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What Jack Murphy Teaches the Right about Sociopaths

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Drama gets a bad rap in dissident circles. You always hear people say, “I’m not getting myself involved in drama,” as if drama is inherently a bad thing.

But I say drama can be a good thing. For one, it can be good for morale. Drama can be fun, and can thus liven the spirits. Beyond that, however, most of the time there is a moral to the story. Sometimes, the lesson is one that was hopefully already obvious, such as “Don’t trust strangers from the internet” or “Don’t do a livestream while high on crack.” But when scene drama involves a sociopath, it is especially worthy of examination.

I’ve heard people say that sociopaths don’t exist and that sociopathy is just some bullshit made up by Jewish physiatrists. That is a shame, because in my opinion, being able to identify a sociopath is one of the most important life skills you can have. It can spare you years of chaos and sorrow.

It is a thousand times easier not to get involved with a sociopath in the first place than it is to untangle yourself from one once you get caught in his web. Once you let him into your life, he will start making friends with your friends, and then you can’t cut him out of your life without cutting out the other people as well. He’ll start turning your friends against you, if he thinks you might expose him. Hopefully you did not tell him anything in confidence before you figured out that he is insane, because that could also complicate things. It’s just a lot easier not to get into that mess in the first place.

So when a sociopath has a meltdown online, even if it is stupid e-drama with no political substance behind it, it’s helpful to observe and take note of some of the techniques they use. There’s a few that all sociopaths fall back on, and if you can learn to spot them early on, you can know how to steer clear of such individuals and save yourself a lot of pain.


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Today we will be looking at John Goldman, aka Jack Murphy, and his now legendary implosion. I understand that at this point, the story is kind of a dead horse, but if you have been living under a rock, the short version is that Goldman, under the goyface pseudonym of “Jack Murphy,” became a conservative media personality and “masculinity guru” who was heavily promoted by Conservatism Inc. (like Glenn Beck) and the more mainstream elements of the conservative alt-media (like Tim Poole). He also runs a men’s group called Liminal Order where, for $100 a month, Goldman will teach you how to be an apex alpha male pussy-slayer.

Goldman started his commentary career as an edgy manosphere blogger, but truly broke into the public consciousness in 2018 when he was doxed for attending an Alt Lite event with Gavin McInnes and Mike Cernovich. Goldman claims that this resulted in him being fired from the Washington, DC charter school system (“cancel culture”), but others have alleged that it was because of a pro-rape blog post he wrote. There have also been accusations that he was engaging in financial mischief with the schools’ money. Nevertheless, a few months later, Goldman published his book Democrat to Deplorable, which made him a darling of the mainstream conservative movement.

Unfortunately for Goldman, deranged essays he wrote from his manosphere days kept resurfacing, in particular one where he made the superbly unpersuasive case that being a cuckold was the ultimate in apex alpha masculinity. When asked about the article on a recent livestream, Goldman lashed out at the female host. The scene went viral on social media, which caused the cuckold article to go viral as well.

Then the gay porn that Goldman had made, featuring himself, surfaced.

Again, this is old news at this point, but most of the coverage has focused on Goldman being either a degenerate or a Jew. Indeed, he is both, but I want to take a look at this fiasco within the context of Goldman being a narcissistic sociopath, and some of the techniques he has used throughout the controversy.

Goldman as a Narcissistic Sociopath

If you look at Goldman’s infamous 2015 pro-cuckolding article [4], he displays levels of narcissism that would give even Richard “Cluster B” Spencer a run for his trust fund:

I’ve learned and practiced tantra, various elements of the bdsm lifestyle and just about every angle (pun intended) for male / female relations. From experience, effort, and education I’ve become an expert [emphasis in original]. I learned over time how my natural disposition is to be dominant. For submissive women, I’m practically an ideal. I’ve had sex slaves, little girls, and tied them all up. Feminists seek me out to fuck them like the patriarchy.  And yet I’ve just sent my 15 year junior girlfriend to bang Matt from Tinder. Why?

The only people who talk like that are cokeheads and sociopaths (there’s a high degree of overlap between those groups in my experience). But unlike, say, Tommy Robinson, Goldman doesn’t show other signs of being a cokehead, so I’m going with sociopath.

Plus, there is the whole performative masculinity thing. The whole tough guy shtick is a red flag for me. It’s funny when pro wrestlers do it, and maybe some performative masculinity is necessary if you live in a dangerous area, but middle-class people who do it in non-dangerous situations is a red flag. Not all people who do it are sociopaths, of course; some are just douchebags. And sometimes a sociopath will play the helpless victim or the sensitive male feminist if they think it will gain them more power. Some prefer manipulation, and some prefer intimidation. But the ones who prefer intimidation will gravitate towards the tough guy shtick. So it’s a red flag.

