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Brianna Kupfer’s Life Mattered

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Brianna Kupfer was born in 1997, a year in which many of you reading this may have been older teenagers, fresh adults, or middle-aged. Maybe you were just getting started in putting your adult life in order by buying a home, getting married, or perhaps having your first child. With your life ahead of you, you may have felt optimistic. In the 1990s, it was still not that difficult to join the middle class, and the commanding heights of our society were nowhere near as anti-white as they are today — at least not openly.

Despite the decline in everything from social capital to upward economic mobility since 1997, Brianna Kupfer also likely looked forward to buying a home, getting married, and perhaps having babies. She will do none of those things now because she was murdered on January 13 by a black man who was free on $1,000 bail [2]. He had been charged with three felonies in June [3] which were then reduced, and he ended up getting nothing but probation. Since the murderer had likewise not been imprisoned for a litany of previous crimes, including firing a flare gun into a car carrying a young child, legal officials are therefore complicit in the murder of this 24-year-old girl. The murderer’s name is not worth printing here.

Brianna Kupfer’s slaughter was gut-wrenching. She had been working alone at a Los Angeles furniture store when the murderer came in at random, stabbing her to death for no apparent reason whatsoever, not even robbery. She died alone without her family or anyone else who might have been able to save her or even comfort her in her final moments.

Her death speaks to different tensions shaping pro-white identity politics today. These tensions are why white advocacy is growing in popularity, and why it may grow in unexpected places, given that our rulers have embraced vile forms of skullduggery to target whites in the post-George Floyd era.

Had I met Ms. Kupfer in real life and been forthright in my controversial views with her, she would likely have denounced me and perhaps would have tried to cancel me for my opinions on the future of white people in our countries. She was a young woman living in one of America’s most liberal cities and studying for a graduate degree at UCLA, after all. Her LinkedIn profile displayed a banner proclaiming “Stand for Justice” — and Counter-Currents readers know the top-down, anti-white understanding of “justice” today. I am not offended by this hypothesis, and I hope you are not, either. At the same time, it reveals an important truth: As White Nationalists, we are concerned about the future of our people even if many of them hate us.

This arrangement will prove transitory, however, and we are seeing why in real time. In a 2011 study, scientists at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute concluded [4] that only one out of ten people in any given society need to have unwavering conviction in an ideology before it becomes mainstream and animates the population’s collective will. They illustrated this idea using networks wherein “true believers” in certain ideas could shift the opinions of the far more numerous “traditional view holders,” drastically changing their network’s ideological composition in short order. This mirrors an anecdote that Greg Johnson [5] described as “making our ideas go viral.” One man dancing by himself at an outdoor concert in Washington state was seen as an eccentric — until the first follower joined him. This second dancer caused the dance to grow livelier. A third then felt obliged to join. Gradually, a massive dancing crowd formed around the lone “eccentric.” As White Nationalists, we are basically the first, second, and third people following the one who started it all. In other words, we are leaders — as Johnson argues — by legitimizing the lone dancer. By being leaders in legitimacy, we can make our ideas go “viral” as we approach that critical 10% threshold. We will then turn enemies among our people into friends.

This assertion is not some abstraction. Pretty much everyone reading this knows that pro-white identity politics have seen an explosive rise in the Western world since 2015. Anti-white academic Robert Pape [6], in coordination with the anti-white University of Chicago, concluded that those who entered the Capitol on January 6, 2021 largely came from counties where ethnic diversity had grown the most in recent years. 75% of the Capitol protestors believe in “the great replacement” of voters via immigration, a belief Pape [7] of course derides as a “conspiracy theory.” Nevertheless, such thinking is proof of White Nationalism’s growing legitimacy among rank-and-file Republicans, as he admits.

A Morning Consult poll in the summer of 2021 found that 23% of Republican men [8] had either a “very” or “somewhat” favorable view of White Nationalism. If we have not reached that coveted 10%, or if a sizeable crowd has not yet formed around the lone dancer, I would still say that we are close. We should not let hatred from our own people demoralize us in our efforts to build long-term, durable pro-white communities. Whites who hate us now will come around, and they will see the light in having a future in this country and across the white world.

