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J. J. Sefton’s The End of America

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J. J. Sefton
The End of America: 100 Days that Shook the World
Washington, DC: The Calamo Press, 2021

J. J. Sefton’s recent book, The End of America, while not exactly a dissident volume, retains much value for the Dissident Right for several reasons. Best known as the author of The Morning Report, [2] a column appearing on the Ace of Spaces HQ blog, Sefton amasses dozens of news stories every weekday for Ace’s right-of-center “Moron Horde,” while offering key quotes and cracking wise before the links. He editorializes on the most salient stories, spicing his prose with literary, political, and pop-culture references both common and obscure.

Sefton is intimidatingly well informed. Beneath his column header, he often treats the reader with cartoonishly photoshopped images which are guaranteed to get a rise out of anyone who hates Democrats: Ilhan Omar in an SS uniform [3], Merrick Garland as a fat dominatrix [4], that kind of thing. He also indulges in juvenile name-calling, which he apparently thinks is clever (Malig-Nancy Pelosi, anyone? Ben Sass-hole? Hillary the Popeil Collapsible Wonder Bollard?)

Sefton is a committed civic nationalist who’s all in on the America-as-Proposition Nation experiment which has been emitting smoke since 1965 and finally blew up in 2020. As a result, he is quite the spleen-venter, and as long as he can hammer out his Morning Reports before 7:30 AM each weekday, Democrats and cuckservative Republicans are going to taste his spergy, rapid-fire wrath.

Politically, he’s a big MAGA-type Trump booster. More specifically, he’s a cross between Milton Friedman and Rush Limbaugh in the David Horowitz/Daniel Greenfield neocon camp, but with less Judeocentrism and more humor (such as it is). He makes no secret of his Jewishness, so his fealty to Israel and contempt for its enemies should surprise no one. He enthusiastically approved of the Soleimani assassination, for example. In an ideal world, the United States and Israel are the Dynamic Duo taking on the twin threats of Islamic terror in the Middle East and the Democratic Party in America — and which of the pair is Batman is anyone’s guess.

Like Ace himself, Sefton seems more anti-Left than pro-Right (just as he’s more anti-anti-white than pro-white). Unfortunately, this weighs down his writing with acrimony, which grows tiresome — especially now that the Democrats stole the 2020 election and wield their illegitimate power, much to Sefton’s disliking. Unlike with Ace, however, when Sefton has more to complain about, the shriller he becomes. Still, he has a lot of good instincts, and it is hard not to admire his uncompromising enmity for all things Left. He frequently calls the Democrats “The Enemy,” after all.

Sefton’s strengths and weaknesses are both on display in The End of America, which is a collection of his Morning Report editorials starting from November 3, 2020 — election day — and ending 100 days later. Remember when the Fellowship of the Ring reaches the mountain of Moria, and Gandalf reads about the dwarves who once thrived there but were ultimately annihilated by orcs? That’s what it feels like reading The End of America.

Sefton starts out as optimistic and looking forward to four more years of the glory that is Donald Trump:

“Make America Great Again” is not just a catchy phrase or a campaign slogan. For Trump, it is a mantra and a way of life. Whatever he has achieved in his life because of his education, skills, drive and support from his family could not have happened anywhere else. It was the greatness of America, the freedom to succeed or fail and start over on one’s own terms that made him great.

After the steal, however, he’s confidently defiant: “I would follow Donald Trump through the gates of Hell for all he has done for this country.” But as time drags on, and things look worse and worse, he becomes cautiously defiant, then despondently defiant, and ultimately, when all hope is lost, he resorts to spewing pure venom at anyone who perpetrated or abetted what was perhaps the greatest crime ever committed in the United States. But never does he unleash his ire on Trump.


You can buy Spencer Quinn’s novel White Like You here [6].

