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Internet Censorship & Arbitration


Online content creator Lauren Southern lost her arbitration suit against Patreon.

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Lauren Southern, a part-Jewish member of the former Alt Lite who made a splash with entertaining and insightful YouTube videos in the mid- to late teens, and produced a good documentary about South Africa called Farmlands [2] (2018), last year posted a useful primer about legal arbitration as it pertains to the Internet. (Actually, most of the information is applicable to arbitration in general.)

It is a 40-minute interview with San Francisco attorney Marie Fiala, a Czech immigrant who retired in 2020 as a partner from the globalist law firm Sidley Austin, whose “distinguished” alumni [3] include Barack and Michelle Obama, former Jewish FCC Commissioner Newton Minow, and other worthies. (Fiala says she’s Czech, and doesn’t look or sound Jewish, but who knows?)

In conjunction with California attorney Andrei Dan Popovici [4] — another ex-Soviet bloc native of unknown ethnicity –, she represented Southern in an arbitration [5] proceeding against San Francisco-based crowdfunding giant Patreon, founded in 2013 to give ordinary people the opportunity to contribute funds directly to independent third-party content creators they liked. The still-unprofitable firm is bankrolled by a shadowy clique of unnamed moneymen.

Today, privately-held Patreon boasts a valuation of $4 billon, not due to impressive revenue, which it does not have, but because it is a strategic chokepoint determining who — and what — can be heard online. Jews have always denied people they hate money and a social voice. Governments, corporations, and other institutions invariably do their bidding, thereby shouldering responsibility for this state of affairs as well.

Like everything else, Patreon is heavily censored and accessible only to people who espouse narrow, government-approved viewpoints.

Southern was banned from the platform in 2017 at the behest of the powerful anti-white, London-based Jewish hate and censorship group with the tongue-in-cheek name “Hope Not Hate.”

Patreon’s co-founder and CEO is Jack Conte, a musician (of sorts). Apparently Italian-American (judging from his surname, birthplace, and phenotype), he could easily pass as an Orthodox Jew. (So who knows?)

He shacked up with and eventually married a blonde with the surname of Knutsen [6]. (What else?)

Patreon is a key player in the Silicon Valley monopoly/censorship apparatus whose tentacles now strangle and oppress all mankind.

It is no surprise that in addition to having shadowy, well-heeled financial backers and graciously not being crushed by the Jewish ADL, Conte has been chosen as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader [7].

Attorney Fiala lays out the legal technicalities of the arbitration process in a clear, informative manner. She also factors in ideological realities that direct human actors within the System to behave contrary to law.

Though ignored here, the racial element is crucial as well.

As Breitbart reported [8], arbitrator Robert B. Freedman ruled against Southern, labelling her “Alt Right” and classifying her as a non-consumer, thereby dishonestly compelling her to pay half the arbitration fees — potentially tens of thousands of dollars — just to pursue her claim. She could not afford to do that.

Breitbart also noted that Freedman, a retired judge of the Superior Court of Alameda County, California, was originally appointed to the bench by a Republican. (The unnamed governor was Pete Wilson.)

But neither Breitbart nor Southern nor Fiala mention that Freedman is of Ukrainian Jewish descent [9], and told an interviewer that he was inspired to become an attorney in part by the anti-white propaganda film (or novel), To Kill a Mockingbird.

Fiala states that large law firms are Left-wing. Their pro bono committees never approve free legal assistance for conservative causes or individuals. Conservatives like Fiala can’t even safely voice their social and political views in the workplace.

Consumers — that means you — “agree” to arbitration and forego access to the courts virtually every time you sign (or click on) an adhesion contract, which these days means all contracts, or use any service, whether you pay for it or not.

In the course of the video, you will have to suffer through some obligatory BS about “Jews,” “Nazis,” “Skokie,” the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), “I’m a freedom-loving immigrant,” and so on. (Contrary to what Fiala thinks or says, the ACLU was never good or honest, and the Left is not “well-meaning.”) Indeed, Southern is so impressed by this sentimental twaddle that she tacks on one key statement of this kind at the very beginning of the video, and again at the end.

Fiala even chokes up momentarily while reciting Martin Niemoller’s old chestnut, “First they came for . . .” As if that’s ever going to stop a conquering Jew or philo-Semite from beheading people and cause them to embrace truth, justice, and the American way.

Not covered in the video despite its relevance, “private” Internet contracts and “terms of service” virtually all (miraculously!) ban “hate speech” by whites, though not by Jews or anybody else. How did that happen?

Everyone understands that only timid, browbeaten whites who are constantly surveilled and verbally and physically attacked, beaten, raped, murdered, prosecuted, and jailed by Jews, coloreds, antifa, police, secret police, and the judiciary, utter hateful speech — unless, of course, a non-white happens to speak ill of Jews. Fortunately, they know their place well enough not to do that.

With regard to hate speech, it is an astounding fact worthy of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! that the critical faculties of every Gentile on the planet magically shut down every time a Jew opens his motor mouth. If whites heard them speak and write the way I do, they’d be tortured near-unto-death by The Real Thing: crude, vile hate speech, blatant lies, and violence that are indeed hard to stomach.

To be sure, arbitration is a gigantic racket.

You can have a white country, or the insulting, malodorous “heads we win, tails you lose” legal system partially described in this video, but you can’t have both.

Lauren Southern, The Death of the American Legal System, September 13, 2021 (39 mins.)

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