An odious level of cynicism and nihilism is required to look at Brianna Kupfer and say that she deserved what happened to her, or that she does not deserve that much sympathy because of her support for causes like BLM. Not many — at least I hope — in the pro-white community think with such callousness. Those who do so fail to recognize the ephemeral nature of the societal crowd’s emotions. Passive participants are a permanent fixture in history. They cannot be blamed for succumbing to high-status beliefs which themselves can change if we act upon this historical moment. We must therefore see ourselves as elites in the most positive, enlightened sense of the word: as the first followers of the lone dancer. Our sophisticated level of understanding about the world can spark benevolent paternalism in order to protect and improve the lives of whites from every station of society, even those who do not currently hold our worldview such as Brianna Kupfer. This sense of duty will inspire us with the moral conviction necessary to reach that critical mass of 10%, conquer our enemies, and ensure that white victims of the current system like Brianna did not die in vain.

Brianna Kupfer’s story is also worth studying because the elite’s media, academic, and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) sectors have zeroed in on white women for opprobrium, especially since 2020. Anti-white woman slurs such as “Karen” and “Becky” are now integral to the liberal vernacular as an in-group signifier. A black female editor of the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post, Karen Attiah, tweeted [9] in June 2020 that “[w]hite women are lucky that we are just calling them ‘Karen’s’ [sic]. And not calling for revenge.”

Incidentally, she also blamed white women for inciting the 1921 Tulsa “race massacre,” which Gregory Hood [12] has excellently debunked as a now-mainstream blood libel targeting whites. Attiah’s veiled threat of violence toward white women from an organ of elite institutional opinion-making took place in the context of the low-level civil war that was being waged in the summer of 2020. Insurance claims [13] from riot-induced property damage totaled between $1 and $2 billion, all in the name of George Floyd. While covering up the violence [14], journalists also took the time to incite insane mob ire against white women, accusing them [15] of weaponizing their vulnerability to terrorize black men. This condemnation of a demographic that largely supports the Left’s goals has put white women on the receiving end of an abusive relationship [16], as Robert Hampton points out. Indeed, young white women [17] support Democrats over Republicans by a 16-point margin, and 54% of them think blacks are disenfranchised, according to the Public Religion Research Institute.

Social and evolutionary factors lead women in general to prioritize group harmony [18] and the desires of others, whereas men strive for higher status through independent action. These differences could explain why the oligarchic, neoliberal cultural revolution has especially poisoned the minds of young women. Additionally, one’s brain does not fully mature until age 25, on average. Up until that point, young people are far more susceptible to emotional, impulsive thinking, which Leftist politics and smartphone addiction reinforce. At this stage, the prefrontal cortex [19], which allows for abstract, rational, and analytical thinking, is still developing. The fact remains that white women were morally expelled from the liberal-Leftist coalition in 2020 during one of the most violent periods in America’s history.


You can buy Greg Johnson’s White Identity Politics here. [21]

Brianna Kupfer’s murder encapsulates the liberal elite’s elevation of blacks at the expense of previous concerns, such as women’s safety. Crime since 2020 has continued to reach record levels [22]. Cities such as Brianna’s home of Los Angeles have defunded [23] their police departments out of concern for “racial equity.” Our ruling elite — what Jonathan Bowden called “the Left-wing oligarchy” — is violently discarding its loyal supporters in the name of upholding anarcho-tyranny and pro-black identity politics. Moreover, the extremely limited media coverage of Brianna Kupfer’s murder relative to the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery indicates something even more sinister than merely an “abusive relationship” is taking shape. The Left-wing oligarchy is covering up the anti-white crimes it is enabling in the media under the veil of its superficial morality, whereby black criminals are celebrated while their victims are labeled as the root cause of violent dysfunction and prejudice in American society.

Out of a basic human sense of self-preservation and dignity, growing numbers of young white women may join the similarly growing numbers of young white men in trying to escape this vice-grip of demoralization that is a toxic combination of silent neglect and abuse. Those more familiar with psychological differences and different social incentive structures between men and women could inveigh against my prediction for being too optimistic. One must never forget, however, just how powerful and innate one’s will to live is, to the point where it emerges from the subconsciousness and opposes a seemingly all-powerful ruling class consensus.

Just before she died, Brianna texted a friend that her soon-to-be murderer was giving her a “bad vibe [24]” after he entered the store. In that moment, she had discarded any concern with perceiving herself as racist out of the interests for her own safety. Her instinct was both correct and moral. In moments of life or death, the basic premises of White Nationalism — in-group preference and discerning trust between the familiar and unfamiliar — become profound components in human biology as luxury beliefs melt away. This truth returns us to my main point: the inevitability [25] of White Nationalism, or, for the time being at least, the inevitability [26] of “uppity white folks.” Either of these trends may be inevitable for a sizable percentage of a highly recalcitrant demographic: young white women.