Now let’s look at some of Goldman’s sociopathic techniques.

Evasion, Gaslighting, Attacking the Questioner


This is the famous clip from You Are Here with hosts Elijah Schaffer and Sydney Watson. Despite being employed by The Blaze, they seem like good people. A couple of months ago, as a principled free speech statement, they decided to have some people on their YouTube channel who had been banned from all other social media. They booked Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes. The Fuentes appearance resulted in an exchange between Fuentes and Watson [5] on the role of women that went viral and has been endlessly analyzed since [6]. Fans of both Fuentes and Watson declared victory after the exchange, so it ended up being good publicity for both.

Schaffer and Watson are fairly normie conservatives, but they are at least willing to platform people more “hardcore” than themselves and have shown more spine in standing up for free speech than 99% of Con Inc. Of all the people with connections to the “respectable” conservative sphere who might become potential allies or helpful bridges to a wider audience, I rate Schaffer and Watson near the top.

Watson asked Goldman about the pro-cuckolding article twice. The first time he was asked, he started with an evasion — “I have absolutely no comment on that” — followed by some quick gaslighting: “Whatever people’s perceptions are about that, it’s 180 degrees wrong.” He’s literally telling you that your eyes are deceiving you. Pretty standard sociopath stuff.

The second time he was asked, Goldman attacked Sydney Watson for asking. “I’m not going to talk about this, and basically, fuck you for bringing this up right here and right now,” he said. “Why are you doing this to me?”

This is a technique that probably works well in one-on-one encounters with friends or co-workers. “Okay, I guess I shouldn’t ask about that again, or I might lose him as a friend/employer/whatever.” But it’s going to have the opposite effect on the internet.

Goldman then tells Sydney that she had made a mistake, and indeed, that she was stupid (“use some fucking common sense”) to have even asked the question in the first place. To the sociopath, offense is always the best defense.

Blame Shifting

A few days after the You Are Here blowup, Goldman then went on Tim Pool’s over-a-million-subscriber YouTube channel for a damage control stream [7]. Goldman claimed that there had been an agreement between himself and Watson before the show that Goldman’s cuckold article was not to be discussed, and that Watson had agreed to those terms. Watson, Goldman claims, either accidentally or maliciously violated the terms of that agreement.

Thus, Goldman’s claim was that while it was wrong to swear at Watson, he was still entirely within his rights to be angry given her betrayal. His crime was that he had merely overreacted to Sydney’s fuckup.

Sydney Watson herself disputes this narrative, and I am inclined to believe her.

Threats of Social Exclusion

Sometime after the Tim Pool interview, livestreamer Nick Rekieta started getting in on the fun and was tweeting jokes about Jack Murphy’s cuckold article. Rekieta claims that Goldman PM’d him on Twitter and demanded that Rekieta delete his tweets, and that he shouldn’t do it merely for Goldman’s sake. According to Goldman, Rekieta “wasn’t looking good to our mutuals.”

This was basically a threat to turn Rekieta’s friends against him, and that if Rekieta continued, it would escalate into a feud requiring people to take sides, and therefore Goldman was insinuating that all their mutual friends will side with him. Whether Goldman has enough clout with their “mutuals” to actually make good on that threat is doubtful, but this is a standard sociopath move.




Lying by Omission

Then Goldman’s gay porn surfaced. It was initially released on Twitter by YouTuber The Quartering. Some of the videos were as recent as 2019, a full year after the release of Goldman’s breakthrough book that had established him as a conservative influencer.

Goldman again went into damage control. In a post to the Liminal Order group, he acknowledged that, yes, he did in fact do porn, but he only owned up to the heterosexual kind he had made with his loving wife. Theoretically, that’s the least immoral kind of hardcore pornography you could produce; it may be degenerate, but at least it is not sinful in the eyes of God. The Bible says you have to be married to have sex, and it says nothing forbidding people from broadcasting it on the internet.

I have been trying to avoid Mr. Goldman’s porn, but according to Mister Metokur, who has perused it, the videos of Goldman having sex with his wife comprise only about 10% of his artistic output. The vast majority of it — Metokur estimates approximately 70% — involves Goldman inserting large objects into his own rectum.

Goldman’s statement to his group was not therefore false per se, but grossly mischaracterizes and obfuscates what all the commotion is actually about, which is that most of Goldman’s porn involves him engaging in stereotypically unmanly behavior.


