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Last week the simulacrum President of the United States put up his middle finger to white America and announced his intention to nominate a black woman to replace Clinton appointee Stephen Breyer, who is retiring from his seat on the United States Supreme Court. Nobody seemed to be surprised at yet one more “historical first” on the way, courtesy of a corrupt white Democrat.

One of our major parties is happy about it. The other is protesting just enough to preserve the fake virtue in its false image as the “conservative opposition,” which shows that the ruling class doesn’t feel it has to hide the fact that it presides over an apartheid state anymore.

Given the abject failure of Republicans to defend the interests of their white voting base, to now expect Republican senators to block the ascent of a black woman to the Supreme Court would be, as H. L. Mencken once said of marriage, “the triumph of imagination over intelligence.” After all, no greater fear hath a Republican politician than to be called a “racist.” It’s Republicans who now roll out Martin Luther King’s “content of their character” head fake –except that 50-plus years after this plagiarizing, womanizing empty suit was killed, they still haven’t figured out that “character” was not something that the “Reverend” himself would recognize if God pointed it out. When someone cites MLK as moral inspiration, you know you’ve been conned.

Counter-Currents readers may recall that in the Democratic primaries for the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden was heading for the exit ramp when it turned out that he was a complete bust with Democrat voters who recognized boring and incoherent when they saw it. This was only the case until he cut a deal with South Carolina Congressman James Enos Clyburn, however. Clyburn agreed to get all the black church ladies to turn out to vote for Biden in the South Carolina primary. “My buddy Jim Clyburn — you brought me back [2]!” was one of the few honest statements uttered by Biden during his campaign.

Jim Clyburn is nobody’s buddy unless there’s a payout for Jim Clyburn. That’s just how the “buddy-system” operates in our Capitol City. In exchange for his good buddy’s support, Biden agreed to pick a black woman as his running mate. Granted, he didn’t say publicly that she had to be “black,” but wink-wink, everyone understood that was the deal — which is how we got Willie Brown’s cackling ex-concubine currently tanking in her role as Vice President.

Since Jim had Joe by the short-hairs, he also figured that he could make this deal a twofer: a black woman VP and a black woman on the Supreme Court. With all the decrepitude on the bench these days, it was a good bet that Biden would get that opportunity.


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So now the speculation begins: Who is that “highly qualified” black woman going to be? I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that it will be either Michelle Obama or Kamala Harris. A Huffington Post [5] piece that was published shortly after the announcement jumped into the speculation and discounted both women on account of their ages: 58 and 57, respectively. But hold on! The federal government is run by a geriatric oligarchy. For octogenarians like Clyburn, Nancy Pelosi, and Diane Feinstein — a youthful 88 — who call the shots, late-fifties means you are a kid. Anita Hill at 65 is still a youngster by ruling-class standards. A recent recipient of a Joe Biden apology [6], Hill said, shockingly, that “it wasn’t enough.” Don’t count her out as a longshot possibility. Either Michelle or Kamala could give the Democrats 24 years on the bench and still be younger than the departing Breyer.

Because Harris is an embarrassment as Vice President and her own party desires to find a face-saving exit for her, I’m going to predict that she would be Biden’s first choice. As Jesse Jackson might put it, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, this bush league mamma’s gotta go!” This way Biden can move her out of the White House and into a position where she can do damage to America for decades to come.

If not Harris, then it will be Michelle Obama. Obama may even have been in on the negotiations with Clyburn and Biden. Who knows? But Biden certainly owes Obama big-time. Black Democrats own Biden. Since white people used to own blacks, well, turnabout is fair play. Biden does whatever he’s ordered to do, particularly if Obama is calling the shots.

Michelle is a Harvard Law graduate and absolutely adored by the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the glitterati everywhere. Imagine the media extravaganza upon the announcement of her nomination. Imagine her Senate confirmation hearing and the Republican senators fawning over her, competing with each other to show how thrilled they are that the former First Lady is going to be on the bench.

The one caveat is that Michelle is lazy and a party girl. Her only work as a lawyer was as a junior associate at Sidley & Austin [7] (now Sidley Austin LLP) for about three years after graduation from law school. She was never made a full partner. After she married Obama, she floated around doing “public-service-oriented” work — “diversity,” work-free jobs for the well-connected — until The One ran for President.

Michelle may not want a full-time job, of course. Still, she wouldn’t have to work all that hard. Her law clerks would do all the research and write her opinions. It would be mainly a ceremonial post, and she’d be in the limelight for decades with the mainstream media slobbering over every decision she makes.

There is one other longshot possibility: Barack Obama. Yes, most of us still believe he is not a woman, but perhaps President Biden might reconsider that part of his promise, particularly for his ex-boss. There is a precedent for an ex-President moving to the Supreme Court. In 1921, President Warren Harding appointed former President William Howard Taft to be no less than Chief Justice of the Court where he served until a month before his death. Once on the Supreme Court, Obama could continue to fulfill the promise he made on the brink of his election in 2008 to bring about a “fundamental transformation of the United States of America [8].”

Whoever Biden’s nominee is, contact your Republican Senator, if you have one, and tell him that you won’t vote for him again if he votes to approve. We will never have a real opposition party that defends our interests until we punish the fakers.

“Punishment is justice for the unjust.”
Saint Augustine

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