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The Union Jackal, January 2022

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This is the first installment of Mark Gullick’s monthly roundup of the news from the United Kingdom, which we plan to publish during the last week of each month henceforth.

Sometimes I look at the old country and wonder how we ever got an empire organized without tripping over our own shoelaces. But there are two types of political incompetence. There is the real thing and there is the carefully staged simulacrum of the real thing. The problem with politics is that of untangling the two. So, how did the sceptr’d isle, and England in particular, fare politically and metapolitically in the month of January, named for the god Januarius, the two-faced god, the god who looks both to the past and to the future . . .

Border Farce

Quiz time. Who said the following concerning England’s growing illegal immigration crisis? “We’re all human beings, we’re all mammals, we’re all rocks, plants, rivers . . . bloody borders are just such a pain in the arse.”

A. Bono.

B. Emma Watson, star of the Harry Potter films.

C. Paul Lincoln, outgoing head of Border Force, the government body tasked with preventing illegal immigration into the United Kingdom.

You’re getting the hang of this already. This being Great Britain 2022, it was of course C. Mr. Lincoln has become an inadvertent whistleblower [2], and rather than his former colleagues being aggrieved at this indiscretion, they are with Mr. Lincoln all the way when it comes to the impertinent attitude of government — and the people — that a body called Border Force should enforce the border.

The trade union who represent Border Force, the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), have threatened to strike if the government introduces legal measures to secure the border from refugees via the English Channel, its chief saying in a statement that “the PCS strongly opposes this policy, on moral and humanitarian grounds, and will not rule out industrial action to prevent it being carried out.” That is, the government body tasked with securing the borders will go on strike if the government enforces border security.

Perhaps we got the empire just by confusing the rest of the world.

Watching the defectives

Nigel Rees has been presenting a radio show on the BBC for 46 years (radio is still something the BBC do superbly well). Make that “had been.” Rees quit this month over diversity requirements, not as you would expect because he wanted more of it in line with his management, but because he is sick to death of the whole minstrel show the Beeb has become and was tired of talentless minorities and victim groups and their activists infesting his beloved program: “I am not willing to go on having my choices interfered with in order tick boxes in the name of diversity and representation.”

Bravo, sir. Now that you have said what many of your white male colleagues are undoubtedly thinking, perhaps more will follow suit. For the BBC it’s not a case of “get woke, go broke” (aka Hollywood Syndrome), but “get woke, lose the license fee, and then have to duke it out in the boxing ring of the free market.” Actually, same thing.

Peter Whittle interviewed Rees on the excellent New Culture Forum YouTube channel [3], and put it to him that this endless search for token diversity must interfere with the creative process. Precisely the point. If a creative process is deemed too white, it must now be interfered with.

The browning of the British cabinet


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The British government’s cabinet is the inner cabal of ministers, usually hand-picked by the Prime Minister but nowadays just as likely to be a predestined cadre of lawyers and bankers, globalist place-men, and Soros-approved carpetbaggers. That of Boris Johnson resembles those nauseating 1990s advertisements known as “United Colors of Benetton,” on which the yuppie clothing company signaled its virtue in a woke gesture avant la lettre. These multicultural friezes featured faces from all over the whole wide world, some of whose cousins were likely working in sweatshops for the company in question in Lagos or Goa. Johnson seems to be aiming for the same effect with the color wheel operating among his senior ministers and, as the redoubtable Simon Webb of History Debunked pointed out, while they might be perfectly capable and intelligent, can they really be expected to hold unswerving loyalty to Queen and country?

Sajid Javid is this month’s health minister (there are regular cabinet “reshuffles,” a bit like musical chairs for millionaires) and is one of those aggressively bald men whose head shines like the brown ball in a snooker pack. He has no medical degree, but then neither does the head of the World Health Organization, and modern technocracies don’t require competence in a ministerial area, just an ability to parrot the globohomo party line, appease blacks and Muslims, and (in the case of the current UK government) not piss off the Prime Minister or his wife.

At a recent photo op at a London hospital (why do we need so many photos of fundamentally ugly people?), Javid asked a group of nurses what they thought of the fact that they will be forced to have an experimental injection [6] mandated by the state on pain of losing the jobs they loved (admittedly those were not the words he used), and the gals looked wide-eyed with fear, none of them daring to speak first. Step forward Dr. Steven James, a consultant anesthesiologist, who told Javid that he had had COVID, and also was relatively young and fit (clinicians tend to be good judges of these things) and so would not be getting a jab. Politicians panic when the public sing something that is not on the hymn sheet, and Javid waffled about how he understood and so on and so forth. When this brave man loses his job for not having a vaccination which doesn’t vaccinate you — and there were immediate and predictable hit pieces on him in the enemedia — I will follow his future career with interest, because it is a safe bet that he has just irreparably marked his cards. It is a sorry state of affairs when the only people speaking truth to power don’t have any.

Goblin market

What’s that? A sniff of victimhood, you say? Well, don’t expect the Jewish fraternity to leave empty-handed. Current celebrity punching bag J. K. Rowling must wonder if all the money and international literary fame are worth it. After the furor over her extraordinary and Hitlerian statements about men being men and women being women, now they are after her goblins (why does that sound like a crude euphemism?).