We all know how it ends, so there is little by way of suspense in The End of America (if the oft-used title didn’t give it away already). And if someone wishes to avoid this book because they don’t care to relive the horrific events that took place between November 2020 and January 2021, that’s perfectly understandable. They were three shitty months, starting with the steal and culminating with the disastrous January 6 Capitol Hill protest and the inauguration of the Left’s senile figurehead. This was when the Left showed the world who was boss in America and basically crushed all hope of fair play — and most of the mainstream Right played along or offered only token resistance. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person on the Right who tuned out of politics after this debacle — at least for a little while.

But if bitter emotions can be swept aside for 215 pages, then a reader can find much that is useful in The End of America. For one, it’s obviously a time capsule from the post-Vietnam War nadir of American history — written with urgency and at times poignant. Such a work has historical value, even if it is still too soon for many of us to appreciate it. Tell me if anyone reading this had days like Sefton’s November 10:

I will say that the almost hourly schizophrenia we’re experiencing as we gasp at potentially horrendous news while then sighing with relief and joy when the tiniest bit of positive news comes our way is definitely taking a toll. But each day that passes where we don’t lose any ground is good enough for me. I think yesterday was one of those days on multiple fronts. With any luck, today will be another one of those days, and so on and so on.

Sefton’s chronicle also offers crucial reminders of all the Left’s dirty tricks and all the acts of cowardice from the mainstream Right which allowed this appalling crime to occur. After a year, you’d be surprised at how many painful memories a person can forget. The End of America puts it all front and center, so we’ll never forget. Here is Sefton on December 8:

Not that I’m making a prediction but if — and it’s a very big if — the Court were to rule, I think the pivotal player may turn out to be Samuel Alito. It was Alito who was told go fuck yourself, twice, by Pennsylvania’s Democrat machine when they were ordered to segregate the ballots that came in after election day, and then spoliated the evidence by destroying the accompanying envelopes to prevent any sort of accurate accounting.

Sefton’s frustrations with the Republican Party are also sound. If the election and its messy aftermath revealed the Left’s utter corruption, viciousness, and power lust, it also revealed the utter weakness and lack of unity among conservatives. Sefton seethingly highlights this on nearly every page. Here is an example from December 4:

Maybe if every GOP Senator and Congressman walked out en-masse from both chambers, gathered at the White House lawn with the President, joined by the GOP state legislators in the six “contested” states and announced on camera that the 2020 election was stolen by the Democrats and that it was their intention to award their electors to Donald Trump, it might make me a tad more enthusiastic about keeping the Senate in Republican control.

If one wants to keep their anger at the Left on a razor’s edge, one could not do better than The End of America.

Perhaps The End of America’s most valuable aspect is that, in his righteous anger, Sefton inadvertently reveals the flaws of his civnat creed. The End of America offers quite a few teachable moments, shall we say — moments that make me wish I had Sefton in front of me so I can educate him on his incomplete worldview.

First of all, Trump was no hero and does not deserve the level of devotion which Sefton professes — and this is coming from someone who genuinely likes and admires Trump. He’s easily the best president of the twenty-first century, and probably the best since Reagan. Trump did get a lot of things right, as I argued in “My Case for Trump” [7] in October 2020; but he also got a lot wrong. For example, he never went on Gab. He listened too much to Jared Kushner. He was never serious about stopping tech giant deplatforming and censorship — until it was too late, that is. He signed a merit-based immigration program which included Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). He initiated the ineffectual Platinum Plan. And he missed his chance to crack down on the Black Lives Matter/antifa riots during the Summer of Floyd.

I get the feeling that since the Left hates Donald Trump so much — and Sefton hates the Left — Sefton declares his love for Trump merely to stick it to his enemies. This may sound too outlandish to believe. Then again, in his November 10 entry, Sefton gifts us with this redolent helping of hyperbole, so you be the judge:

Aside from this being in clear violation of the Logan Act, it also is the same thing that the Deep Staters at the FBI and DoJ used as a pretext to set up and take down Michael Flynn, a man whose used toilet paper these vermin are not even worthy to lick.

