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Reflections on 2020’s Ides of March

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It seems a whole lifetime ago that we were free — not truly free, but free in comparison to whatever this is. It was a still a time of Jewish control, of subversion, and of the media and corporate power, and yet can any of us deny that it makes our current predicament seem like a complete dystopia? It was a time before the lockdowns, the Bantu riots, the police state, the regime.

While reminiscing about this time, I was drawn to the COVID outbreak timeline and couldn’t help but be reminded of works such as Tuchman’s The Guns of August or Baker’s Human Smoke, two histories of the outbreaks of the two world wars, respectively. Things weren’t prefect, of course; they never were, and yet one can only read in the case of the long-gone past, or watch in the case of today’s world, as the world that we once knew collapses around us. The French diplomat Talleyrand remarked, “Those who have not lived in the eighteenth century, in the years before the revolution do not know the sweetness of living and cannot imagine what it was like to have happiness in life.” I could say much the same about the 2020 Ides of March. History, like life, comes at you fast.

The Ides of March in 2020 was a time that most have forgotten about, preferring to focus on the aftermath in the summer that followed. And yet March 2020 was the key moment, the hour of decision. I remember when my university closed, knowing that this was a turning point and that we were soon to be through the looking glass.

Oh, what we have given up, the American people, the people of the West, the people of the world. In some places it is better, and some worse. Still, it is undeniable that the Satanic order is in full effect. After the shutdowns and the extermination of small business came what seemed at the time to be the death blow of negroid riots and antifa paramilitaries running amok. The culture was smashed, and all the peaceful, implicitly white resistance was violently crushed. It was the time when Africans and communists demonstrated to the world their one true talent: destroying all that they could never build.

Then came the election, solidifying the United States as a truly irredeemable, corrupt banana republic. It was openly stolen. They admitted it was stolen. It was on video that it was stolen. None of that mattered. Of all the paradoxical appeals to “our democracy,” whatever the hell that means, and yet the open disdain for populism among the elite and the American regime are about as “democratic” as a South American junta, except with more “foxes” and virtually no “lion” personality types. It has become more and more clear that the so-called democracy that they have in mind was of the type where the elites choose the approved candidates and the public votes for them, naïvely believing that they could vote their way out of annihilation.

“But have no fear, for the election was rigged, and we can sue!” said the Trump campaign. And as his lawyers became more unhinged, appealing to the lowest elements of his yokel fellaheen white base, and his allies — such as his Israeli friends — abandoned him, the walls closed in. Of course, we were mostly aware of this only in retrospect. There was no kraken. There was no savior. The Supreme Court dodged the Question of the Century. Our last hope was a washed-up New York shabbos goy, a pillow salesman, and a couple of mentally unstable lawyers who didn’t even believe the slop they were themselves selling.


You can buy Greg Johnson’s The Year America Died here. [3]

Finally, when all seemed to be lost at the eleventh hour, the collective rage, the death roar of white America, culminated in the January 6 protest, the first true grassroots revolt against an elite in America in centuries, flexing the muscles of a race experiencing an acute case of rigor mortis. It was true, it was righteous, and it was genuine, the purest demonstration of a race’s zeitgeist in the physical within living memory. And even this — hundreds of thousands of the bravest men and women of the dying American race, with little to lose, standing up in face of what all knew was a tyranny in the most literal sense, striking fear into the hearts of the pedophiles, the Jews, the shabbos goyim, the billionaire oligarchs, the mentally-botched pathocrats, the yes men, the fem-boys, the bugmen, the deracinated — was not enough. The rogue elite leaders had too much to lose and had beautiful Jewish grandchildren lined up, waiting to succeed them, and were too comfortable to walk among those who were willing to roll the dice with fate.

In the end, Trump was just a fat, orange coward. The saddest word of tongue and pen is indeed, “The wignats were right again.” And so here we are. What more do we have to be taken away? I suspect the regime will make us count our blessings with what little we have. In three years, will we look back at today in nostalgia as well?

I remember that in what seems like a lifetime ago, the focus was on South Africa, with its feral population running amok, forcing the vestiges of civilization to barricade themselves in insular communities. We in America were awestruck at what could happen after the fall of white rule. With some naïveté, we half-jokingly warned that such could come to America, that we too could be without the rule of law.

And yet now it is upon us. It is barely legal to defend oneself, especially against a “magic American.” The police have been defanged and the federal police are explicitly a tool for the repression of the historic American people. It is rapidly becoming necessary, like the Boer, to build communities for preservation of life and limb. The state surely won’t protect you. No, quite the opposite. They will do everything in their power to prevent these communities from forming. Our situation is worse than South Africa now. At least their government is incompetent. Ours is just competent enough to enforce their Semitic wrath upon the population, dwindling as this competence may be. All we are missing now is the true breakdown of the rule of law and the murder rates that accompany it — even though they are already skyrocketing, as surely was planned.