To understand this existential new phase of our struggle, we must examine the implications of the ruling class and their mobocracy fervently worshipping blacks as infallible beings. In late 2021, a Florida jury refused [27] to convict a black man, Dayonte Resiles, for killing a 59-year old white woman in a botched burglary from 2014. Despite most of the jurors agreeing that he was guilty of at least second-degree murder, and even though Resiles had earlier escaped from a courtroom and tried to flee his trial, three jurors refused to convict him for murder, saying, “I don’t want to send a young black male to jail for the rest of his life or have him get the death sentence.” They apparently had no pity or consideration for the murdered woman and her family.

In a disturbing echo of this injustice, prosecutors did not convict Kenyan immigrant [28] Billy Chemirmir after a deadlocked 11-1 jury failed to find him guilty of murdering 18 elderly women in Texas nursing homes. Police suspect he has killed an even larger [29] number than that. In the name of “racial equity,” everyone from antifa activists to establishment prosecutors are acting against the “mass incarceration” of non-whites, particularly blacks, by freeing as many of them as possible on bail. This obviously has horrific consequences for whites. As Media2Rise [30] has documented [31], anti-white Jewish activists and billionaires like George Soros have created what are essentially terroristic initiatives disguised as NGOs to funnel massive amounts of capital to free prisoners on bail, ensuring that they are back on the streets so that they can terrorize innocents such as Brianna Kupfer. Such organizations include Measures for Justice, the Minnesota Freedom Fund, and The Bail Project. Activists have openly admitted that they do not care at all about the criminal records of those they release. Their allies are district attorneys with blood on their hands such as John Chisholm of Milwaukee. In his career, he has gotten 65% of felons off with either no or light bail, including Darrell Brooks, who went on to murder six white people at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. What we are seeing is a conspiracy of elite capital and a media-induced, anti-white mob mentality to ensure that as much pain and suffering is inflicted on whites as possible (even though, of course, all law-abiding citizens suffer from this, whether they are white or not).

In this new, evil system upheld by the richest, most powerful people in the world, I shudder to think whether Brianna Kupfer’s family will receive any justice in the murderer’s upcoming trial. In an ideal world, true justice would see the killer receiving the death penalty. We must not dismiss the haunting possibility that a guilty verdict itself may be too much to ask of this tyranny. Since 2020, the anti-white mandarins of the judicial system, academia, media, and NGOs have escalated a vicious war, targeting white people physically, psychologically, and morally. Rendering the murder of whites by non-whites an easy and unpunished offense is a provocative next step in the ongoing Great Replacement and genocide of the white race. The trial of Brianna Kupfer’s murderer could help complete that hideous next step. Loathsome outfits like Measures for Justice, The Bail Project, and prosecutor’s offices around the country embody it. As whites, we must organize on the metapolitical and community levels to ensure that they fail and are brought to justice under a new political order.

In our current political order, scoundrels ranging from journalists to tenured university professors are transforming the judicial system into an anti-white revolutionary tribunal while abolishing all semblance of public safety. This is unacceptable. Beyond arguments for racial self-interest, anyone who has basic expectations of living peacefully within his civilization cannot tolerate a criminal overclass colluding with a criminal underclass to unleash horrors upon ordinary people. This new escalation of pressure against American whites in particular — who suffered 36 homicides [32] by non-whites in January of this year alone — will undoubtedly increase the appeal of white identity politics.

We despair when we read stories about wonderful people like Brianna Kupfer being murdered by racial outsiders, and by extension by an illegitimate ruling class. However, I would not miss for the world the opportunity to be alive today as a white man in a time when growing numbers of white people throughout the West are losing their moral qualms about advocating for their own destiny. The plutocratic system has become so tyrannical that even those we least suspect may soon be ready to listen to what we have to offer.

Let us resolve to make the 2020s the decade of the White Spring. We understand the stakes in the battle before us. May Brianna Kupfer’s life and memory inspire us at Counter-Currents and in the wider movement to collectively spread our message with renewed courage and dedication. Rest easy, Brianna. I cannot say the same to our anti-white foes.


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