Go over the top much, J. J.?

Secondly, like many civnats, Sefton has a blind spot for race. The only occasions he brings it up in The End of America is to discredit Leftists whenever they play the race card (yay!) or when he congratulates “minorities” whenever they voted for Trump (cringe!). In his mind, race seems to play no part in one’s American identity, so whenever a non-white plops for Trump, it’s cause for celebration. In his November 18 report, he writes:

Look, we all know the score here; the race card aspect, as it always the case is total bullshit, especially in light of the fact that blacks and other minorities came out in record numbers all over the country to carry Trump on their shoulders to victory.

That’s a pretty picture. But I wonder if Sefton noticed the race of the people who were kicking Republicans out of polling places, and boarding up windows, and committing all sorts of fraud after that so-called pipe burst in Atlanta. Linda Lee Tarver did. She was the black election integrity liaison in Michigan — the only honest person in the room [8] — who stated black people were committing most of the fraud:

We know that there are over 500 precincts in Detroit, and many of the people who will come and get trained, some of them will not show up, but the ones that do that do show, they are not given sufficient training on how to legally perform the duties that they have. However, if they are told that the challenger is the enemy, this person standing behind you is the enemy, and they have not been told that the person behind you must be protected, you will not be able to address some of the oversight laziness, ignorance of the law, ignorance of the process, and lack of training . . .

We are not following the law, we are not following it in every election, and the larger the jurisdiction which are people of color, people who look like me, the more fraud that can be inserted into stealing an election . . .

Carrying Trump on their shoulders to victory, huh?


You can buy Greg Johnson’s The Year America Died here. [10]

If whites and only whites had the right to vote, then Trump would have crushed Biden beyond any hope of cheating. If whites and only whites had the vote, we’d have the orderly, Right-wing nation that J. J. Sefton could only dream of. If whites and only whites had the vote, the Left wouldn’t dare rear its hideous head in our public square. Sefton should realize that racial minorities’ voting patterns (with the possible exception of assimilated Hispanics) are an excellent argument against racial integration and the diverse status quo we have now. If Sefton really wanted his Right-wing, conservative values to be instantiated in his lifetime, he’d be calling for separation from non-whites — a white ethnostate, if you will. But he’s not doing that.

To be fair, Sefton does call for Red State Secession [11] towards the end of his book, which is one reason why I take him seriously. He just doesn’t realize that most non-whites (blacks especially) are doing the right thing by voting Democrat, and therefore will always vote against the interests of whites, however. Sure, the Dems are wretched on the economy, but as I pointed out in “If I Were Black, I’d Vote Democrat,” [12] the Democratic Party offers blacks something much better than tax breaks and low unemployment:

If I were black, I’d vote Democrat. Here’s why: Politics is tribalism. People amass in tribes based on common needs and interests. When you have enough people, you have tribal identity. Race runs deepest of course, but class, religion, geographic region, and gender can also form potent identities. Often, identity hegemony takes the form of territorial control, almost in an ecological sense. We see this when certain racial or ethnic groups take over a neighborhood, town, or city. Urban blacks vote Democrat because Democrats, especially the black ones, guarantee that blacks will hold on the to the territory they already have.

And how do the Democrats do that? As I stated in my essay “Loving Tim Pool” [13]:

Because if some clever white Republican, were to become mayor of Detroit, what would he do? He’d lower taxes, root out corruption, get tough on crime, et cetera, until Detroit actually becomes a nice place again. And then what would happen? Non-blacks would return to Detroit and crowd the blacks out of all chambers of power. Such a turn of events may improve the lives of blacks as individuals (with lower crime and unemployment, and more efficient public works, for example), but their control over territory as a group would be drastically reduced.

Basically, nothing would reduce the square mileage of black-controlled territory faster than some smarty-pants white Republican who’s read too much Milton Friedman. This is why blacks vote for the one political party that, through largesse and negligence, allows them to shit the bed. Nobody wants to live with people who shit the bed. That way, it remains their bed.

