the sources he drew on in his attack on Sanchez, however. Most of the negative press Sanchez gets comes from Leftist sources, many of which are antifa-affiliated.

The organizers’ Telegram page published a statement [14] thanking an antifa-linked journalist, declaring that “there is no room for hate” and that the People’s Convoy is a “non-political movement.” There was no condemnation or even mention of the antifa photographer from Arizona Right Wing Watch embedded in the Convoy, however, despite her publishing photos showing people’s faces and license plates on Twitter.

One of Sanchez’s predictions was fulfilled within the first day. He wrote:

The anti-American people we are going to protest in DC view us all in the same light — attempting to appease them by disavowing your supporters using their labels and language won’t stop them from calling you “racist”, “insurrectionist”, or “fascist”. Nothing you do will ever change their mind about you. They hate you, they hate America, and they want you and your children dead.

Soon after, an antifa journalist named Vishal Singh began attacking the same “Three Percenters” as extremists and racists mere hours after they purged Sanchez for the same reasons. Then, Patrick Byrne and General Michael Flynn’s organization, “The America Project,” declared they are now stepping away [15] from the convoys over concerns that they are “thoroughly and aggressively penetrated by the Left.” Byrne’s statement that this was not the organizers’ fault rings hollow, for while he seems to genuinely admire the organizers, it was their policies and personalities that allowed the Left to infiltrate in the first place. What do you expect when antifa is welcomed, but young white men are disavowed for being too far to the Right?

The People’s Convoy is not just another example of entertaining political drama, as it highlights several issues with Right-wing organizing. Interestingly, after Sanchez and his friends returned home, he declared that nobody was left in the convoy under the age of 30. So much for diversity! Whenever “our guys,” or even “normie-con” youngsters try to get involved with conservative politics online or in real life, they are usually turned off by how milquetoast the energy is. If they try to intensify it, they are often rejected. This creates an endless cycle that prevents progress and reinforces the belief that conservative politics is hopeless. Men, especially dissident activists, are warier of potential danger, and thus excluding them increases the risks in political activism. While many boomers are smart, too many have a certain naïveté that can get them into trouble. Young men are less likely to fall for BitChute conspiracy theories, deradicalizing controlled opposition, or federal entrapment. They certainly know better than to allow an antifa journalist to waltz in and take pictures of people’s faces and license plates.

The “normie” conservative movement is a dumpster fire. Elements of it can and should be infiltrated and quality members converted to dissident politics, however. Ryan Sanchez’s networking with normal conservatives — which seems to have been much more successful overall, despite the incident with the People’s Convoy — in Orange County has the Left mortified. Furthermore, his mere presence forced all of the bad actors and misguided imbeciles to play their hands and reveal themselves. Well-meaning people can still be saved from exploitation by cynical grifters, and institutions such as local College Republicans can be hijacked, providing dissidents with networking opportunities at a time when overt pro-white organizing has become almost impossible.

We must provide our people with an alternative to the failed movements of the recent past. It must be youth-based and harness the energy and creativity of the new generation of dissidents while taking care to balance this aggression with the prudence and wisdom of movement veterans. While the “conservacucks” declare their movement to be no place for hate, we understand that hatred and intolerance of evil are precisely what we need. After all, you cannot truly love something unless you hate that which threatens it. I believe these nationalist youth leaders such as Culture War Criminal can be trusted to have the right attitudes, as they are aware that they have the biggest stake in the future and that the price of failure is our total destruction. With the stakes higher than ever, silly things and suspicious people will be shut down.

A true leader should select his men like a gourmand selects his wine;  a discriminating taste reflects good judgment and refinement. Just as a cupbearer detects impurities in the first sip, a competent leader can help our movement to avoid drinking poison.

To conclude, regardless of how The People’s Convoy turns out, the launch from Adelanto will be the beginning of the end of an era of impotent activism. If these convoys are even moderately successful, they will cause economic damage to the regime and inspire further action. If they fail, yet another nail will be driven into the coffin of neoconservatism. Some of these cowards are incorrigible, but genuine patriots yearn for a conservatism that is revolutionary in character. We will continue to grow in strength as the conservative base grows in radicalization.

As I watched the People’s Convoy drive off into the California desert, I found the “Wild West” setting poetic. America has long been marked by a stark divide between a white conservative countryside and an exploitative urban elite. Oswald Spengler predicted that the next great cultures would sprout from the vast expanses of America or Russia, who have yet to go through the grand cycle of civilization. As Pluto returned from its sidereal wanderings, the American regime is being pressed from two directions both by truckers from the American West and Russian tanks from the Eastern steppe. Watching these forces cut through the rolling plains like the Scythians of old is an inspiring reminder that Francis Fukiyama’s famous prediction of the end of history was thankfully wrong.

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