Jon Stewart, the American comedian who took the woke candy bar and instantaneously stopped being funny, noted that the hook-nosed goblins in the Harry Potter movies were, um, anti-Semitic [7]. Oy veyimus! I am tempted to refer Stewart to Sigmund Freud’s celebrated quip that “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,” and point out that sometimes a goblin is just a goblin.

Rowling is currently trying to find a publisher for her next book, Heimy Potterburg and the Bagel of Doom.

Maajid Nawaz

I am no steely-faced poker player, but I know enough about the game not to ditch a good card when I have it in my hand. You would think that the London Broadcasting Company (LBC) would think so too, but they have parted company with one of their more authentic presenters.

Maajid Nawaz is no ordinary journo. A second-generation Pakistani born in Essex, England, he joined the now illegal Hizb ut-Tahrir, a hardcore Islamist group. This led to him doing five years in jail in Egypt, where he had a conversion, calling afterwards for a secular Islam. His gig on LBC was always going to be a jibe at the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB).

But, like the feds with Al Capone, they didn’t get him for what he did that they didn’t like, they got him for something else. Convicted of tweetcrime (taken far more seriously by the British police than street crime), he lost his show on LBC, [8] which indicated that they had fired him before he insisted he left. So, the victim status sweepstakes is up and running now. Nawad’s Pakistani heritage — like a Mafioso being traced all the way back to Sicily — didn’t save him, and this will make the MCB happy indeed now that Allah has gone into the cancellation game and lost an apostate his job. LBC are increasingly spineless. Nawaz should go to GB News, and this is becoming an ever more trodden career path for what there is of right-of-center media in Britain.

Buena Vista Socialism Club

As old age approaches, I find myself contemplating the small pleasures life occasionally sends you. I like to think about today’s young people in the UK, about their hopes and dreams and beliefs, about their surety and certainty, about their willingness to excoriate and eviscerate those who don’t believe, and I pull my blanket over my knees and have a little smile about their future.

Sometimes, when you appraise what passes for youth in Britain, you have to say you really don’t know where your next Justo Antonio Triana is coming from. It has come to a pretty pass when it takes a Cuban kid to enlighten the West [9] about where it is going.

Mr. Triana came to America from Cuba and was shocked at what he found there. A hotbed of racism, colonial attitudes, and white supremacy? No. Socialism. Now he has formed a group to attempt to educate the dumbest generation about what type of matches they are playing with.

Britain, on the other hand, will import no such Mohammed to enlighten us about the dangers of importing Islam. The rails on which both Islam and socialism run are too close not to notice. The core and doctrinal set of beliefs (Koran/critical race theory), the absolutism, the persecution of unbelievers, the implementation of an autonomous legal system — the list is a long one. America is fortunate that it has at least one authentic voice in Signor Triana. England has no such messenger from behind enemy lines. Might I suggest that the British Council arrange a lecture tour for this enterprising young man? He will find much to do in England.

No one expects the British Medical Journal

With The Lancet and various other scientific organs apparently finding room for woke chatterings among their accounts of rigorously researched and peer-reviewed scientific evidence, it is refreshing to see that the respected British Medical Journal (BMJ) is doing what no mainstream media journalist would have dared to pitch to her editor.

As COVID begins to look groggy and is hugging the ropes, a tired fighter who gave his all but was clubbed into submission by the human immune system, attention has turned to the pharmaceutical companies who enriched themselves considerably with a range of vaccines that didn’t vaccinate and boosters that didn’t really boost. It might be enlightening to see their account of the creation and administration of these alchemical serums. Sure, said a judge. You release those records now, y’hear? I think 75 years should give you sufficient time to get them laminated. 75 years. That is like you and I just finding out about the Second World War. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) are having none of it and, in fine English style, the awkward squad have come to town, doing the media’s job so they don’t have to. From a BMJ editorial [10]:

Today, despite the global roll-out of covid-19 vaccines and treatments, the anonymised participant-level data underlying the trials for these new products remain inaccessible to doctors, researchers, and the public — and are likely to remain that way for years to come.

What will rile the deep state is the elevation of the public — that hated entity — to the level of doctors and researchers, a class the elites like to set apart in an ideological safari park. The piece goes on to criticize Big Pharma. I bet there wasn’t a rush to sign the piece at the BMJ office. Who wants to end up in a shallow grave in the rain-forest? A jest; the BMJ deserves applause it will not be getting from the mainstream media, who don’t care how the sausages are made as long as we get more socialism. The BMJ is concerned that the trials were run by Pfizer employees with no outside scrutiny. If you don’t recognize the name “Pfizer,” it’s the sponsor’s name you see at the start of every CNN program, if you are one of the dwindling numbers who still watch CNN.

So the BMJ is trying to strong-arm the truth out of power. Why is this not the media’s job? They are shilling for Big Pharma the way they shill for everything wearisome and malevolent. One hopes that, if the BMJ gets its wish, the media may have to take their medicine.

And there is the state of the nation in the year of our Lord 2022, as evidenced by,

The Union Jackal

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