More Gaslighting & Blame-Shifting

Goldman then immediately started gaslighting and blame-shifting. He claimed that he is the victim of “revenge porn.” If you don’t know, “revenge porn” refers to a girl sending her boyfriend a nude photo, or they make a sex tape, and then the guy later releases it to the public after they break up, usually out of revenge. Revenge porn is illegal in most states.

Goldman’s porn in no way, shape, or form constitutes “revenge porn,” however. He streamed his porn live to the public on the website known as Chatterbate, which allows people to show sex acts in exchange for viewer donations.

Goldman insanely and recklessly kept his account open throughout this whole period. Sociopaths supposedly do not experience fear the way normal people do, which is why they are prone to high-risk behavior. It’s the kind of insanity that makes someone like Eli Mosely think he can talk to the New York Times about his non-existent war service and think that they won’t check. I’ve heard that sociopaths will frequently give themselves food poisoning by eating food that has gone bad because their brains do not register the danger.

In this instance, it is both gaslighting and blame-shifting. He didn’t do anything bad by making porn, he claims; the bad thing was that someone else told people about it. This is another example of offense being their preferred defense.


The Sociopath Death Spiral

I said earlier that it’s easier not to get involved with a sociopath to begin with. But when you do, sometimes fate will work in your favor and he will self-destruct on his own without any effort from you. But even then, when a sociopath realizes that he has been exposed and that there is zero hope of gaslighting his way out of the mess, he will often try to take as many people down with him as he can.

After the porn was revealed, Goldman became like a cornered and wounded animal. He started lashing out at everyone who played any part, however tangential, in him being exposed as a fraud. He resolved to make them suffer for revealing his weakness so that they will serve as examples to anyone else considering exposing who he really is.

First, like any true lolcow, he started flagging any and all YouTube videos that make fun of him. Copyright claims started being thrown at anyone posting images of his porn. He managed to get The Quartering’s Twitter account temporarily suspended. He then started threatening lawsuits, and as a result, people began deleting things voluntarily. I can’t say I blame them. Even a frivolous lawsuit can be expensive, while access to social media is precious and tweets are not hills to die on.



Goldman then threatened to go to The Blaze’s legal department to try to get Schaffer and Watson fired, something which the two later confirmed [15] he did in fact attempt to do, albeit unsuccessfully. Fortunately for Schaffer and Watson, they are more popular than Goldman, and contrary to what Goldman believed, his pal Glenn Beck is not their “boss,” strictly speaking. But certainly the will and intent were there.

This gives you an idea of how destructive sociopaths are and why you should stay as far away from them as possible. All Sydney and Elijah did was to make a two-hour livestream with a sociopath, and a week later, he is trying to ruin their lives. Sydney Watson’s only crime was in asking a superchat question; she had nothing to do with the porn coming out. Elijah Schaffer did even less than Watson: His only crime was that he was in the room when the superchat question was asked. But even that small amount of contact with a sociopath was enough to put them in danger.



At this point in the saga, there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Goldman’s group, Liminal Order, has lost 200 members in the last week, which is a loss of $20,000 a month in revenue for him. The bad news is that there are allegedly still 600 members remaining.

I’m not a hardcore anti-grifter. Grifters can sometimes be useful as gateways or when they platform our guys. If they say the right things, so what if they make some money from it? But then I hear about someone like John Goldman and the kind of money he is sucking out of the Right, and I think, “We have got to get rid of these grifters!”

More importantly, however, any movement needs to be ever-vigilant against sociopaths. To me, sociopaths are far worse than Jews, because Jews are at least loyal to each other, whereas a sociopath is loyal to no one. There is no “He may be a sociopath, but he’s our sociopath.” That’s not how sociopaths work. They are always a net loss.

Every person who ever platformed John Goldman now looks foolish for having promoted such a ridiculous fraud. Literally everyone who associated with him is now tainted by that association. All of them are worse off than if they had never associated with him in the first place.

Fortunately, the Right has rid itself of Goldman relatively painlessly. A smarter and better-connected sociopath lashing out in retaliation for a less humiliating scandal might have been able to cause more damage on his way out, however. If this controversy had happened five years from now, after Goldman had had more time to establish himself, he may have been more difficult to dislodge. Bill O’Reilly managed to survive embarrassing accusations that he was a sex pest for years before finally getting #MeToo’d, for example.

The Right needs to get better at identifying and shutting down these kinds of people earlier. The longer you wait, the harder it will be.

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