Anyway, these are the people J. J. Sefton wishes to slap on the back when a percent or two more of them decides to switch parties. He needs to give up this unfounded optimism and realize that multi-racialism in a liberal democracy is bound to fail. Maybe then he’ll see how ridiculous it is to offer up black civil rights activists Claudette Colvin and Clarence Henderson as role models for the Right.

The final teachable moment in The End of America involves, of course, the Jewish Question. Put simply, Sefton’s vision is clouded by his philo-Semitism, and this causes him to interpret current events and history incorrectly. In his December 4 entry he labels the Democrat Party “anti-Semitic,” failing to mention how Jews are the party’s biggest donors and supporters. Just as ludicrously, on February 4, he likens Chuck Schumer to Adolf Hitler. But the best example comes from November 25 (emphasis mine):

No, I am not giving up hope that Trump will prevail, but the direct political descendants of those who unleashed Kolyma, Birkenau and the Killing Fields are in the ascendancy right here regardless of who is sworn in this coming January 20th.

No. The Left was responsible for destroying Nazi Germany, not for being Nazi Germany. Just because Hitler got behind some big-government platforms in the 1930s (which helped keep Germany out of the Great Depression, by the way) does not make him a Leftist any more than supporting tariffs makes Donald Trump one. The Nazis believed in blood and soil, nationalism, tradition, and race. Furthermore, they opposed Communism, modernism, racial egalitarianism, and (ahem) rootless cosmopolitanism. Zooming out to the big picture, they were Right-wingers.

This may seem like niggling, but equating Nazism with Bolshevism as the twin ideological enemies of America, as Sefton does, is not only false, it’s dangerous. Yes, the Nazis were flawed, made some gross blunders, and should not be LARPed upon today. But the best way to defeat the Left in America is for whites to forcefully yet peacefully promote the fundamental Right-wing agenda items listed above — just as the Nazis did, but with white, rather than German, identity [14]. 1930s Germany was one of the few times in modern history when the Right actually checked the Left’s progress. If it could be done there, it can be done here as well.

Still, I get it. Because Sefton is Jewish — and tells us on page one that his mother survived the Jewish Holocaust — he’d rather America not swing hard to the Right. If it did, perhaps there wouldn’t be a place for him. (There would be if it were up to me.) However, the so-called Right in America has been doing the color-blind civnat thing for over 60 years now, and the result has been the utter capitulation of our culture to the degenerate Left. Thus, Sefton promotes a mode of politics which has a losing record — and if he cares to raise me with Trump in 2016, I’ll raise him back with Trump in 2020. If he wants to double down with the Jewish Holocaust, I can do the same with anti-white holocausts such as Holodomor and the Gulag Archipelago.

We both have skin in the game. And in any event, the commies were far worse [15] than the Nazis.

While Sefton will not hesitate to vilify individual Jews for their crimes and corruption, he just cannot bring himself to ascribe any collective guilt to his own people. That he doesn’t do the same with any race of people makes him a principled guy, but it also limits his powers of analysis.

A great example appears on January 8:

When you think about it, the presidency of Donald Trump was a giant dissent against the intentional sabotage, dismantling and selling out of this nation that had gone on essentially unimpeded since at least the end of World War Two.

This may be so, but who was most responsible for this “sabotage, dismantling and selling out” which ultimately and fraudulently put the loathsome Democrats into power today? When one looks at the primary forces behind Brown v. Board of Education [16], the civil rights movement [17], the 1965 Immigration Act [18] — to say nothing of other degenerative initiatives such as transgenderism [19], pornography [20], vulture capitalism [21], gun control [22], open borders [23], censorship [24], and overt anti-white racism [25] — one will realize that the Jews have more than their share to answer for. But since Sefton never pursues this or any racial line of thought, he’s reduced to lashing out at everything except the very source our troubles — although nonetheless doing it quite well.

This is perhaps the best description of The End of America.

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