If you thought you could hide in a gated upscale community, think again. You can still spend a small fortune to live in a distant suburb and then commute over an hour each way to avoid the worse of negro enrichment. But you cannot escape the vaccine. To keep your job, you will still have to file an exemption (at least for now; the regime would starve us as in the Holodomor if they could), and by doing so put yourself on your employer’s shit list. If you don’t think this won’t affect hiring, promotions, raises, or layoffs because it is technically unlawful, your naïveté is astounding. America is no longer ruled by law, but by power. If someone can get away with something, they will. The HR department of every major corporation and even many medium-sized companies is now a commissar’s office staffed by regime zealots.

The regime now wants another round of lockdowns to further beat the people into submission, and has increased its pro-vaccination propaganda to bolster their claim that the new variant is going kill us all — for real this time! But fool me once, shame on thee; fool me twice, shame on me. As children, we were taught the story of the boy who cried wolf for a reason. There was no mass die-off from the mostly maskless Trump rallies held last year at around this time, in the chill of early winter, though many a blue check mark on Twitter hoped for one.

One of the Dissident Right’s greatest strengths is our ability to form opinions based on the real world, and not on emotion, propaganda, theory, or self-proclaimed experts. We are skeptical realists. Yes, there can be too much of a good thing, such as when a healthy skepticism warps into paranoia. Yes, liberals also drink water, but that doesn’t mean we should dehydrate ourselves. But despising the vaccine and everything connected to it, such as lockdowns, masks, and mandates, is prudence, not paranoia. Follow the money behind these things, and you usually find a Jew motivated by greed, hatred, or both.

If that wasn’t enough, look at how society’s most undesirable elements are the most vocally pro-vaccine. Barren Affluent White Female Liberals (AWFLs) on a power trip have taped masks to schoolchildrens’ faces. System pigs across the West who let Bantus and Bolsheviks riot in the 2020 summer of hate are now relishing in beating white citizens senseless for opposing the vaccine, with heartbreaking videos from Australia being the worst. Caving to the regime’s vaccine narrative and its accompanying demands is like failing a shit test with a woman, with compliance not ending the demeaning demands, but encouraging more. The vaccine is the ultimate civilizational shit test. Don’t fail it.

A new author argued in a recent article [4] that we could coopt COVID to push for immigration restrictions, and that the virus is deadly but the vaccine is safe and effective, and opposing the vaccine would alienate us from the people we are trying to reach. The first point is laughable. Even Orange Man was pro-immigration by the end, so long as they came here to replace us legally. A debate on the second point would devolve into a stalemate over source validity and the epistemology of direct empirical experience versus media narrative. The most shocking point for me, though, was the idea that opposing the vaccine would alienate us from normies.

Most pro-vaccine sentiment on the Right is astroturfed slop created by Conservatism Inc., or a product of Trump’s grifting and pride. Anyone who is boots-on-the-ground in this culture war knows that the vaccine is completely despised by the rank and file, whether they are normie or dissident. Some on the Dissident Right believe that focusing on the vaccine detracts from other issues, such as black criminality and immigration, and especially with normies who are already mobilized against the vaccine. This is an understandable stance, even if I disagree with it. But until now, I never knew of a sincere dissident who was actually pro-vaccine (Richard Spencer doesn’t count). The few normie Right-wingers who are genuinely pro-vaccine are generally old RINOs who were already a lost cause for dissident outreach because they treat FOX News like a holy oracle. Worrying about their opinion is like pandering to blacks to possibly get an extra 2% of the ghetto vote.

In fact, being anti-vaccine is probably the best way for dissidents to build bridges with normies. This is the issue from which there is no escaping for them. Normal white people do not want to be harassed at work or fired, and they don’t want their kids to be abused in school or injected with bizarre mRNA technology for something that doesn’t even remotely threaten children. They don’t want to be nagged about wearing a cuck muzzle. They know that if the regime could get away with it, it would forcibly vaccinate both them and their children at gunpoint. And after their bodily integrity has been defiled, all of their other rights would be next. Additionally, Jewish overrepresentation in Big Pharma provides an easier way to introduce normies to the Jewish question. If anything, being pro-vaccine would alienate us from normies.

The big-brained centrist take that says we should be pro-vaccine but anti-mandate, which Trump reiterated when he recently announced [5] that he had taken his third booster shot, also deserves to be discredited. You can’t effectively oppose forced vaccination, lockdowns, cuck muzzles, and the rest while repeating the lies of the Cathedral’s high priests, those scientists and media pundits, who are used to justify the regime taking away our rights. This is besides the fact that those who take the vaccine no longer have skin in the game. They have their Orwellian vaccine passport, and so get to politely protest against tyranny from the sidelines while not having to man up and deal with any of it themselves.

Looking back, there was a time not that long ago when it didn’t affect us, and when we could be assured that the right precautions would prevent us and our families from coming into contact with evil. That time ended on the 2020 Ides of March. All that has transpired since then is a Satanic abomination to be abhorred. Accepting anything less than what we had before the Ides of March is a farce and a surrender. There can be no compromise or halfway measures. We must refuse to conduct discourse with modernity, and we must never forget that the “new normal” is not normal at all.

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